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Telstra Day: iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $699 (Save $500) + Plan, iPad Air 4 64GB Cellular $899 (Save $200) + Plan & More @ Telstra


Looks like Telstra are having a one day sale on Thursday the 5th August and for those still looking for an iPhone 12 mini this looks like the cheapest deal so far (even though new iPhones will be announced in a month or so this still seems like a pretty good deal).

It says up to $500 off the iPhone 12 range but not more specific details.

Given that the iPhone 12 mini 64gb has an RRP of $1,199 and the cost of the cheapest plan is $55 it is safe to say that the iPhone mini 64gb will be $500 off based on the total minimum cost of $754.

Other deals include:

  • iPad Air 4 64GB cellular for $899 ($200 off so the same cost as the wifi only version)
  • Apple Watch SE 40mm $404 ($100 off RRP)

Guessing full details will be out tomorrow for all the deals.

It says specials are available both online and in store.

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    • My bad! I just wasn't looking in the right place. Alas, no deal on iPad Pro. ☹

  • I just paid $884 for a mini at Officeworks a few days ago. Anyone know if I can return it or get the difference refunded?

    • +1

      Just shoot a email to officeworks.

      Nothing goes on simply asking

  • "Something went wrong - We're unable to process your order at this time"… Anyone else getting this and have a fix? Have messaged them as advised but no response yet

    • What browser and device are you on?

      Do it on the App.
      Easier, faster and no issues

      • -1

        which app?

        • myTelstra app

  • Having issues checking out with a plan. Stating something went wrong.

    Though with a plan added it could continue to checkout.

    • +1

      Just checked out. Worked fine for me without a plan

  • The Samsung S21 Ultra is so tempting.

    I don't really need a new phone at all, so visiting Ozbargain is making me spend money instead of saving it … lol …

    • If it helps: I think it's been <$1000 from the Samsung EPP/Edu with trade-in? Can't remember exactly but knowing it's been sold for <$1000 is stopping me from jumping on any >$1000 deal :)

    • Agree with @shrugies.
      Samsung phone prices dropped down quickly.
      samsung EPP store have them on at least $350 off most of the times.

      Also, telco staffs could get them even cheaper which floods marketplace with even cheaper phones.

      Best bet is go for iphones or go to sleep

  • +2

    I've just ordered iPhone 12 128GB for$1029 without a phone plan through my Telstra plus account.
    Thanks OP!!! Initially I tried to order using my galaxy phone but I couldn't order it without a plan so I tried with iPad and manage to order it. Looking forward to going back to iPhone.

  • +1

    You can buy iPhone outright without plan. So total cost is only $699 for 64gb.

    • During checkout, does it still ask you for your ID and stuff?

      • +1

        yes it does.

  • +3

    Tried to price match with Officeworks, they won't price match because you need a Telstra account to make this purchase.

    • Thanks for trying.

      • I tried as well, rang head office and they said they would but they don't have any stock left

    • Heard the same too. What a weak excuse. It should go for Amazon Prime items too if that's the case.

    • They price matched it for me at Officeworks Hobart.

  • Is it worth waiting for later in the day to see if JB matches?

    • They wont match it mate. Unless you have a mate working

    • They can do it because they have access to Telstra (I went there earlier today). They can't accept JB gift card though.

      • So you could take out the $69 plan over 12 months and get the gift card and use this to help pay for a phone.

        • Not sure, I was asking them on an outright purchase.

  • I asked the telstra bot assistant if their phones are locked and received the below message:

    "When you purchase a Pre-Paid device from Telstra, it's locked to the Telstra Network. If a device comes on a plan, it's not locked to the Telstra Network"

    So, if you buy the phone and not choose a plan, does that mean the phone arrives locked to the network? To unlock it the cost is $80.

    • +2

      latest iphone are not locked to any networks as mentioned in earlier comment.

      No, regardless of choosing a plan or buying outright, these phones are not locked

  • All minis on back order.

    • Got the same message on final checkout.. however still stated 3-5 business days delivery.

      • +1

        I ordered over the phone is in stock.

  • +2

    Note: Looks like you dont earn telstra point if you choose to buy outright

    Taken from FAQ

    You’ll be rewarded with points based on your account spend every month. You can earn 10 points for every $1 of eligible spend.

    You can also take up special member offers to earn bonus points.

    Note: some exclusions apply on your account spend such as outright purchases, credits, refunds and late payment fees.

    • Yes, you are right, thanks for the heads up, under the FAQ

      What is eligible spend?
      Eligible spend is defined as money spent on the following products and services:

      a) paying your monthly bill for your Telstra services (after any discounts or refunds are applied);

      b) recharging your Telstra prepaid service;

      c) buying a mobile handset or hardware from Telstra through monthly instalment payments

  • I created an account now

    Asking for consent to do a credit check to assess my financial capacity

  • +2

    For those who have Telstra Plus points, you can also redeem them now in the Telstra Plus points store (the points reqd have also been discounted) so could be a great time to redeem these. I.E. iPhone 12 128GB - 50,000 points + $888 seems excellent to me

    • Thanks for the heads up!
      I wanted a Pro Max over 24 months but they wouldn’t let me keep my current plan discounts ($50pm) and had to sign up for a new plan with less data that costs more. Went to the plus points store, redeemed some points saved an extra $100 and can pay it off over 24 months and keep my current plan!

    • I got my iPhone 12 a few weeks back when they had lowered the price to 400,000 points. At the time I had 150,000 points but they only let you use 127,000 towards the phone so the 128GB cost me $768. All of a month later and they let you use 140,000 points now and the 256GB model would cost $816 and teh 128GB would have been $624 so $140 cheaper.

      Ah well, been enjoying the phone in anycase

  • +5

    Full list of deals up here now! https://exchange.telstra.com.au/telstra-day/

    • -1

      so need to sign for a costly plan to get the discount?

  • Honestly these are very underwhelming deals

  • +1

    Got a purple 12 mini 128gb for $779. Does anyone know how reliable the back order is? Just wondering if Telstra may start cancelling the orders given all on back order and apple aren't making minis anymore ?

    • Got a blue 12 mini 128gb on back order. Would like to know that too.

    • Mine said it was on backorder. But it has already been dispatch and arriving Saturday via Star track

      • Oh cool, looks like it might work then - thanks

  • I tried to get a Telstra Id but since I don’t have any services , it asks me to add services . Tried online and with the app too.

    Wondering if I get a 2 dollar sim and register the sim, will it sort this for me ?

    Can anyone recommend what to do. I am trying to buy a iPhone outright sonit isn’t much trouble to buy a 2 aud sim and register for the greater good.

    Appreciate any inputs from fellow ozbargains?

    • No idea sorry, but I suggest moving fast as they appear to be selling out super quick

    • +3

      Buy a $10 prepaid sim kit and register to get your Telstra ID.
      Guest checkout is not supported for outright purchases, currently.

      • Can you register this instantly or do you have to wait for it to come in the post..? And can you do this with a $2 sim?

      • +2

        Brought a 2 dollar sim from office works and managed to order iPhone 12 😀brought it outright ofcourse ! Thanks again

  • Can cancel the plan after one month?

    • +1

      You can buy outright…

      • lol on you can, the website makes it look like you have to add a plan.

        • really? no plan needed?

  • Got a 12 mini 128gb on business. In stock over the phone.

    • on their plan? or outright?

      • Just added it to an existing XS plan i have already on my account over 12 months.

  • +2

    I am trying to purchase it outright obviously without plan selected but its wanting to do a credit check???

  • So if I purchase an s21 ultra and take up a $55 plan for one month. If I use the cash rewards I get that as a rebate right? So how long after the initial activation do I have to wait before I can cancel the plan and get the cash rewards? Less than a month?

  • +2

    Any able to purchase outright with a new telstra ID that doesn't have a service attached to it?? Or just getting errors after ID check?

    • +1

      I brought a 2 dollar sim from office works and managed to buy a phone outright by registering the new sim and getting a Telstra id. Hope this helps .

  • Is there anyway to pay off the phone monthly, but without a Telstra phone plan?

    • +1

      No, it has to be attached to an upfront plan if you want to pay things off interest free over 12/24/36 months.

    • +1

      You can do that through "Telstra Rewards" you need to have an active ongoing account, but currently the phone price is higher than advertised here in the deals.

      • Its about the same for the iPhones? 7500 points + ~$1008 or 16000 points + 984 for iPhone 12 128GB vs $1029 outright

  • -1

    I've tried multiple times but always an error in processing my order :(

    • +1

      Same for me. Tried it on a desktop, phone and iPad. Telstra app simply opens a browser when goes to shop. Poor Telstra service as usual.

  • Anyone know if you can purchase out right from the store or they insisting that you have to go on a plan?

    • -1

      seem like no, keep getting error if u not select a plan, once a plan select, just went through, so if u only need a new phone, thats not a deal

    • I purchased outright, no plan needed.

    • Sorry I meant in-store, not online store.

  • +2

    2021 and Telstra's website still sucks. "Something Went Wrong".

  • Unable to proceed through checkout. Tried 4 or 5 times.

  • +1

    I haven't been able to purchase it outright either. Chatted them and they are saying you have to add a plan… ><

    • maybe people already with telstra can buy one outright?

      • +1

        I found an old Telstra ID account and logged in with that and I was able to purchase one outright without a plan so I think you are right. No matter how many times I tried with the Telstra ID I created today, it kept having an error. Good luck all!

  • FYI, success. At 11:39am, I was able to purchase a Samsung phone outright with NO plan.

    Keep trying

    • +1

      Did you have a Telstra ID before? Or created a new one today?

      Not letting me through with a newly created ID.

      • Ah. created ID 1 week ago. that must be the key to it.

        • Had you made any purchases prior to this one?

    • FYI re my post above - looks like I only had success because I had:
      1 - registered a Telstra ID previously
      2 - and, maybe, made a purchase before

      • I can concur with this. I had Telstra ID but no active services. However, I had services and orders with Telstra for years. I could buy iPhone outright with NO plan added.

  • Ordered and have sms confirming order and expected delivery 7 August ..no plan added .wait and see if it gets cancelled.already had telstra id , mobile broadband plan plus prepaid broadband.

  • Just created a new Telstra ID (I'm not a Telstra customer) and tried via app and desktop browser, both come up with the error message. Has anyone been able to successfully order WITHOUT an added plan after creating a new Telstra ID?

  • +1

    Also having issues checking out. Keeps failing to validate identity check. Tried again at lunch and also failed and now can't checkout outright for the colour I wanted…

    • Just tried adding a plan+phone (on a new Telstra ID) and it works…could try purchasing the cheapest plan and using Shopback to get cashback equivalent to its cost, then cancelling the plan after the first month - end up paying the outright cost only.

    • Same situaiton. I wish I never heard of Telstra Day, such a massive time waste :(

  • Just bought it via Telstra Plus. You can choose to do 12/24 months repayment there (without attaching any phone plan), so its not a bad idea if paying outright is not something you want to do. Need at least 7500 points to redeem the offer.

  • +1

    I managed to order outright. I am an existing Telstra customer but do not have any active service. I think this is the difference.

    • What about the credit check? I also have an old Telstra account without any active service but it asks me for a credit check when I try to buy it outright. Could you please update me? Thanks.

      • Yeah, even though I logged in, it still asked me to do a credit check. Not sure if they actually did it but there was a page with warning at the bottom.

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