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Telstra Day: iPhone 12 Mini 64GB $699 (Save $500) + Plan, iPad Air 4 64GB Cellular $899 (Save $200) + Plan & More @ Telstra


Looks like Telstra are having a one day sale on Thursday the 5th August and for those still looking for an iPhone 12 mini this looks like the cheapest deal so far (even though new iPhones will be announced in a month or so this still seems like a pretty good deal).

It says up to $500 off the iPhone 12 range but not more specific details.

Given that the iPhone 12 mini 64gb has an RRP of $1,199 and the cost of the cheapest plan is $55 it is safe to say that the iPhone mini 64gb will be $500 off based on the total minimum cost of $754.

Other deals include:

  • iPad Air 4 64GB cellular for $899 ($200 off so the same cost as the wifi only version)
  • Apple Watch SE 40mm $404 ($100 off RRP)

Guessing full details will be out tomorrow for all the deals.

It says specials are available both online and in store.

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  • Business too?

    • looks like

    • Replies to that tweet by Telstra are hilarious

    • Hahaha thanks for the good laugh!

  • +6

    Are these devices network locked? Tempted on iPhone 12 mini

    • +5

      HI Mate, New iPhones are not locked to any network.

  • +3

    Probably the boring $10 monthly credit on Sim plans and data plans, that's it. That's it.

    • They are trying hard to dump these minions.

  • Who knows but some rumours saying IP13 may be cheaper - https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/iphone-13-price-rumors-make…

    • +25

      New iPhone range getting cheaper?
      Wow, maybe we can expect the Covid-19 outbreak to end soon or hell will freeze over first XD

      • +1

        Yeah I know hard to believe but I pulled the trigger on a Cx65 after they remained stubbornly high and doubting the rumours of the new C1 being cheaper but some prices on the c1 are already pretty sharp.

      • Wasn't the new Pixel phones (or maybe the ones coming out next) cheaper than the previous gen?

        • +3

          Yes pixel had a significant price drop because they chose to use a mid range processor rather than the previous years flagship specifications

      • Yeah but you can't buy one.

        nvidia style

        • Haven't you heard? Now Apple is *antifragile
          Which seems to be a wanky way of saying they keep up their own supply

          • @crentist: Antifragile. It's really just a bullsh!t term for having a large market share and abundant slave labor at your disposal.

      • Ya, they're pushing the 120hz screen, which is the biggest "VISUAL" upgrade for years - those sales won't be cheaper and the "tech people" WILL upgrade.
        Also, now that they're pushing EVERYONE to use QR codes to enter anywhere, people who never had phones will buy one - flocking straight to the iPhone seeing it's the most recognisable. There will be a cheap option that will target the elderly and ultra frugal.

    • +1

      yeah because they probably wont be much different :/

  • +3

    Only iPhone 12 Mini models, and not the other larger models?
    Must be because Mini has not been selling well and now Apple wants to get rid of it.

    • +1

      Possibly going to replace it with a cheaper but largely identical model. The 2020 iPad Pro 11” was heavily discounted a few months ago, but it’s largely the same as the 2021 model.

  • Minis have been $3-400 off for awhile.

  • +3

    Is this Telstra’s equivalent to Prime day deals?

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    If it requires telstra plan to get the discount on the phone, and then early termination charges… it will void the entire bargain. Going to wait and see.

    • With the Mini $250 discount now on business you get the $250 credit lump sum on second bill.

    • +1

      Telstra don't have ETC for plans anymore

  • +2

    After 256gb iPad Air 4, we need more storage!

    • +13

      I love your username and profile pic. Thank you.

      • +2

        Get some rest pam, you look tired.

    • +1

      agree, 64gb doesn't really cut it I think. doesn't leave much storage unless subscribing to cloud service.

  • +1

    Maybe they can offer a cheaper 5g plan.

  • The Samsung Phones are also discounted. I suppose Optus and Vodafone will match these prices so as to not be undersold.

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    More details on free shipping and price matching here: https://exchange.telstra.com.au/telstra-day/

    We'll post all the deals in a single table with links once they're all live!

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      "We’ll have $500 off the latest smartphones from Apple and Samsung, with an iPhone 12 mini 64GB for $699, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G for $1348"

      • +2

        $500 off the iphone 12 128gb would put at a perfect price point $929 (rrp $1429) prior to 13 release, be surprised if they discount it by that much

      • Ugh.. $699+contract = no deal

        "Min cost: $699
        Outright purchases are only available with eligible plans."

        That's false advertising. The minimum cost is NOT $699 if I can't buy without a plan.

        • From how I read it, you need to pay for 1 month (at signup) but plan length is min. 1 month, so you can cancel straight away? When they disclose min cost it reads phone cost +$55, which looks pretty appealing still

          • +1

            @icomeforthecomments: They kick and scream about the plan, but you can just add to cart without selecting a plan and it checks out fine.

            Did that with my Pixel 5 on black Friday, just ordered ip12 for mum.

        • +4

          Don't need the plan, just don't select a plan and bit add to cart.

        • +1

          You can buy it without a plan for $699 despite their website claiming otherwise.

          • @cezond: Thanks. Works for me. Ordered one. 👍

        • Thanks all

    • +2

      Telstra Day is about helping you the right tech at the right price

      You might want to get someone to proof read the article next time.

  • -4

    Is that for real? Call and Collect? If you are in a lockdown area they expect you to break the law and go to their store and pickup a phone. Wow! Also you have to ring them, so of course that is hours on hold, if they answer at all.

    What an absolutely stupid promo!

    • +3

      "Shop online until midnight with free delivery on orders over $100"

    • That's not the only option unless that's the only option you could see.

  • +1

    iPad Air has been $150 off for a while now, so more like an extra $50 off, but still a discount I suppose

    • For a current gen iPad which is not too old into the lifecycle, I think $200 off a cellular model is a reasonably good deal especially if there's stock as I found in the last month it was quite difficult to find any readily available stock of the iPad Air 64GB Cellular (for the wife's birthday gift).

  • Do JB usually match these deals?

    • If it's on a brick and mortar store which it is, yes.

    • +1

      They will either take it off the shelves or just say thats below our cost price or they dont match it with telstra

  • +4

    Hope the iPhone is available outright.

  • +1

    HomePod Mini for $134

  • To those associated with Telstra, any idea if there will be deals on iPad Pro 12.9?

  • +1

    128 or 256 version?

    • 256

  • I wonder if they have any special deals around Mobile / Sim Only plans?

  • +1

    Oh. It'll be on every month … hopefully someone will seize the opportunity to post it on here each month so I don't have to remember to check the Telstra rewards site.

  • How do you know if you got in the draw for the points?

  • +1

    iPhone 12 128GB $1029

  • +1

    Can buy iPhone 12 mini outright for $699 no plan needed.

    • Just checked out too, but when I pressed buy, it gave me an error but my card charged. Did you receive your order confirmation in your email?

      • Yes, i got order confirmation email

        • Hmm, oh well, just have to wait see the email came through otherwise I’ll chase up with Telstra in the morning.

          • @cloudie9: They sent both a sms and email when I ordered a couple weeks ago

          • @cloudie9: Go both confirmation mail, message but is in back stock

            • @fantoo: Still no emails/ sms. My credit card still have pending charge.

              edit: speak of the devil, SMS just came through with the tax invoice confirmation!

    • +1

      You can get $50/$55 cashback from cashrewards/shopback if you buy it on a plan. Just choose the cheapest plan and you can cancel after it is tracked, Telstra should give you a pro-rata refund on the plan too.

      • +1

        Prorata is no longer a thing with the Upfront plans

        • Ah I see, I haven't been doing the cancellation tricks for a while. But anyway with the cash back you still get a month free on the cheapest plan. There is no credit check for existing Telstra customers either.

    • -4

      dont need it but i can sell it for at last 100 more

  • Same issue errors out, anyone ordered it?

    • +1

      Worked fine about an hour ago. Hadnt tried before that.

    • No issues on the app

  • Anyone going to try and price match at Officeworks today?

    • Yes. But the fact you need to go in as plan probably rules them out. Worth a try.

      • you don't have to. I just bought it outright

        • How did you manage to do this?

          • +1

            @festivalmayhem: Just pick the phone, storage, outright etc. Don't select a plan, add to cart.

            Everything says you need a plan, but it checks out just fine without and confirms the outright price and $0/m ongoing later in the process.

  • If I choose the plan in combination with the phone device, and cancel after 1 month, do I just pay out the device cost?

    • Yes, but it will be easy to buy outright and save on monthly costs.
      I was not able to order..going to sleep.

      • try the app

  • I wonder if Telstra stores are offering this?
    Can you sign up for a new plan then cancel once you get home?

    • +2

      You can buy without the plan, just don't pick plan and hit add to cart at the bottom.

      • +1

        This is true, but you have to make sure you select outright and not 12/24 month option

  • +1

    In true Telstra fashion, didn't go smoothly. Tried about 5 times to order (with a plan selected) and it just came back with errors.

    • +1

      Worked fine for me without plan about an hour ago.

      • Can I ask which phone U bought/browser used/existing Telstra ID?

        • Have Telstra id2 but only logged in part way thru checkout. Was ip12 128gb, just chrome on Android.

    • Did you use the app or the browser?

      Used browser had an issue.

      No issue on the app

  • Just checked Telstra website and not many deals on Telstra Day! All I see is the S21 Ultra and iPad Air, nothing else. Is this like they keep releasing new devices every hour or two and we keep checking through the day?

    • My bad! I just wasn't looking in the right place. Alas, no deal on iPad Pro. ☹

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