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POCO F3 Global Version (6GB+128GB) A$440.60 + $1.57 Shipping from Banggood ($433.98 via App)


POCO F3 Global Version 6.67 inch 120Hz E4 AMOLED Display 6GB 128GB 48MP Triple Camera 4520mAh NFC Snapdragon 870 5G Smartphone

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  • Due to policy reasons, this product does not exist

  • Due to policy reasons, this product does not exist

  • Loads on my phone.

  • Loads on my pc

  • It this the default bang for buck phone?

    • Looks like it.

      $440~ for a Snapdragon 870, 120hz AMOLED screen, 5G phone is pretty crazy.

      • Definitely, for $50 less you can get the Redmi note 10 .. but Snapdragon 770 and 4g .. Only difference is expandable memory, audio jack, and better camera. But if you want a better product for speed and 5g the Pico is better and can complete with main flag ship phones 👌

        • Redmi note 10 DOES NOT have SD770 only SD732

  • +1

    Any deals ok the m3 pro or x3 pro?

    • Poco X3 pro $297.95.

  • anyone knows if this phone can work with Optus Wifi Callling/VOLTE/5G or Boost Mobile VOLTE/Wifi Calling

  • Isn't this the regular price?

    • It was a bit cheaper for the last couple of days, I think it could be just the fluctuation of our dollars. I'll wait for the price to drop below $400.

    • -3

      No !! Regular price is $689.21 on their site

  • Does Banggood supply official tax invoice? So I can be reimbursed by my employer.

  • +1

    I would never buy again from banggood. the local courier (PFL logisitics) is a complete trash, if not a scam. Check their ratings.

    • I second this.i actually don't mind banggood but the fact they continue to use pflogistics means i won't buy from them. I actually ended up getting my last package (very late) but pflogistics were a nightmare to deal with. Fake tracking, fake Office locations and false "nobody Home"delays.

    • +1

      I received my Redmi note 10 in less than 2 weeks

      • well their official website is down for the past few days. That'll tell you something
        Even if you received your package in 2 hours, I really think it's irrelevant. I am sure they are delivering some of the parcels or else they wouldn't be in business. The issue is if something goes wrong and it will, how do they handle it.

      • Do you like the note 10 ?

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    If you buy through mobile app, it's $432.79
    with shipping.

  • It's consistently selling at this price or lower. I ordered one at 400 but never received from banggood.

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      You do shipping insurance ?? Only $8 extra

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    If this may help someone, you can get the 256gb, 8GB RAM version as well for USD$363 /AUD$490 (via app) and you can get a free Redmi Airdot 2 TWS headphone free with the phone, make sure to add it b4 checkout. Should be stackable with Cashrewards or Shopback cashbacks.

    • I don't think Cashrewards or Shopback work with the Banggood app

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    Postage may take a while. Paid $480 3wks ago, still waiting. Aramax/fast way in Sydney but probs held up by lockdowns.

    • Nice that's good it's in Australia 👌

    • Aramax/fast way