This was posted 5 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Galaxy S20FE 5G Smartphone 128GB Cloud Lavender $695 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Same model is $849 at JB Hi-Fi

5G version comes with Snapdragon chip so no dramas there

Good battery life (4,500mah)

Has IP68 rating for the easily bored shower takers

Camera looks good in review images

Ordered one as my $250 Motorola pooped itself :)

Note: there is NO headphone jack for those who need it

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Excellent price for this phone, BUT only Lavender color at this price.
    Those having access to Samsung Education store can get any color in $629 after using $50 voucher.

    • yes great price, but Samsung education is only for the 4G model FYI (for the price you mentioned)

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        No. Thats not correct. I am writing from the same S20FE 5G phone that I purchased last month from Samsung Education Store in $629

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          That deal doesn't currently exist.

          You might as well say $599 on the Samsung store then.


        • Yes it is correct, bought 2x for $749 with voucher last week

      • correct me if I'm wrong, but the 4g model sold on the Samsung Australia Education store is the Exynos version. I asked one of the live support agents, which gave me a vague answer that it wasn't the 2021 revision with SD865.

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          I purchased 2 last month. They're both snapdragon. They don't stock exynos anymore there..

    • thats a 4G one

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        Correct, 4g is $679 - $50 if i remember correctly

    • lavender smells nice

      • Reminds me of a clean bathroom where the toilet is located.

    • +2

      BUT only Lavender color at this price.

      Put a phone case.

    • Yes, got mine for $679, for some reason the voucher didn't work for me. Tried a few times and gave up.

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      Who gets a phone and doesn't use a case these days. $2-400 for a screen replacement ain't worth the risk.

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    5G version comes with Snapdragon chip so no dramas there


    Has IP68 rating for the easily bored shower takers..


    drama on the shower

    • Has IP68 rating for the easily bored shower takers..


      drama on the shower

      Lol wait is this really something people do?

  • +3

    $599 from Samsung in May still the best price. Phone is fantastic.

    • +6

      yeah, I think the S10 series was the peak Samsung. Downhill from there as far as features and perhaps reliability go.

  • Colour doesn't usually bother me but that's very lavender…

  • have the touchscreen issues been fixed?

    • +1

      Yes, has been fixed a while ago.

    • +1

      i got two recently with touchscreen issues, pain to sort out with samsung online

    • also had one i bought with the issues. not possible to use swype keyboard at all.

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    The lavender is a deterrent, however you can just get a coloured case to hide it so shouldn't matter too much..

  • Single SIM or dual SIM please?

  • As usual Amazon pricing algorithm kicked in again

  • Looks like the lavender has gone stale!

  • damn it ~ I wanna use this price for a 28 degrees price match :( needs to stick around long enough for a price match :(

    • +1

      You just need someone to take a screenshot for you, hopefully someone did. I usually take screenshots and submit later when I'm free.

      • thanks!

  • I'm not a big fan of the screen. It's way oversaturated, and if you toggle to setting to 'natural colours', it's washed out.

    Minor complaint: The stock QR reader sucks. It's slow to register the code, and for nsw venue check-ins it simply opens the service nsw app (as opposed to going to the sign in screen of the app, as it did on my old phone). I find myself in the weird situation where a state government-developed app is somehow more efficient than the one designed by a multi billion dollar corporation.

    Anyways, I paid about $500 for it. It's pretty solid value in that respect

    • Does this phone have a seperate qrcode reading app?
      I thought its just a feature of the camera app.

      • +1

        part of the camera ~ i've never had issues with it.

      • Just part of the camera I guess… There's a quick button for QR scanning when you pull down from the top of the screen.

    • I've noticed this too! The stock camera app is absolutely trash at reading QR codes, I have to open the NSW app everytime.

    • In the case, gogle pixel is not better in the same way
      Takes a while on the stock camera app too.

    • I use

      Dark mode
      Bit under 25% brightness
      High motion smoothness
      Adaptive eye comfort shield
      Vivid screen mode with white balance roughly half way

      Not too bad for mine.

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    The oppo find X2 pro deal is still on for a better overall phone.

  • +1

    Telstra have it for $799 with a $200 discount for all colours if you add it to an upfront plan

    • Yeah but then you're stuck with Telsta branded OS..

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    Anyone that wants a very similar phone minus the 5G, the SM-G780G is the same price at OW, I bought this phone and it is indeed the SD version sans 5G:

    This one was previously for $599 - so possibly just watch OW for a price drop.

    • Yeah, I actually bought this phone from JB in Thomastown yesterday, they pricematched Officeworks offer of $695.

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