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FENGMI 100" Anti-light Projector Black Screen 16:9 4K HD US$482.35 (~A$666.22) + Shipping US$47.03 (~A$64.90) @ Banggood


Flash deal with 1-Week Delivery.
Suitable for Ultra Short Throw projectors. Bought it for my Samsung The Premiere LSP7T.
Usually sold for AUD900+
More details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o43bKchQS04

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  • +1

    Also, don't forget to use Shopback. (Might be eligible for 5-8% cashback)

  • To think that I was still unsure about getting this, while thinking you get a projector also. <slap forehead>

  • DIY installation is a pain.

  • Bought. Can't wait to check out the difference on our 4K short throw

  • Well actually on second thoughts OP maybe onto something ,, thats a good price for a 100 inch fixed ALR but why did OP buy it will remain a mystery :-D

    • Because projector was paid off by Qantas and ANZ points. :)

      • 5000 dollars in points ? How do you do that mate ?

        • churner alert

        • +1

          Projector cost: $4495 (during EOYF sale)
          Cashback: $1500 - From JB-Fi
          Points value: $2000 (Qantas(on sale as well)) + $900(ANZ)
          Total out of pocket: 4495-1500-2900 = $95

  • Well either ways sure is a good deal for an 100 inch ALR so thanks for posting..I shall leave it at that

  • +2

    Pro tip: use a tape measure to make sure frame is centered properly on the fabric before putting the springs on.

  • +1

    I have the LSP7T as well, just looking for a 120" screen. Any good recommendation?

    • The 'PET Crystal' UST screen from XY Screens is known around the world for being an excellent UST screen and lower priced than equivalent other brands. They make a 120 inch. You can check it out here along with other UST screen info https://darkenergyscreens.com.au

  • Op - any feedback on this project with your Samsung Premiere?
    I have the same projector just haven't bitten yet on a good screen.

    Noticed the screen is back on special again as of today for $683.45 + $65.26 shipping

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