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Lenovo Legion 5 Pro (5800H, RTX 3070, 16" WQXGA IPS 165hz 500nits 100% sRGB, 32GB, 1TB) $2,949 Delivered @ Lenovo


Not as cheap as prior deals for same specs, but for those who want one now ready to ship in two business day.

Get on the chat and hustle, might be even cheaper.

System Specs:
Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800H (8C / 16T, 3.2 / 4.4GHz, 4MB L2 / 16MB L3)
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64
Display Type: 16.0" WQXGA (2560x1600) IPS 500nits Anti-glare, 165Hz, 100% sRGB, Dolby Vision, HDR 400, Free-Sync, G-Sync, DC dimmer
Memory: 2x 16 GB SO-DIMM DDR4-3200
Hard Drive: 1 TB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe
Warranty: 1 Year Depot
AC Adapter: 300W Slim Tip
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3070 8GB GDDR6, Boost Clock 1560 / 1620MHz, TGP 140W
Second Hard Drive: N/A
Battery: Integrated 80Wh
Camera: 720p with E-camera Shutter
Fingerprint Reader: No Fingerprint Reader
Keyboard: 4-Zone RGB LED backlit, English
Wireless: 802.11AX (2x2) & Bluetooth® 5.1
Integrated Mobile Broadband: No Wireless WAN

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  • This or XPS15 with 11th gen intel?

    Yeah it isn’t a gamer but similar price and better battery life?

    • If you don't plan on gaming, Dell XPS15 will be better battery, and smaller, plus smaller power supply so easy to actually transport.

      • -3

        You dont make sense.

        If you dont plan to play game, but buy XPS15 which is a gaming laptop.

        Then just go and buy normal laptop.

        • +3

          wot… since when is an XPS15 a gaming laptop…?

          You don't make sense.

        • +2

          I think you may have mixed up the series lol. XPS series is ultrabook meant for professional use and the gaming series is G.

    • Do you want a chonky monster with more power and ports, or a slim sleeper that is limited?

    • Also, the only New XPS15 I can see for around this price ($3099) is 11400H CPU and no dGPU. That is quite a lot less powerful than the L5P.

      • All the XPS are less powerful but much longer battery life. But they aren’t slouches. 20% off in ebaydell store.
        This one has OLED 400 nit screen
        For $3299. A bit less if you drop the OLED. Bit more if you go for the 500nit UHD.

        The XPS with discrete graphics has a 3050ti.

        I think this legion has a decent screen and power, but I also want battery life and light weight.
        Decisions, descisions.

        • +1

          Maybe MSI GS66, MSI Stealth, Razor Advance 15, Asus G14, G15. Light weight gaming laptop.

  • "Lenovo Legion 5 Pro"

    • Windows 10 Home

    • +1

      You'll be the best stay-at-home-professional

      • You dont need the pro if you are working from home due to lockdowns.

        • If it's a joke, I don't get it. My brain is too smooth.

          If it's a serious remark, I don't see what it has to do with anything I said, and for that matter:

          You can be a professional even from home , a professional is someone who is…practicing a profession, or even extremely skilled - which both can be done from home.

          • +1

            @Kundi: Now I am too scared to tell anymore jokes on OZB :(

            • @John Doh: I already apologized that my brain is too smooth wth 😭

              • @Kundi: You are indeed a professional mate! How else can anyone think of a sweet username ;)

  • I would really be wanting a Legion 7 with same specs for that price. But nice to see in stock.

    • there is one ready to ship in September around 3.5 k

  • Unreal laptop, I got one in the second wave.

    • How is the battery life?

      • +2

        he ran out of battery and cant reply yet

      • 4:00- 4:30 hours doing uni: word documents and chrome

        3:30 hours: watching Netflix or YouTube

        1:00-1:30 hours: gaming

        It charges pretty quickly and didn't find lugging the 1kg charger to Lan parties an issue.

        • Is that with the screen set to 60Hz? Apparently that adds a couple of hours.

          • @Jo-dan: Nah I haven't been desperate enough to change it

  • +1


    Was it not $500 less a week ago?

    • +2

      That was 16GB 512Gb?

      • correct, just missed that on the phone ;)

      • Isn't it preferable to grab this with less ram and pay to upgrade yourself as I've heard the ram Lenovo use bottlenecks the system? I think Jarred's tech did a video on it.

  • It's cheaper on the EDU store for those with access.

  • +2

    2672$ if you have an education email address and use the Lenovos education store.

    • So many educational institutions don't offer .edu email addresses anymore.

    • You can get access without edu email address.

      • Cool story

      • Thanks for explaining how.

    • If you talk to the customer support they might knock a couple hundred more off too.

  • Any Legion 7 i9 owners here?

  • Have had this for 1 month since mid june.
    Mine had extra 2 years wty and W10Pro.

    Great laptop. Had to get a small GAN charger to replace massive charger. But otherwise a beast.

    Make sure to use chat to get better price then advertised(be nice to them). Got mine reduced to 2780 back in april.

    Good luck!

  • Damn shame you cant get this ships in 2 business days without the 1TB and 32GB ram.

    I'd pull the trigger to grab it with 512gb / 16gb…..

  • I think it was closer to two weeks ago people were getting this spec for $2500.

    It might be worth asking chat or phone sales though.
    I was a day late to the party and got a quote for $3106 or something. After calling to ask if that was the best I could expect and mentioning some of the more recent order numbers with prices and specs in response to the deal being a 24 hour end of financial year sale that had finished (which I guess it was, they just continued it until too many people wanted the deals I think). The rep asked me to wait for an email after talking to the manager with no guarantees.

    I ended up getting a quote under $2800…so $3k after replacing the dodgy memory to use as a desktop replacement (Jarrod's review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIm8vTualEE and testing after replacing the ram https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUbryj294Cs).

    The order said expected mid December arrival so I'm just going to throw together my old sandy bridge /7970 setup replacing anything that needs it and if the gpu crisis continues maybe grabbing a 1060 or 1060ti. It's a nice laptop and a decent price considering msi or asus rog amd/intel 11th gen going rates.

    I dont need the portability for a gaming system so I'd rather get the full cpu clocks, cache and gpu features that just don't work in a slim chasis with 1/3 the power draw and impossible cooling. Hopefully the competition keeps pushing prices down.

    • You can still get this machine for 2500 if you're happy with November/December delivery - the machines that ship this month are priced higher despite having identical specs. Lenovo agreed to 2750 for this machine shipping this month which makes it eligible for the Amex cashback bringing the price down to about 2550.

      • show me the link for 2500 config? with the wait time?

        • You have to negotiate via chat

  • Only three more lock-downs until Christmas!

    I bought the Legion 7 version of this. ETA November 30th :`[

  • How much weaker is the 3070 in this compared to the desktop card?

  • The best deal for these specs was EOFY in June for $2400. They will never go under 2400 for a 3070 L5P, you will only get this price on special,

  • I think I've mentioned this before but I believe hardware cunucks and other reviews mention the trackpad being a bit so so on this and also the placement to the left can be a bit off-putting when gaming as your palm rests on it. Can't recall if there was any palm rejection issues though.

  • Education store

    (5800h, 3070, 16gb ram, 512gb)


    When changing the GPU from 3060 to 3070 goes from 2 week shipping to 5 week shipping - looks like the 3070's are 5 weeks away <<<

    Probably pull the trigger this afternoon.

    *edit, probably wrong thread - this is a LEG10NPLAYS one….. either way

    • Just a heads up about this option: Education store (5800h, 3070, 16gb ram, 512gb) $2,402.10

      I ordered it, and my estimated delivery date was Dec 9. Clearly more than 5 weeks.

      I've cancelled and ordered the one in this deal, since it was an "in stock" version, which of course costs more.
      (Education store 5800h, 3070, 32gb ram, 1TB, $2672.10)

      Hopefully will arrive within the week. Ships within 2 days, then 3-4 days until it arrives.

      • ive got mind shipped, come the next day. whereabout do you live.

        • I'm in Brisbane.
          Hoping for a couple of days, but chat said 2 + 3-4 being cautious.

          Have you checked your RAM yet?

  • As pointed out by some other members here, the time it takes to have your laptop delivered could be a lot longer than you've expected. A friend of mine has ordered one from the last deal, with the initial delivery time of "within 2 weeks" (mid August). Once the payment was made, they are now updating the delivery status to the end of November.

    though, the model my friend ordered was slightly different: 5800h, 3070, 16GB ram, 512GB

  • This or G15 Advantage Edition (with an RX6800M) for $2899 + delivery?

    • I asked @Jarrod'sTech and he said:
      Legion for me because 16:10 screen + MUX switch, though technically the 6800M may do closer to a 3080, so depends what you're after. May have to upgrade the RAM on either.

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