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[3DS] Stella Glow $7.49 (87% off), SMT: Devil Survivor 2 $7.49 (87% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Time to dust off the 3DS with some good sales on some quality games.

Stella Glow - $7.49 (Was $59.95)
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker - $7.49 (Was $59.95)
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth - $6.50 (Was $26.00)
Sonic Generations - $19.97 (Was $39.00)
Etrain Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight - $7.49 (Was $59.95)
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner Soul Hackers - $6.50 (Was $13.00)
SteamWorld Dig - $2.99 (Was $11.99)
Etrain Odyssey IV: The Legends of the Titan - $6.50 (Was $13.00)
Culcept Revolt - $7.49 (Was $59.95)
SteamWorld Heist - $5.62 (Was 22.49)
Etrain Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl - $6.50 (Was $13.00)
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - $24.97 (Was $49.95)
RPG Maker Fes - $7.49 (Was $59.95)

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    wow great prices

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    Be wary that 3DS was released 10y5m ago in in March 2011. Wii was released December 2006 and its shop was permanently shut down 12y1m later in January 2019.

    Anyone who bought from the Wii shop was stripped of the ability to redownload their purchases. Nintendo got their money and everyone's games were lost to time unless they were backed up.

    Nintendo may do the same to the 3DS.

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      Yup, sad but that is Digital gaming unfortunately.
      Nobody owns their purchases anymore.

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        The worst thing is that pirates who contribute no dollars to the gaming industry get to keep the games forever and ever until the end of time.

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          The only considerate choice is to support the industry while you can and go pirate when said industry no longer provides the opportunity to reward publishers and studios anymore. Best of both worlds.

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          To be honest if that is what happens and there is no longer any way for me to download games I own and can produce a receipt for then I would feel pretty entitled to download a rom of it. I'm all for paying for games, but when there just isn't any way to actually buy them or the dev/platform refuses to sell them then go ahead and pirate.

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            @nmachine: Part of the reason why physical copies retain their value and end up costing more than the digital copies. Although sucks that some games are digital only :(

            I would advocate physical games over digital given a choice.

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      This is why you hack it and just go the pirate route. If they're no longer supporting the system, there's no real reason for you to support them. I mean, you literally can't anyway - you've already supported them by purchasing them in the first place.

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      How does one backup their games?

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    Yep, I dug out my 3DS the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see Persona Q on sale. I'm playing through Persona 3 at the moment and thought I'd check out the spin offs, what a great price.

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      Pretty nice its so cheap when the physical version is so expensive haha.

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    Stella Glow, finally I have had that one on the list for a LOT of years wanting it but not wanting to pay the price people wanted for it. For that price is a bargain and I have bought it.

    • Glad you're gonna buy it. But kinda wish people bought it before imageepoch went bankrupt.

      • They were already bankrupt by the time we got the game I'm pretty sure, we got it a year later unfortunately.

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    Thank you!

    I wish there was a site like Deku deals for 3ds games

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    Why anybody isn't using custom firmware and just loading whatever 3DS roms they want for free is beyond me, good luck getting to your purchased games when Nintendo pulls support for the store.

    • they just won't admit it on this site

  • Awesome prices. I actually have a copy of Persona Q still sealed … but might keep it that way, and buy a digital version instead.

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    My 3DS recently got wet and no longer works
    I am still very sad and wanted you all to know

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      have 19 3DS units.

      Not selling any.

      Just wanted to let you know.

      • +1

        I want to know why you have so many?

        • Many limited edition ones as I collect them.

          i.e. Samus edition, Majoras mask edition, Fire Emblem edition, Hyrule edition, Zelda 25th edition, Yoshi edition, Animal crossing edition etc. etc.

          And the normal colours like black, blue ,white , orange etc.

      • oh you :')
        Post pics of the collection?

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    I always try to buy physical copies but the prices are absolutely insane for some of these games right now. Might pick up the Etrian Odyssey games after I check out the demos

    • I have physical copies for most of the games listed above.

      Unfortunately, for most of the JRPGS, it was either buy at release or buy them for 3x-5x more a year later.

  • yeah, but I can't buy it for 7.50, I have to deposit 10 into a rando Nintendo website, jesus christ.

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    still annoys me that they never bothered to release the first Devil Survivor port on 3ds here. What's the point buying the second one if we cannot play the first…

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      It was localised to the EU region by Ghostlight in 2012 and you could order it online. I remember following this quite closely back in the day as I loved the original on DS.
      That being said, DeSu 2 is independent of the first and I'd highly recommend it if you like strategy RPGs, it's excellent.

      • That's great to hear, guess i'll buy DeSu 2 already bought Stella Glow but such a great price. Just finished fire emblem fates so yeah another strategy rpg would be great just need to decide on what one to play first haha.

  • Great prices on some fine games. But yeah, eshop possibly getting scuppered doesn't inspire confidence.

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    Went to purchase a game, and my memory card was full.

    Replacing the included card with a 64gb microSD was such a pain … took awhile to get the back cover off as I was afraid of damaging it. Whoever designed the system this way should be shot.

    For those having issues, you need to delete, and recreate the partition on the 64gb and higher cards in FAT32 with a 32kb Cluster Size. Then insert the case into your 3DS for it to create its file structure, before moving across your data from your old card.

    • memory cards on portable consoles seem to suck pretty sure my 64gb vita one is dead…

  • Jesus christ Nintendo, I know its an old handheld but you can't buy the game online, only on the console, and you can't even just pay for it and play it later, you need to have space for it to be installed before you can even pay for the damn thing.

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