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Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 12.5” i5 128GB Ice Blue/Sandstone/Platinum $798 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


I do believe this price is meant to be for 64GB eMMC version but somehow Harvey Norman has priced 128GB SSD version at the same price (JB HiFi is selling for $933 down from $1,098 aka $165 off). Cheapest ever for this model!
Please use HN’s as a price guidance for price matching with JB or other retailers, Gerry is $22mil richer for doing nothing already with COVID aid.

JB-HiFi pricing https://www.jbhifi.com.au/search?query=Microsoft%20surface%2...

Harvey Norman
Ice Blue https://www.harveynorman.com.au/microsoft-surface-laptop-go-...
Sandstone https://www.harveynorman.com.au/microsoft-surface-laptop-go-...
Platinum https://www.harveynorman.com.au/microsoft-surface-laptop-go-...

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Please add 7% cashback on HN Gift cards at Shopback..

    • +2

      Ok, thanks

    • Please correct me if I am wrong.
      we can buy an $800 gift card through ShopBack and get 7% cashback on ShopBack $56. Cashback appears after few weeks.
      Can we use the ShopBack HN gift card online on the HN website for click and collect.

      • Recently purchased a laptop in-store using multiple Gift Cards(precisely 4) bought from Shopback, so I don't see a reason why it wont work on the website. But suggest its best to check with them if there is an upper limit on the number of gift cards you can use online.

    • +1

      Thank you OP and bargainhunt2020. I bought 750 worth of giftcard from shopback and paid the balance with credit card. So I paid $745.50 for it after cashback. Collected today.

      • How many gift cards did you use? Was your order placed online or in-store?

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          Bought one $500 and one $250 gift card. Ordered online for click and collect.

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    So people are buying from Gerry now eh? Guess people vote with their wallet…

    • +2

      theres tons of secret gerry fans on here

      • +3

        Yeap. I buy from there when things are below cost. Saves my wallet…………and happy with that.

    • Price match at anywhere where possible, or use 28 degrees / ebay guarantee to price protect.

    • +2

      I don't quite get the hate. I mean I understand, but would you prefer HN to end up like Dick Smith? Then Amazon will only have to kill jb-hifi.
      I'd prefer to buy below cost/price error at HN than go price match at jb-hifi.

      • would you prefer HN to end up like Dick Smith

        yes - especially if they end up being owned by KOGAN and drop shipping from overseas . The irony would be delicious.

        • -1

          yeah exactly

          i would love a society where Gerry Harvey dies penniless and his stores are subsumed by Kogan.

          I dont like Kogan either but he's the lesser worse evil than Gerry.

          At least Kogan didnt take away the 10% GST on private imports.

          • @tonyjzx: Interesting. If you had to choose, would you buy from Kogan or Amazon? Genuine question.

            • +1

              @ShouldIBuyIt: kogan of course

              do kogan employees need to piss in bottles?

              how many employees has kogan suicided? is kogan using his ill gotten money to launch into space

              bezos is the antichrist of modern society, literally

              kogan is a mere underling

  • The 256 go is 998 so 798 for 128gb may b their sale price.
    12.4 inch not 12.5 inch btw

  • I hate Gerry but this is tempting.

  • +2

    surely if it's below cost then Gerry is losing money, price match and other cos lose money, assuming that the price is actually below cost

    • -4

      No. They cost $300 to make and with deals from intel almost giving away cpu since apple and AMD are eating their lunch they will even pay MS for the volume and branding; but alas it’s all for naught as MS are going ARM - it’s the future of mobile devices

      The real problem is shit OS Windows. It’s past it’s prime and 11 is lipstick on a bush pig. Linux is MS future and I’m sure we will get a MS version desktop and lock in graphics to try to keep gaming from fleeing.

      • having tested a surface pro I was never that impressed, not doubting what you say either though I'd expect Intel to eventually get their shit together and produce something on par to competitors

    • +1

      The house never loses. Franchisees would prob be copping it but old mate Gerry would be getting it all covered in rebates, bonuses and other deals.

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    Would this be better than a macbook m1? Mostly using for work, including using teams, zoom etc. But also do some light photo editing such as lightroom or photoshop.

    • +4

      for the latter purpose you better get M1 Macbook Air for $1300ish when on sales or via Edu Store, and if you don't mind spending $500ish extra. for money wise and if you mainly use it for office tasks then this Surface

      • +1

        Thank you! Appreciate your response!

        • +1

          welcome, hope you get what you need :)

      • +2

        I really liked the form factor of the 12in Macbooks a few years back. I wish they would put an M1 in one of those.

        • me too, I guess it would be back for Macbook Air 2022 with colourful chassis

  • i have a 10% off student voucher would this model qualify ?

  • There is another good laptop $1098 HP R7 4700U 16gb 512gb ssd
    Aftercash back $1021
    Any suggestions

  • What is the screen resolution? What is the different between this and Microsoft Surface Laptop 4?

    • Surface Laptop 4 is bigger, more powerful, has a backlit keyboard and of course, more expensive (but with more configurations)

  • is internal memory expandable? or a Micro SD reader?

    • Second question is no.

      • Well that's crap

        • None of the Surface Laptops have a SD reader. Ports are minimal. Guess that's what external storage/cloud storage is for

          • @kerfuffle: I know but 128gb is quite small once you factor the OS plus few programs. I often travel on planes and I like to have movies and TV series stored to watch.. Also I need multiple users and that takes space too. For me 256 gb is the absolute minimum.

            • @liongalahad: That's why you buy a laptop with more storage space. This clearly isn't the laptop for you (nor is it for me, which is why I bought the SL3 with 512GB)

  • +1

    This can be considered as a great Surface device for students or those on a budget. It is good for word processing, general assignment work (not computer science, or if you need to run CAD or specialist programs), though photoshop is okay, and light video work is fine. Things to consider are: there is no backlit keyboard, screen resolution is meh ((1536 x 1024 (148 PPI)), keyboard spacing and feel however is great-excellent, get the 8GB RAM version, no Windows Hello (face unlock), but there is a fingerprint scanner in the keyboard, lightweight at about 1.1kg. At full RRP price, there are better laptops to consider, but at this price - it is a worthy contender for your consideration.

  • Did HN cancel orders?

  • Hey folks, just to let you know that the deal is back on at HM for $798. I got JB Hi Fi to match and picked it up today.

    I had Surface Laptop 1 and I gave it to a family member who needed it. I thought to use an old 2017 Macbook Pro from my brother but after speaking with apple it would cost around $950 to fix the screen (ghosting issues) and the trade in value of the laptop was only $150 so I decided against migrating to Apple OS and I keeping with what I know. I wanted to connect a monitor to the macbook but I would need to buy another dongle to connect the HDMI. So I just decided to stick with what I know.

    I just need a laptop for MS Office applications and Netflix. From my understanding from the reviews of the device, it is good for light tasks but nothing more than that. Also no backlight keyboard which is not that great.

  • same price from Microsoft store. don't buy from Harvey's!


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