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AMD Ryzen 7 5800x CPU US$452.09 (~A$615) Delivered @ Pavilion Electronics via Amazon US


Looks like the price drop in CPUs is hitting free fall levels. This is fulfilled by Amazon too so hopefully somewhat reliable in getting what you pay for.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    US$ price without import tax?

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    The price made me do a double take until I realised it's USD, being on Amazon US :)

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    Its usd mate, got me for a sec hahh

  • April fools! oh, wait…

    • That's not a reason to neg the deal.

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        There's no tax applied either. It's cheaper from local vendors on Amazon, and this price is around $620, so it's not setting any records or really offering anything special in the current market.

        EDIT: It's $630 if you pay in AUD at checkout.

      • How am i being downvoted?

        You gave no reason to neg the deal, appreciate its no AUD and should be. Arent the rules around commenting on a neg meant to allow you to substantiate it?

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          Because the internet is full of snow flakes who get butt burt to easily.

          +1 from me to help you out bud.

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    Good deal regardless ~$572 AUD, but OP please look into the site and write AUD pricing as well as USD :) (since its an Ozzie site)

  • Saw the price in brackets and thought that was the AUD lel, was tempted to replace me 5600x

  • It's because the newer ones with stacked 3D v-cache are coming soon. This is to be expected, nevertheless that's a great price. I paid $750 during the height of shortages and accepted my demise + handed in my OzB license lol

  • Should I get a 5600x or 5800x?

    Is it worth the extra? Mainly games + 4k plex/kobi + might get into a little video editing for youtube stuff

    Probs want to keep the comp for about 3 years. Don't want to spend what I don't need too

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    No-one wants a 5800x , they are known for having heat issues.

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      I have a 5800x and it's just fine with an Aio and is a beast of a CPU. Shouldn't comment like that if you don't actually have one.

      • They do reach very high temps especially under load like encoding around 80C. That is very high even though they are supposed to be able to take it. May not be the best for longevity though. Very good CPU in any event

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