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Nanoleaf Canvas 9 Pack Smarter Kit $225 Delivered, 4 Pack Expansion $71 + Delivery @ Nanoleaf AU


I was looking at purchasing the Jbhifi Nanoleaf 9 pack panel starter kit deal and the 4 pack expansion pack from Jbhifi when i noticed the Nanoleaf store has the 9 pack starter kit available a the same price as Jbs. Was able to find a code to pair with it to make it a sweeter deal.

A friend pointed out the 4 pack expansion kit was same price as the Jbhifi one which is now sold out.

Free shipping if you spend more than $100. 30

9 pack starter kit $225 using code (free shipping)
4 pack expansion $71 using code (plus shipping)

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  • I still get shipping comeing up, even when adding more than 100 to the cart

    • It comes up for me as free delivery to melb 3000

      • It must be me, changed to melbourne to test and it sill comes up

  • +10

    Imagine how much disposable income you'd need to warrant spending over $200 on 9 square lights.. and multiples of this amount if you wanted to make anything especially cool with it.

    • +5

      I try not to think too much about it :D ozYOLO

    • +7

      Some people spend hundreds of dollars kn virtual things in gaming, some spent much more for other hobbies.

      Do what makes you happy as long as you can afford it and it’s not hurting anyone. Life is too short.

    • +2

      Turns out mine is disposable enough for a starter kit and 2x expansion packs.

      "I'm riiich biiitch!"
      -Dave Chappelle / Rick James

      • +1

        Very nice. I was tempted on gettin two expansion packs too. Had to check myself

    • +2

      Simple. $200

    • To be fair these lights are brilliant, have sound activated schemes, are an amazing nightlight and general art piece and haven’t missed a beat in 3 years as well as about 20 bazillion colours.

      Or I guess you could buy a lightbulb from Bunnings and just flip the switch on and off to have a similar effect

      These are amazing lights, expensive yes, but worth it.

  • +1

    Is there a knock off good price one?

    • +1

      I’m also interested in this, it’s so basic and would cost well under $20 to construct.

    • +2

      For lighting; yep; for sound syncing; not really.

      • +1

        What's the cheap lighting equivalent?

        • +1

          Sorry; working in the yard today - using the sunlight we have :).

          Yescom make a pretty decent equivalent from what I've read. I ended up going the nanoleafs when they were on amazon special a while back; ended up with 2 sets of the canvas and 2 of the hexagon ones.


    • I've started 3d printing a whole bunch of them! Who knows how they'll turn out but at least I'm not spending 200 bucks 😂

      • Couldn't understand what this lighting canvas is for

        • +3

          I have used them for sensory play for my kids but apart from that it’s a decoration

  • Just ordered 21 (a 9 and three 4’s). Thanks OP

  • Seems the code can only be used once and shipping doesn't seem to be free over $100? Adding two expansion sets to cart and it wants to charge $10 shipping.

    • If you add 3 it’s free shipping. So maybe it’s over $200 for free shipping

      Couldn’t seem to use code again even with guest checkout. Which is a shame as I now have 4800 loyalty points so was going to get another expansion

  • Worked ok for me (though bigger order) delivered to Sydney :

    Order Summary

    Nanoleaf Canvas Expansion Pack (4 PK) × 3

    Expansion | 4 Squares
    Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit × 1
    Starter | 9 Panels
    Discount (ROYALTY10)
    $440.97 AUD

  • Just ordered ; I found the deal here,
    but found that code GIFT10 worked through Honey.

    Canvas Exp (4) × 2

    Canvas Starter (9)

    Discount (GIFT10)

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