expired Folding Weight Bench with Weight Set $98 + Shipping Big W Online


Sport Xlnce Folding Weight Bench features a 4 position backrest and folds for space saving storage. Included are butterfly arms as well as a 36kg weight set: Barbell, 4x15LB (6.75kg) and 2 x 10LB (4.5kg) weight plates.

Delivery to Bris Qld was $40

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    Same price in store if anyone is interested. Happened to walk past a pile of at least 10 at Forest Hill VIC this morning.

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    these things are made from the crappiest material and be lucky to last more than a month. Don't be surprised if the whole thing caves in on you. With workout equipment, never go with the cheap and nasty


    bigw seems to be on Telstra network, so you cannot get to their site at the moment anyway


    I bought one two years ago. Its…okay. Nothing special, the bar is plastic and can't even hold much. 28.5-30kgs? Waste of money for me. Great for Beginners thou!


    delivery is $40 to Melbourne, for the record

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    Anyone know of anything like this but with a better build quality at a reasonable price? Im willing to pay more but still looking for value for money.


    I have one of these without the butterfly thingys. Quality isnt THAT bad, Just get a new bar of better quality, and put it together properly.

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    mate you're better off buying second hand gear off ebay or gumtree. I made the mistake of getting this as my first bench, sold it off in a week,

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      and haven't been able to finish a sentence ever since? :) jk

      I agree completely asdf123: if you lift serious weight look 2nd hand - classifieds and garage sales.

      It's a sad fact that many buy gym equipment in fit of resolve and then sell them unused 3 months later.


        They're exactly the crowd cheap gym equipment is for though, use it maybe 2-3 times a year. The moment you start using them somewhat regularly, expect the something to break :p

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        Yep, only a finite set of gym equipment that is circulated 2nd hand in constant rotation via peoples garages ;-)

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    now i can have my own private guns show at home


    saw this in the catalog the other day

    looks alright.

    besides the plastic materials

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