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Earn 1,000 Qantas Points When You Sign Up as a New Customer @ BINGE via Qantas


BINGE is an Aussie streaming subscription service that offers hours and hours of unmissable entertainment, so that you and the family can stream your favourite TV shows, movies and more; across multiple devices.

Qantas Frequent Flyers can pick up 1,000 Qantas Points when they sign up to BINGE on a Standard or Premium subscription, then earn 50 Qantas Points for every month subscribed.

From the most talked about TV series including Mare of Easttown, to must-watch movies such as Jack Snyder’s Justice League - there’s something for everyone on BINGE. New customers start your free trial today and get bingeing.

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    It’s going to take a bit more than 1,000 Qantas points to get me to sign up. Sorry Binge :(

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    Ah Binge, the most unreliable streaming services there is. Come view their amazing catalogue of content, if you can…

    Seriously, very limited app support outside of Chromecast and Apple TV (and even those have issues) and a lack of bandwidth in peak hours (ie, you'll get buffering)? Why would anyone pay for Murdoch's cash grab in that state? I got 9 months free through Telstra silver and have found it almost completely useless.

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      I wouldn't pay for it (Getting free via Telstra at the moment) but tbf it does have a working Android TV app. No buffering experienced yet either.

      But yeah won't be paying going forward. No money for you Rupert!

  • Can you sign up, claim the points and cancel before the trial period ends?

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      No. Points are paid 10 days after free trial period.

      • Ah ok. Thought it was 10 days after sign-up

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    Already got Binge using another person’s login details.
    Suck the hairy meatballs with or without the dentures out, Rupert!

  • Yeah it's not the best designed app that's for sure. Even basic things like maximize screen and lock screen for when you are watching on your phone aren't features. No downloads for offline watching ECT.
    But it still does have quite a few programs you can't get elsewhere so it's worth sharing a subscription just get 4ppl together and share the cost(1x screen each) I've never had bandwidth issues myself but I'm watching on my phone set to 720p

    • Can you share the account with someone at a different address? How strict are they with unique IP addresses?

  • Thanks OP,
    Was wondering what I was going to use for my Uber Reward.

  • +1

    Some good content, but lack of 4k and features like a floating screen on the app put it behind the rest. Found Mr Inbetween though because was scrolling through, so credit to them for having that (as well as Dave, and back catalogues of The Sopranos and The Wire)

  • Thanks👍

  • God content, but the platform is awful. Low resolution, unreliable, overpriced.

  • +1

    Poor Foxtel.. this is what? the third streaming service they've tried?

    • 2nd isn’t it?

      • Didn't the do one with the Foxtel branding (Foxtel Now?), then Presto.

      • +1

        Might be: Presto, foxtel now/foxtel play, Binge. They've yet to make a technically good one (reasonable quality, no buffering, with subtitles), and that's before you even get to the question of whether you want to put a single cent towards a media network that was directly involved in misinformation/manipulating readers/viewers contributing to suboptimal outcomes in the 2016 UK brexit vote, the 2016 US election, conflict over the 2020 US election, and covid-related conflicts between states in Australia in 2020 and 2021 (Victoria says hi).

  • The Flight Attendant was good,Kaley Cuoco..

  • Not like you can fly anywhere now…

  • No app on LG tv. Signed up and then cancelled. Too much of a hassle casting this from a phone. Not as good an experience. Mobile app is also not as good. Loses the casting connection so it's terrible when you want to move the progress bar around (rewind/forward) and you end up restarting the app to regain connection only to miss more of the content.

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    Can’t believe these guys don’t have 4K or a PlayStation/Xbox app

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    Be careful with these guys … I've been charged and still no points.