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Montgomery 1830 x 910 x 410mm 5 Tier Shelving Unit $39.89 @ Bunnings


Decent price for good quality unit. I have bought one for garage and it looks great.

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    This is to price match the ALDI one no doubt. If the same as last time, this is much better built than the ALDI one.

    • But Aldi one has a higher load rating tho… 175kg vs 150kg

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        And this looks like more strudier than Aldi model from pictures.

      • Is that load rating per shelf or total?

        • Per shelf

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            @Sergito89: per shelf, but needs to be spread out. My couple of bottles of oil in the middle caused a bend.

            Great shelves though, I have 5.

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        The Aldi one is very flimsy, I would recommend getting a better version.

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          Aldi one is not worth it. Bunnings ones are much better.

    • Thanks. I got 12 of these. It takes under 15 minutes to put one together. My shed is sorted.

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    I purchased two at this price last time, great quality, and no smells, those selling at Ebay has huge smells.

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    Wasn't this $100+ before?

  • Good value and quality.Better than some on ebay for $50

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    Add some cheap air mattresses and you've got yourself a five sleeper bunk!

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      I think caskets work better on these.

      • you have the use the white ones so they are small enough to fit on each shelf.

    • 1.8m height, not width unfortunately.

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    Been using one of these since 2017. Great quality for the price. Much better than Aldi or Stratco’s $30 ones. The wooden shelves are twice as thick and don’t bend either.

    The black paint finish is nice too. Even good for a living room industrial-look for gaming consoles and telly.

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      Except these are now grey?

      I'm sure I bought one of these before and it was black, but the last one I bought was grey. Which is just weird, why would they change to grey? No one would one that colour choice over black surely.

      • Oh wow you're right. Likewise I'm sure I bought these in black before too.

        • But yeah, grey or black, it's still a pretty good shelf for the price.

          • @MonkDog: Black

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              @Meconium: Well, I know I've had a couple of beers now, so I just went down to the garage and checked. I've got two 1830 x 910 x 410 shelves in my garage. The first one I bought quite a few years back is black. The one I bought this year is grey. I can't see myself haven't spending $100+ for a shelf before, so I just have to assume the first one is also a Montgomery. Unless there was some awesome deal on whatever that was if it is not a Montgomery.

              Although the hole spacing is slightly different, so who knows.

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        The black one is different. It's 4 shelves, and smaller by about 10cms for each dimension. This is basically getting the 5 shelf for price of 4 shelf model.

        Linkereli: https://www.bunnings.com.au/pinnacle-1500-x-810-x-310mm-4-sh...

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    After my experience with the Aldi one, I will never buy cheap shelving again. My fav at the moment is Rack It from Bunnings. A bit pricey but you can custom build it. You can pick the number of shelves you want and there are multiple options for height, width and depth. Rack It all the way!!!

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      These are way better than Aldi. They are on par with the Pinnacle stuff at bunnings. And the rack it metal shelves fit it too if the mdf sags.

      • Pinnacle stuff is great too. I use a couple in the garage without the wooden shelving to store a few sets of wheels and tyres for my vehicles like a tyre shop.

      • When i checked these out at bunnings they felt a lot crappier and less sturdy than the pinnacle. It steered me to the pinnacle right away.

  • got one thanksss

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    Nice rack

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      If you sign in to a Bunnings account it magically becomes in stock again.

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        Thx, i logged in and can see the option to add to the cart

        But there is no click and collect option

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    Yep, for $40, you can't go wrong. I've got about 10 in my shed (added over the last 5 years) and they are great. I've even bought a sacrificial set to use to add an extra shelving layer and height so that I can anchor it to the roof (for a run of shelf in the middle of the shed)

    • does it come with enough connection parts to stack like 1.5 high?

      for example you buy 3 packs, but build them into 2 taller shelves instead?

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        Kind of… The issue is the pins (that join the two vertical pieces that make up the height of the shelves). You don't 100% need the pins, as 1/2 of the locking piece of each shelf sits into one vertical piece and the other 1/2 sits in the other, but suggest you want something there. A 3" nail would do the trick (as that's basically what the pins are).

        In my case, I only use the extension to anchor the shelf to a beam in the roof, so I just did that from one side (two vertical pieces that I cut down). That let me use one pack across two shelves.

        I know the explanation there is pretty bad, so tl;dr you can use three packs to build two taller shelves so long as you use something else for the missing pins / are happy to go without the pins (not recommended).

        • thanks!

  • Anyone knows if the flat pack fits in a regular sedan boot?

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      Easily. If you click on the link you can see the package is less than 1m long.

      • Sweet! Thanks.

      • Product is 1.8m long so how will it fit in a box less than 1m. I could be wrong but the Bunnings page may have incorrect info.

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          If it's like other shelving you'll find the vertical posts are 2 pieces (90cm) allowing for different configurations.

          • @Yegads: Yep. The middle shelf is non adjustable in height and is used to pin the two sections together.

  • Thanks OP. From the fellow ozbargainers experience, it sounds like a good quality product. Ordered 3. Fingers crossed.

  • It says sold out now - oops sorry, I forgot to select my store.
    It's in stock

  • Bought one a while ago to stack wood on. Fits nicely in the corner taking up dead space and is sturdy enough the be stacked full of firewood.

  • Bought two :)

    • Did u have the click and collect option ? Or chose delivery ?

      • I bought in store at Bunnings - I am not in a lockdown area

        • that last sentence, you had to brag didnt you!
          happy for you.

          • @dealmaker: I am in a lockdown area. But Bunnings is still open lol

  • Looks sold out to me…?

    • +1

      Correction - My local store didn't have, but another one did, all sorted 👌

  • I got one of these on eBay about a month at for $59.95 (used $50 eBay plus voucher) and have it in the garage. The MDF is thin and warps a little with some weight unless it's really evenly distributed- that said it is a great shelf for the price… Definitely recommend at this price.

    Mine didn't smell…

  • Is this suitable for for outdoors exposed to the elements? I'm guessing not?

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      No. The tops are MDF.

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        Replace the shelves with these and you'd be good.

        • Good to know, cheers guys

        • The powder coating probably won't last very long.

    • Buy some marine plywood and cut to the same size as the mdf that comes with it. Consider a few drill holes so water doesn't pool on the plywood.
      Makes the shelf a lot more expensive but will be water proof.
      Or get the wire shelf as mentioned below and coat with a thin layer of some lanolin to hold the rust off a bit longer.

  • Thanks to Aldi

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    Expired? Showing not available online or in store to me.
    ———— edit ————
    Nvm, temporarily outage.

  • Thanks OP! got one.

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    I noticed this the other night when I briefly went to Bunnings. Guess I should have posted it on OzB! According to the tag: was $46, ends 11/8/21.

  • Wish plant shelving would sell this cheap

    • why not make some holes in the MDF and use it for plant shelving?

      • No. the MDF will rot out over time. You'd want metal shelving for anything that is going to be wet. I guess you could use the frame here and then use something else as the cross bars to support the plants themselves?

  • I wouldn't call these good quality but they get the job done for general garage storage.

    My tip is to check the condition of the box before purchasing. I've bought a couple of these before with bent supports. The metal is thin steel angle and the strength of the whole unit is based on everything being straight.

  • I wonder how this compare. I live near the warehouse and can collect. https://www.wholesalesuperstore.com.au/boltless-shelving-uni...

  • -1

    This is normal price not a deal/sale. Bought it over a year ago, and was so snide ring buying another 3, great product for the price point.

    • Normal office is $45. So slightly cheaper than normal.

      Not worth 150+ IMO, but it is technically a 'deal'.

  • Got one. Thanks OP.

  • -2

    roflmao, this is regular retail price available all day everyday from the beginning of time.
    i bought these a long time ago at the same price, but technically cheaper i guess with inflation, lol.

  • Bought 3 earlier today - just finished installing them. Quite straight forward to assemble. They are stirdy and perfect for a garage. Quality is good enough. I wouldn't waste my money on the more expensive options.

  • Are these strong enough to hold a few pc's on the bottom shelf, maybe few heavy storage boxes?

    • Yeah, easy. You could fill the entire thing with PC cases and have no issue weight-wise.

      • Ok sweet cheers

  • Sold out? Can't see it for sale online or offline.

  • They had quite a few left in Chatswood, I picked up 2 today, I saw someone else get 2 as well, either way, still heaps left (10+)

  • I got 8, good timing to organise my garage. Easy to assemble with mallet help. Cheers.

    • +1

      Should have just fronted up for rack-it if you needed that much! So much better.

      • Small garage and needed lesser depth to keep small items, empty boxes, would be ok. Fitted 3, looks great to my need.

  • +1

    Plenty at Canberra airport. They were in more than one location so go for a wander if they are empty in the storage isle.

  • I had some issues at Bunnings with these, pretty much rage quit.
    They had stock but they were up the top of the shelf and they said i needed to get a special order done so they could get them down and wait until tomorrow to get them. Tried to go home and get it delivery as it was $10. When i went to check out delivery went to $40 and click and collect is not available. Lucky one of my mates said he will pick some up at his Bunnings for me while he was there.

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