Altercation with Security Guard at Supermarket

I went to a supermarket this evening that opened til midnight. I am in the hottest hotspot area for covid. The secuirty guard was perched on a seat as high as a bar stool right next to the sign in pad. Just inches away. I said I cant sign it that close to you, so he got up off the stool in a very aggressive manner and stood right in front of me, again invading my social distance space so I said keep away from me, and he said You have mental problems, stop yelling, you are mental, dont come in here when you should be in a mental hospital. I said I will complain about you. It was very unpleasant when I was just trying to keep social distance space. However something good happened later, I was 7.50 short for my groceries because I brought the wrong card, and the man behind me insisited on paying it. I will be complainig about the security guard, he needs to be trained on social distancing


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        I'm sure you didn't say just that, or maybe your tone was condescending. Hard to believe that the security guard would react in this manner just based on what you've described.

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          100% the OP is at fault.

          I thought all of this was strange, but as other members here pointed out, this is not a regular person. This is the infamous "hellopam" user. She has obviously changed her username due to all the (warranted) backlash she's received here.

          A lot of people call her Karen, fyi.

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            A lot of people call her Karen, fyi.

            ROFLMAO. Perfect description.

          • @Kangal: Meh, I think Pam is just as sexy and appropriate a name as Karen for them ;)

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            @Kangal: From Brighton?

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            @Kangal: What's the story behind the infamous "hellopam" user? Sound likes an interesting story.

            But yea, on the balance of probabilities, its definitely the OP's fault. The guard has a very hard and dangerous job during the pandemic. Also, I'm sure there are heaps of sign in QR codes around, the OP do not need to use the one closest to the guard.

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              @techlead: Does this help?

              Also, the OP could not use a QR code on this occasion if you follow the comments.

              • @John Kimble: Not at all, whilst that scene was quite funny, I don't see how that's related to this topic at all. Haven't seen that movie though, seems before my time.

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                  @techlead: screensaver = hellopam

                  Check her post history if you want to catch up on their infamy.

                  Oh and do yourself a favour and watch the movie.

                  • @John Kimble: Looks like the juicy posts have been unpublished lol.

                    Abused by Cat Lady, What Should I Do?
                    Sent Friend Request from Deceased Psychic

                    Definitely a Karen haha.

              • @John Kimble: Hahahaha, you legend.

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            @Kangal: So what's the backstory of this hellopam character?

          • @Kangal: "it is my right, as a living woman …" -

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          Hard to believe that the security guard would react in this manner just based on what you've described.

          Maybe the security guard had mental problems and should be in a mental hospital ???

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            @jv: Maybe maybe, but here's another thought. Maybe it's her who needs help.

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            @jv: Maybe you have mental problems and should be in a mental hospital ???

            I think the maybe is a given :p

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      This is the same mentality that causes 319 new cases in 24 hours. Good work on your diligence OP.

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        I know mate, Covid has been politicised so much now that we can’t even discuss anything that doesn’t align with the mainstream/progressive narrative.

        Some people read my comment and in their skewed view, interpreted it as I if was a Covid denier or potentially downplaying the virus.. I obviously wasn’t. I have noticed this trend of people always putting you in a category,I am either with them or against them. No more middle ground where we can all meet and talk..

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          Was calling the other view "bonkers" your idea of middle ground?

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            @R-Man: Well, read it again
            I didn’t call the op or his post ‘bonkers’. I won’t blame or neg my fellow members of the society for their innocent view on something that has been fed to them.

            I was referring to all this panic and fear around Covid. So I don’t really blame any one in particular for that because its become a mainstream outlook for most people due to it being propagated heavily from the very top.

            • @Gervais fanboy: I get your intent and agree you didn't call any person bonkers, still thought the use of such wording contradicted your intent to find a middle ground I guess

              • @R-Man: I don’t know man, growing up we use to say ‘bonkers’ all the time about everything.. it was the tamest thing I could think of tbh.
                Maybe the word has a more serious implication amongst different circles.

                Anyways, I did attempt to find that ‘middle ground’ by firstly admitting that the security guard could have done better in my reply to the op. I wasn’t taking sides, just judging everyone on their own merit.

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                  @Gervais fanboy: Logged in just to read your comment (hidden due to downvotes)

                  Can’t upvote your posts enough..

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                    @erbasaki: Mate, unless you are pulling my leg.
                    Thank you,

                    Btw its slightly unfair to hide and censor comments like that.
                    Opinions - good and bad should all get equal exposure. Let individuals decide for themselves if they agree with someone or not.
                    I reckon most people must be scrolling down to my comment with pre-conceived notions due to it being hidden like that.

                    lol, I say that coz even I am guilty of doing that sometimes.

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            the other view

            Looks like you completely missed the point. There is no "other view", there are many, many different views.

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              @brendanm: What a great pick up. Ok corrected for you:
              Was calling one of the many other views "bonkers" your idea of middle ground?

              • @R-Man:

                Was calling one of the many other views "bonkers" your idea of middle ground?

                Having an opinion on something doesnt make something not "middle ground". I think what was being referred to in regard to "middle ground", was that you are either scared to death of covid, wanting everyone to stay 2 metres away and have 54 masks on, or you are a nutjob conspiracy theorist who thinks the government is injecting them with magnetic 5g devices. This is obviously an exaggeration, but I'm sure you get the idea.

                Someone can think something is "bonkers" to them, but still accept that their are other views that may be contrary to their own. This is shown in Gervais fanboys post, as he stated that the security guard could have done things differently, as well as Pam.

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          Grasshopper, if you check OP’s posts, you can infer :).

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            @SF3: lol, all I can tell from your comment is that you have successfully said something witty..even though it went right over my tiny head

            Anyways, her posts look all quite normal to me. Maybe I am a just dumb grasshopper then.

          • @SF3: I am sorry, i had only quickly glanced through ‘Pam’s’ post titles and didn’t actually go through them in detail..coz I was working and distracted with other stuff and I also thought that you were just maybe messing with me..

            Only now, did I properly go through the rest of the comments here and I honestly haven’t laughed this much in a long time.

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              @Gervais fanboy: Yep, let’s not be fooled by random “sanity”. :)

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    Hi, why did you not raise this concern with management before using the sign-in sheet? or after? if the seco had covid you could have prevented the spread of it had you have dealt with the issue then and there, instead of returning home (or a mental institution?) and complaining to OzB BEFORE you complain to the store?

    :( its people like you holding us back!!!

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        Ask them if the Security Guard is actually a Covid Marshall.

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    he needs to be trained on social distancing

    From your description, it sounds like he needs to be trained on a lot more than social distancing

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      yes he was not very nice and completely clueless

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      We only have one side of the story though

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        Got a feeling that Pam just feels like everyone is yelling at her…

        • Spectrometer confirms.

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          Yeah considering the history of op, I'm sure there's something else that is conveniently skimped on in the story.

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            he said "You have mental problems, STOP YELLING, you are mental," (emphasis mine)

            it's even right there in the OP

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          Better being a Pam than a Karen. Though I don't mind the Karen in ",The office,"

        • Haha nice one pegaxs. OP seems to be like that driver who drives down the wrong way and complain there's hundreds of idiots going the wrong way.

        • lol detective work level 9000. karen confirmed

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        After reading through pam's post again. I noted that she actually told both sides of the story…

        he said You have mental problems, stop yelling

        • "he said": She admitted that the security guard wasn't yelling.

        • "stop yelling": She also admitted that she was the one that was yelling at the security guard instead.

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    Greatly appreciate the update, Pam.

    Please don't forget to let us know what happens during your next shopping trip.

    You have mental problems, stop yelling, you are mental, dont come in here when you should be in a mental hospital

    You should have told the rude security guard: "Back the (profanity) up, buddy! I just came from a mental hospital."

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      i hope he gets the message now

      • WE ALL get the message now.

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    $7.50 profit is worth the trauma…you did well

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      not if I caught covid from an ignorant @#

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        $7.50 profit is $7.50 profit. we'll all have covid eventually. endtimes.

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        So have you confirmed that the guard had the covaids or was he perfectly healthy?
        Was he wearing his face nappy?
        Had he gotten his injections?

        If yes, and you were still fretful to the point of having to yell and scream then you probably are mental.
        You need a psychologist not a solicitor.

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        Reduce your risk, talk to a doctor about an AZ vaccine and get vaccinated.

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          Why not Pfizer?

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          Not a good idea. Then pam will follow up with a new post titled, "Altercation with GP at Medical Centre."

          I was expecting a tablet, like a panodol. I was shocked that he tried to put a needle in my arm. I told him to back the fk up buddy. You are within 1m of my space and don't touch me. I came here to get a Covid vaccine and not to get Covid from you!

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        not if I caught covid from an ignorant @#

        Aren't you vaccinated ?

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      Could buy a couple of packets of chips.

      • couple packs of chips makes everything better

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    Next time bring your phone to check in and stay out of his way. Did this keep you up all night and you can't fall to sleep?

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        yes but I cant find the charger and have ordered one for cllick and collect at kmart

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          You can't make this stuff up.

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            @brendanm: I guess it will be the same Security Guard working at K-mart…

            How will you QR Check-in to collect a charger for a phone that allows you to charge up to check-in to collect?

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            @brendanm: What's worse? Pam making it up or it's for real? Both scenarios are not good, I tell ya.

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            You can't make this stuff up.

            I worry about my children and whether they will be able to make there way through the world independently and be successful. Then I read posts like this and feel much less concern.

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          The supermarket didn't have chargers?

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            @kerfuffle: there is an $8 one at kmart which is supposed to be the right one

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              @screensaver: They have them at normal supermarkets though, why not get one while you were there?

              • @brendanm: much more expensive

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                  @screensaver: $12 at woolies, plus you don't have to go to Kmart and have an altercation with the security guard there.

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                    @brendanm: yes but I had t make a flypay transaction to get my 2000 points, plus got my item cheaper

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                      @screensaver: Sounds like you don't care about catching covid at all…

              • @brendanm: kmart don't usually have security guards right?

  • welcome to the internet where you are always in the wrong.

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      Ilove and Pam, a match made in heaven.

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    Oh Pam, you sure seem to have a lot of altercations in everyday life. Have you ever stopped to think about what the common theme is to them?

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      yawn, not you and your cronies again. Is that security one of your mates too?

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        What a great straw man response.

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          Cant really apply fallacies to statements that do not serve any purpose. Neither party has established a point. brendanm implied an opinion and screensaver said nothing of substance pretty much just acknowledging that brendanm commented

          Though, say we consider this a debate the argument brendanm proposed being 'I believe this situation is your fault because you have previously gotten into many altercations.'
          That is an ad hominem as it is a claim based on character rather than the original claim itself.

          screensavers response is not a strawman as again they essentially said nothing but assuming its a debate I would call it a red herring as rather than addressing the point brendanm made they said something completely irrelevant.

          Straw man arguments are actually quite hard to establish when the others point is based on your own character rather than the original claim. The reason I say this is there is no way to establish a weak version of the argument when it is based on character. If you can think of one I would be very interested in hearing it, I tried and was stumped.

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        Proving Brendanm point. Already starting another altercation before the first one is resolved.

        • Life is a Zero Sum game for this OP.

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      pams got 99 problems, but apparently she isnt the root cause of any.


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    What if the security guard is right about mental problems ?

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      insisting on social distancing is not a mental problem. Invading my personal space is a no no in a pandemic. But whatever, I dont have the mentality of some.