Why Does Mitsubishi Have a Bad Reputation?

Hi Guys :)

Why Does Mitsubishi Have a Bad Reputation? I heard that Mitsubishi has a bad infotainment system but I don't think its enough to warrant all the hate against Mitsubishi?


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    No it doesn't - Lancer was getting a bit long in the tooth prior to retirement but was a reliable car.

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      Mitsubishi has a nice reputation as a good reliable car.

      My parents often joked about Mitsubishi because they love watching Jackie Chan's earlier movies (his movie cars are sponsored by Mitsubishi) and he keeps crashing every single one of them in his movies. :-)

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        They were good Mitsubishis made in Japan.

        • is toyota still #1 all rounder value?

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            @capslock janitor: People will have a different opinion.

            My opinion is only certain Toyota's are good value: Corolla, Camry maybe RAV4 (especially hybrids). The rest is over priced I'd say. Each to their own.

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    News to me OP.

    The Pajero clocked up more than 3.3 million sales globally before being retired.

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      And my parents new Pajero broke 3 clutches and 2 gearboxes in 3 years because they put the conditioning condensation outlet pipe above the clutch plate leaving it constantly wet. Took nearly 3 years for them to do a recall…

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        Doesn't Pajero mean wanker in Spanish?

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          I think you're after the word "Pendejo"

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            @JollyHotdog: Nope. Pajero is indeed wank€r in some countries. Hence why they called Montero in Spanish speaking countries.

            Pendejo means either a child or stupid

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    Most mitsi are good cars especially if you factor in it doesnt have a huge price premium for their brand name alone

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    Don't know whether it is hate against Mitsubishi. Some issues tend to linger longer on brands than others. I'm sure alot of owners that do have issue's will complain on forums more than praising the brand. I have owned a few cars and all of them have had issues, and then it is really up to the dealer and manufacturer to back up their warranty. It's been evident that most of them brush things off as not under warranty as it then puts it back on the owner to have it rectified if its justified.

    As for Mitsubishi. If the particular car has some sort of known issues, best to stay away. As always do your research and due diligence. If used ger it checked out mechanically etc.

    Would I buy a Mitsi. No I think all of them are ugly. :)

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    hate against Mitsubishi?

    Source? Or calling bs. :)

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      Probably all those ute owners (read Ranger vs Hilux) that think a Triton is slumming it

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        yeah, one of the issues is size. The Triton is the smallest and one of the ugliest.

        Its not even a bad ute IMO… I like the size, makes Westfields easier to get to but I can see why its considered dead last by the fourby bros (outside of the Chinese… and Indians).

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        Have you driven one? Easily one of the worst riding utes, if not vehicle, on the market.

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    Mate I will never say no to a red mitsubishi.

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      I had a small red Pajero, but I think you're referring to the party drugs.

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      Will always do no to a red Mitsubishi.. Bought brand new and the paint faded within a year.. Took 5 years to get them to rectify with a respray. They tried to just do cut and polishes but they faded pretty quick to

      • What year was this?

        • A MY14. Before the new shapescame out

          • @Zeph101: This isnt isolated. Guy whos a contractor at work has an 16 and its blue green grey whatever and it too is losing clearcoat and whatnot and the dealer and Mitsu oz is being a pack of pricks about it… what a surprise.

            • @tonyjzx: Not at all is it isolated.. My wife and I have a game where we count how many need a respray each time we go for a drive.. Even time a few people we have seen to get into Mitsubishi to demand a respray.

  • What hate? Are you referring to the cruiser and patrol fan boys that like to poo poo on the Pajero? That's just them trying to justify their own decisions. Otherwise I've never seen any hate towards them. I've owned them in the past, but I'll admit I wouldn't buy a new one now but that's because they don't offer anything that interests me.

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      Yeah I had some mates who didn't think much of IFS but unless you do extreme offroad it doesn't matter and I showed them how capable a SWB Pajero can be on a few camping trips. Especially when they have a rear LSD and centre diff lock. Super fun little beast with the V6.

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    Nothing wrong with them but they are a brand that kind of faded away in peoples minds as they are very slow to develop new cars that keep up with current styling trends and technology.

    I mean who wants to buy a new car for the full price when the guy who bought his 5 - 10 years ago has pretty much the identical car

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      I'll agree with this.

      Looked at the Outlander PHEV which, brand new, hasn't been really updated in terms of features nor mechanicals for years. It's a safe approach, but in a rapidly improving market has clearly lost them a share.

      • Further I think misfires like the iMiev hurt them.

        While Prius is a 20-25yr success story you have the iMiev and PHEV Outlander.

        I also think this place shows how young the audience is here.

        I remember the Mitsu stem seals, engine blue smoke, the oil leaks, the auto trans issues.

        Further why do the Chinese get stick for using recycled Mitsu tech?

        If you could afford to not buy Mitsubishi, why would you even consider? Mitsubishi - "please consider" lol

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          If you could afford to not buy Mitsubishi, why would you even consider? Mitsubishi - "please consider" lol

          I think this is pretty much it. Mitsubishi are generally relatively reliable, though also generally very boring, with very long "life cycles". You can buy a brand new mitsubishi that looks almost like your neighbours 10 year old one.

          The only thing they really do better on, is price. If price is no issue, no one chooses a Mitsubishi, unless it's something weird like a delica, or an evo.

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      Your comments are spot-on!

      Nevertheless, I might buy an Outlander on my next changeover, and I've owned two Mitsubishi Nimbus before.

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    Mitsubishi's are great cars. The ASX is the new Corolla imo.
    You will find haters of most car brands and it comes from people that know nothing about them.
    There are bad car makes/models out there but Mitsubishi is usually above most when it comes to durability and pain free ownership.

    From what I have seen most hu's in cars these days are pretty crap. They must get the best looking units at the cheapest price?
    With our newer car (a Toyota) we chose a factory upgrade option to a JBL HU which cost an extra $800 and it is pure garbage plus you have to pay for map updates (the nav system is a PITA also).
    If you are unhappy with the Mitsu HU then get a Joying one. Easy to install, plug and play, install any android nav software and free updates.
    I put one in my other Toyota about 7 years ago and it is brilliant… still!!

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      We've had a 2012 ASX since new and apart from a few minor foibles and being a little bland it's been reliable.

      At first glance Joying seems to get good reviews even in Whirlpool.

      • My 2012 ASX is still going strong.

    • I have no problem with Mitsubishi generally, but I don't especially like the ASX. I rented one recently when I flew domestically. We took our cases to the airport in an i30 and then had real trouble fitting them into an ASX at the other end. They're smaller and less comfortable inside (IMO) than a current model i30, have less tech, and don't seem any better built.

      • Yeah, the ASX is incredibly… boring. Just a 'meh' kind of car. That's ok for some people who just want a car, but if I'm going to drive something that big, it may as well have cargo space etc. as well!

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      Caught in the act by @Baysew 🚨

      Make’s us wonder if OP is looking to “shame” other brands to validate his brand choice.

    • It takes skill to have only 12 comments from 9 posts… Posts a troll post then watches and waits

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        Think it’s time for mods to close comments and OP has gone AWOL again.

    • Troll post. Do moderators need to make OP reply to their threads at least 5 times or more otherwise it gets closed out. Their replies needing to be early on once posted. So many requests and nothing from OPs

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    This has to be a troll post.

    Mitsubishi does not have a bad reputation. Never heard such an absurd thing about it.
    Its an absolute favourite amongst urbanites, offroaders and tourers alike. We've owned cruiser, patrol and pajero and not once felt Mitsubishi falling short on quality, capability or service. And not once met anyone who could bag our pajero.

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      I think this bad reputation originates from the early 80's when some variants of their Astron engine used in the Sigma were known to lose compression and burn oil. Can't recall any issues since then however, so it's just a few old guys with long memories persisting this rumour of poor quality,

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        Yeah the old 2.6l was known to blow smoke.

        But the Gen 3 Magnas with 3.0l & 3.5l V6 engines were near bullet proof.

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          Yeah engines were good, auto gearboxes however…

  • Love Mitsubishi, except their paint.

    • Yup! My Mitsubishi is 5 years old and the paint is already blistering on the bonnet. All be it, I never waxed it and I kept it outdoors all the time. So didn't really care for it properly. But even then didn't expect it blistering so early.

      Mechanically tho. It's been fantastic. Haven't had a single issue with it.

      • yes, I also had a bonnet paint blistering problem on my previous Mitsubishi Nimbus.

    • My 380 was a great car for touring. Quick enough and felt like driving a lounge room; comfortable.

      But yer the paint came off.

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    100% troll post. I own an Outlander and cant complain about it. The CV transmission takes a bit to get used to, but no biggie. The infotainment unit in the car supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto and has worked flawlessly since I got the vehicle.

    But yeah, sure, let's write off a whole manufacturer because of an infotainment issue… (that no one knows about.)

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    I had a Lancer from new for 11 years. Never broke down, and it's still registered and driving around 5 years later. Must have done well over 300k km by this point.

    • I agree lancers are very reliable.

      Do you mean you sold your lancer and the new owner has had it for 5 more years?

      • Yes, I had it for 11 years, and the new owner for another 5 and it's still registered.

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    Mitsubishi are really good cars. The only problem with them is that they haven’t put much money in R&D and some of their platforms are quite outdated. Like the ASX is based on the very old Lancer. The Pajero was canned because they didn’t want to put anymore development into it. The Pajero was replaced with the Pajero sport which is a the dual cab platform.

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    I have a Mitsubishi fridge, best fridge I’ve ever had. Doesn’t have an infotainment though.

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      I thought I was the only one with a Mitsubishi Fridge - mine is going strong after 20 years.

      • There's dozens of us!

    • Doesn’t have an infotainment though.

      Well!! There's OP's problem…

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    Cars have become a commodity business - the more cars you can pump out, the more money you have to refresh your cars, put into new technology, remain competitive…etc. Truth is that Mitsubishi never really managed to get that sort of scale, neither did they manage to get the sort of cult following that, say, Subaru has.

    Also, big part of the decline of Mitsubishi, Nissan and the other smaller Japanese car manufacturers is that Japanese cars no longer seem to have the "seksapil" that that they used to. People these days prefer the understated class of Euro manufacturers, not of the flashing LED lights, loud exhausts, big rear spoilers that were all the rage 15 years ago with your flashy JDM cars (i.e. the WRX STi, Lancer EVO…etc. type of cars).

  • Nothing wrong with Mitsubishi. They make solid, reliable cars even if they arent cutting edge over the last decade or so.

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    OP is a broken clock.

    Of course Mitsubishi has a 'lesser' reputation. Why do you think people put Toyota on a pedestal?

    Why do you think Nissan have a reputation for being one of the 'lesser' Jap brands. Nissan made them own beds by betting on CVTs.

    Gold standard Jap is Toyota, Mazda, Subaru and partially Honda.

    Mitsubishi is dead last on the Jap brands. They have a relatively poorer less desirable range.

    Admittedly its born of the Magna slash 380 days but I guess people are too young here to remember.

    Now if you ask me objectively. there's little real world differece between a base RAV4 and an Outlander day to day.

    Yes the RAV4 is superior but would avg. Joe notice day to day?

    Further Toyota has gold standard aspirational models inc. Lexus, Supra, Hilux, Landcruiser.

    Does Mitsubishi? As someone who loves the Evo7-9 it pains me to say that Mitsubishi is a brand I would never ever consider.

    • +3

      who loves the Evo7-9

      That would destroy OP’s 86.

    • Admittedly its born of the Magna slash 380 days but I guess people are too young here to remember.

      Magna actually won COTY one year.

      380 failed because it didn't offer enough, and probably the design. Came at a time when VE Commo/BA Falcon were going gang-busters. Fwd/rwd had no effect.

      Was also at a time when the SUV switch was starting to happen

      • So did Camira, so did P76.

        Wheels COTY has long been a joke.

        Theres nothing that much wrong with the design of the Magna or even Camira.

        Let's talk execution.

      • +1

        Magna actually won COTY one year.

        3 times when it was released from memory, and maybe again later when it got updated?

        Edit: to clarify, I believe it was the NRMA car of the year I'm quoting

    • I'm glad you were aware that Toyota have rebadged vehicles but you included the rebadged Supra in your list of Toyota has gold standard aspirational models when they are anything but Toyota.

      Remember the Lexen? Was that a gold standard Toyota*?

      Again. Research. Google broken chassis. You will find Nissan, Mitsubishi and god forbid HILUX. Don't forget Prado inner guards and chassis cracking when bullbars had been fitted including OEM bullbars.

      • I would put a Supra and 86 very high above your Lexcen but I dont know what standards you hold dear.

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    Mitsubishi make unexciting cars that are substantially cheaper than the competition in the second hand market. Great choices for low drama value motoring.

    • This, buy second hand and smile all the way to the bank

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    Mitsubishi Zeroes kept crashing into ships in WW2?

    Seriously though, their VCR's were so easy to use and sell 30 yrs ago (and reliable).

    • +1

      And bombed Darwin in WW2.

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        Back @1991, when I worked for Brashs, these were one of the best, easiest and most reliable brands vcr's to sell, especially to pensioners. Except one day, I had an elderly couple come in. As soon a I mentioned Mitsubishi, the husband went off. Talking about when he was stationed in Darwin, during the bombing etc. One thing we never really taught in High School, was how Darwin was bombed, and I think it was kept hush hush for a number of decades, as it wasn't in History books. I read a quite a few books growing up, and I don't recall ever reading how much damage the Japanese did, or how close they were to gaining a foothold in Northern Australia.

        • +1

          You're right that the bombing of Darwin was never widely publicized, but for an interesting reason. The government of the day didn't want the rest of Australia panicking that the Japanese are invading. After the war Japan became an important trade partner, so the bombing pretty much fell through the cracks and only people actively interested in the history found out.

          As for avoiding Japanese brands, yeah, I can fully understand why people of that era had anger, even hatred towards certain companies. Fortunately we have moved on since then.

  • Further Toyota has gold standard aspirational models inc. Lexus, Supra, Hilux, Landcruiser.

    Oh please. Maybe you should do some research. Toyota did a deal with BMW in 2018. BMW provided the mechanical parts for both the latest Z4 and the Supra, and Toyota wrote a large cheque. Those 'parts' included the engine, gearbox, chassis and some interior parts.

    • +4

      I've sat in a Supra. The only thing Toyota in there is the badge on the steering wheel.

      • of course I know what an A90 supra is

        does it matter if its a bmw to the avg. person

        Do you think a typical buyer is going to care?

        btw. did you know the 86 is also a Subaru BRZ?

        Mitsubishi could do the same thing. They could rebadge a Mercedes? Why dont they?

        Toyota did.

        Mercedes rebadges Navaras and shares platforms with Infiniti. As long as there's product to be sold then its all good.

        MItsubishi do nothing.

  • Didn’t some of the Triton’s chassis snapped by owners going over the GVM? Maybe that’s where the reputation comes from?

    Other than that, they just make boring cars like every other Japanese brand.

    • -1

      tritons did that too

      they also did that amazing thing where the airbags went off prematurely on impact potentionally killing the driver

      firmware update fix it

      awesome company this mitsubishi

      • Toyota fined $1.2 Billion in the USA for concealing safety defects.

        Toyota fined $180 million in USA for ten year non compliance with the clean air act.

        Toyota fined $66 million for in USA for untimely recalls.

        Awesome company Toyota.

        • yes I and wouldnt buy a Toyota either however I dont judge what the buying public does based my preferences.

          However the public has spoken and Toyota have been #1 in Aus and worldwide year on year.

          Your Mitsubishi? Good luck.

          • @tonyjzx: Not saying you are but fanboys are everywhere. Nothing worse than Apple and Toyota fanboys.

            I've owned three Toyota's. My daughter has owned a Toyota and a rebadged Holden Toyota. I wouldn't purchase another one.

            Mitsubishi? To assume makes an arse out of people.

            • -2

              @Snake 4: I dont like Toyotas at all but again, lets not be blind to their success.

              But it seems people are blind to Mitsubishis failures.

              Lets be honest, if you had the money you wouldn't piss on Toyota or Mitusbishi.

              But worse comes to worse I trust Toyota more than Mitsu. Strange that that seems controversial to some.

              Among my workmates they love Hiluxes, the undisputed king of fourbys, they love Prados/Landcruisers and Lexus.

              They like the Supra and they dont care its a BMW (I care but again, I dont judge their likes by my prejudices)..

              No one would ever touch a Mitsubishi no matter what the case.

              Stingers are cool. FWD is gay. 86s are slow as fack. This is what alledge motoring enthusiasts I know like.

              btw. i actually laughed out loud that someone here bought a Lexcen. I mean it takes all sorts I guess. Says it all really. I owned like… Commodores. A couple of V8s. A Lexcen? Nah mate never.

              • +1

                @tonyjzx: Don't feed the troll

                • @spackbace: i dont mind engage duckwits with buy rebadge holdens who go off on the statement that some people like Lexus, Hiluxes Landcruisers and Supras… while hes wanking off on his halcyon days in his Lexcen.

                  • @tonyjzx: Never owned a rebadged Holden. Don't know where you got that Idea.

        • Sounds a bit like Pfizer…

    • All utes are subject to snapped chassis if overloaded, especially dual cabs. It’s not just a triton thing, although triton probably has one of the worst overhang, it’s wheels are tucked to far forward.

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    I will never regret my decision to get my Lancer

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    So many feeding the troll. We don't have an ignore function do we?

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      We don't have an ignore function do we?

      Click the “Hide” button that is under the OP.

    • can't speak for the others but I'm bored

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    No, Mitsubishi does not have a bad reputation.

    /end thread

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      Was referring to you being the troll

      And what do you do for a job, so I can attack you based on your profession? Or are you too scared to answer?

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