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Australian Made AMD P2 Respirator Masks (Box of 50) $111.60 Delivered (Was $149) @ Australian P2 Mask


An OzBargain community member shared one of our deals here a little while ago that was meant to be on a local Facebook page that’s expired now. We’re glad to let you know that we’ve set up a new code just for OzBargain.

OZZYB10 at checkout will get you 10% off your total order and we have free shipping Australia wide.

AMD P2 Respirators are the first Australian made P2 Respirator with a 99.66% PFE and 99.92% BFE. AMD are the official sponsor of the Australian Olympics team that kicked ass in Tokyo, you may have seen these P2 masks around the last few weeks.

If you want to learn more about us our our masks feel free to read more here: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/learn-more

If you have any queries or concerns please fire away in the comments and we’ll get back to you. Thanks for your support.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the positive feedback and support so far! We've just noticed someone has reported this deal as expired - it isn't, it's still going strong til the end of the month. With more and more cases being reported everyday we hope you're all staying safe out there.

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      Had a conversation at work with someone that started with COVID vaccines and he parroted the usual anti vax talking points. The conversation quickly took a hard turn towards holocaust denial, Jews in the Twin Towers being told not to go in that day and the Christchurch massacre was a false flag operation by Mossad who flew out the real perpetrator immediately afterwards. I knew the guy was a moon landing sceptic but I very quickly learned he is a bona fide nutter. Good times.

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        that escalated quickly..

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    I really feel like being spoiled by "made in China" when seeing the price.

    I can totally understand the proud of "made in Australia", but this is way too pricey if it directly comes from my pocket after my mortgage.

    Maybe considering open a gov channel to allow them to source them for local heathcare orgs?

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    Ozdebate for these kind of deals

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    Longest thread ever! Covid is real guys come on….

  • I bought 20 for $70 form Catch thinking they must be pretty good given the reviews, but I don’t like them. They are surprisingly thin which makes me question their durability (I have no intention of throwing away $3.50 masks after a single use). Worse, these are too small and the fit above the nose isn't air tight, and I can feel the air coming in and out there. The cheap 5 for $2 ones from Bunnings seal a bit better (but still has some leakage above nose), and are thicker and seem more durable but are harder to breathe in; the AMD are very easy to breathe through but that messes with my mind making me wonder if it's actually stopping the nasties. Stupidly, though I paid so much for these, I don’t have confidence in them and haven’t actually worn them anywhere. I am waiting for my Aliexpress “3M” masks to arrive; if they're genuine they’re a bargain, if not then I'll see you on the other side.

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      Hey mate, just reaching out because we've heard a few instances where people are saying similar things re: the fit. A piece of advice would be to use two hands when putting on the mask, stretching it out vertically until it's a snug fit underneath your chin and letting it rest on your nose. At that point use both hands to push in the metal strip rather than pinching with one hand. Helps a lot. We're working on some content that we can put on our website that'll address this but hope that helps you?

      Also, the thinness of the mask shouldn't deter you from trying it as it was designed to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible for prolonged wear. The filtration system is vastly different to many products out there as it's constructed with nanofibres as opposed to being melt blown. There's a bit more info on our site re: NANO-TECH which you can read about here: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/faqs

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      LOL @ 3M from Aliexpress

  • Hi! Thanks for posting this deal up! Quick question, what's the shelf life for these masks? Thanks!

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      Hi! Good question, I'm not 100% certain on the exact shelf life but the box sitting on my desk right now has an expiry of 29.03.24 if that helps!

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    Regardless of the product on offer here… just seeing the rep's replies (with actual knowledge of the product and its intended purpose and market) is worth the upvote alone.

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      Appreciate the upvote! I'm having heaps of fun engaging with the community here.

  • Thank you.

  • Are these really australian? Spelling mistakes on the website looks like chinglish.

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      Hey mate, you're talking to the idiot who built the website. Do you mind pointing out where my typos are? Not going to lie my grammar isn't great but that's probably because I didn't pay too much attention in school…

      But yes, these are made in Baulkham Hills, NSW, approximately 9000kms from China.

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        Fit: Innovative three panel design fits naturally around the nose and mouth creating a better seal and aesthetic.
        Location: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/shop/p/amd-nano-tech-p2-...
        Suggested edit: Aesthetically pleasing?
        Comments: In my opinion, "it's aesthetic" doesn't sound right, but I could be wrong

        After an order is received AustralianP2Mask.com.au endeavours to dispatch orders between 1-2 business days. We use a variety of different logistics partners to ensure you got your masks as soon as possible. Our preferred method of delivery is via Australia Post.
        Location: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/faqs
        Suggested edit:
        you got get your masks as soon as possible.

        Issue: "ditterential", second chart, corresponding to "More Info On AMD P2 Respirators"
        Location: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/learn-more
        Suggested edit: differential

        Also you might want to state what particulate size your masks have been tested to filter out.
        The advertising "Low leakage" of 5.39%, you might want to clarify what exactly is leaking or put it in a footnote :P

        Issue: TLDR: different naming convention but you can read more about AMD P2 Respirator
        Location: https://www.australianp2mask.com.au/faqs
        Suggested edit: Swap "TLDR", to "In a nutshell"
        Commentary: TLDR isn't understood by everyone, need to learn to talk to every man and his dog

        I can't see any other issues..

        You might want to highlight it's the masks that were chosen to be used by the Australian Olympics team

        approximately 9000kms from China.

        It's over 9000!

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          You bloody legend! We'll get on to fixing that! Really appreciate the feedback!

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    Just wanted to give a shout out to the service! Benny said auspost was down so he's been driving out delivering himself

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      Thanks for the shout out. There was an outage with Auspost today and we want to try and get as many orders out as possible. He's probably only doing them because the pubs are closed though…

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    Paypal option please! No offense but there are very few details about who you actually are on the website & your facebook page was only created a couple of weeks ago…?

    • You're not the first person to say that! We're definitely looking at it but we've found Stripe to be great as a payment gateway and yes, there may be some cobwebs and tumbleweed on our Facebook page but we promise we're real people!

      • How do i tell if the website is using Stripe as a payment gateway?
        From my end, it looks like i'm entering my credit card details directly onto the checkout page.
        (i think we're just concerned if cc info is being kept)

        • Ah, that's a fair point! We've never really considered it like that. There is a disclaimer on checkout that all payments are encrypted and I can confirm that we definitely do not see unencrypted credit info through Stripe.

          Like any website, we're constantly looking at iterative updates to improve functionality and address customer concerns. That's just one amazing thing about the Ozbargain community, we've managed to speed up that process due to all your feedback.

          • @AustralianP2Mask: Yeah agreed with that the first impression looks kinda dodgy and showing that it is powered by stripe and adding a paypal option would enhance trust/credibility for the time being. It's the unfortunate side effect of the mask market having a lot of dodgy operators

      • Thanks for the response. To be honest the only reason I'd even think of purchasing from your website is because of all your responses on here & the amount of positive votes. Otherwise there is nowhere near enough information to distinguish you as being real, compared to the plethora of dodgy websites that are around these days. Stripe is fine as a payment gateway, but does not offer me the safety net that PayPal does if I am unsure about who I'm purchasing from.

  • Can we see the VIC LAB test report, and a Certificate of Compliance or similar document stating this is a P2 respirator compliant with AS/NZS1716:2012?

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    Is there any kind of head-size or face-size rating like there’s a hat or shirt size? I wear a size 61 hat, which is quite large. Glasses fit me like they’re just waiting to spring forward on attack, or like they’ve decided to penetrate my skull. Chinese KN95 masks fit well, like a muzzle. If my mouth remains shut it remains on the bridge of my nose and under my chin. The moment I open my mouth they turn into a rhino mask, sitting on the chin instead, pulling slightly down the nose. I’m not remotely anti-mask, but my underpants aren’t sized as adult/child and I’m hoping a global-pandemic-preventing-mask might also consider humans are sized differently.

    • Get a face mask "extender".
      If you know someone who has a 3D printer, so much the better.

  • Hi OP, I've sent you a PM ad not getting a response from your website email.

    • +1

      Sorry, just saw this. I believe our guy Benny spoke to you via email and sorted it for you a couple days back? Let us know if you have any other queries!

  • Are these masks still shipping? 🤔 Ordered some on 12/8 but have heard nothing and admin has gone quiet.

    • Hey there, yes we are shipping! There's been massive issues with AusPost this entire week so we've been relying a bit more on couriers depending on your location. Can you let us know what your order number was and we'll look into it for you?

      • Thank You. My order number is #314

        • +1

          The team has definitely processed your order but due to an outage with AusPost on Friday, it's still sitting with AusPost. We're still waiting on all tracking numbers to come back to us but as soon as your package moves, you will get an alert directly from them too. It's super frustrating I know, but every logistics company is getting slammed. Thanks for your patience!

  • Thanks! Just in time, was about to run out of masks

  • just ordered a pack, thanks

    • You're very welcome! We hope you like them.

  • Going to give this a go based on the reps responsiveness and all the upvotes.

    • Awww, thank you! I hope you'll enjoy them.

  • +2

    Not sure what I'm missing…there is an OzBargain code for Aussie Pharma Direct which sells the same AMD P2 masks & works out to $107.10 shipped (and can also pay by PayPal), yet this deal has so many more likes..???

    • What's the code please?

      • The Aussie Pharma Direct discount code is the same as for this deal, OZZYB10.

  • Is there anyway you can honor this pricing for me? I know I'm 1 day late, but happy to give you the sale instead of pharmacydirect?

    Also are these fluid resistance 160mmHg?