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Allen's Retro Party Mix Bulk Bag Lollies 1kg $7.89 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Been craving lockdown sugar. Bought 2 bags.

Wonder what will finish first - 2kg of Allen's retro or the lockdown!?

No Min quantity (retro only) and back to low price again.

Normal party mix available at the same price too for the banana lovers…min quantity 2.

"Perfect For Sharing"

7.41pm - back in stock? "Usually dispatched within 1 to 4 weeks."

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Sold! Bought 2

    • +1

      Bought! Sold 2

  • Minimum qty x2 on the normal party mix.

    • Thx - Updated!

  • Thx OP..

    ps. MOQ x2 for the 'Normal party mix'

  • +2

    Thanks, shuts the kids up for 5 minutes after the sugar rush

    • I must say I sneak in a few too when we have these, I'm a sucker for party mix, love the teeth and race cars.

  • +6

    Anyone want my bananas? Yuck

    • +9

      Send those bananas my way please

    • +1

      One of the best ones!

      Must be a love or hate thing, like coriander/cilantro, spam, licorice, olives, the beach, etc, etc.

    • +1

      If only they replaced them with black cats.

      • -2

        Are you allowed to still call them that?

        I note that "Chicos" has recently become "Cheekies"…


        • +4

          It's a black cat. What do you suggest it be called?

        • +1

          Yes, it's a black cat, just like I would call a white cat a white cat, or an orange cat an orange cat.

          • @eggaz: Say that to Tex Walker, bruv

            • +1

              @Laziofogna: Not sure what he actually said, but he was obviously being racist, by what's being reported - This is not.

              • -1

                @eggaz: He used that word joint to another one. With just the other one he wouldn't be in trouble.

                • +1

                  @Laziofogna: In that context definently being racist / derogatory with intent to offend, black isn't by default a racist word.

        • Coon became Cheer

          • +2

            @Laziofogna: Which is a shame, given its the surname of the founder, and not intended to offend anyone, does this mean we ask them to change their surname? Should Adam Cooney change his name because it could be seen as being offensive to others? You can gauge what side of the fence I sit on with some of these things, all people should be treated equal and respected, racism shouldn't exist, but unfortunately it does, it's a real shame.

            • +2

              @eggaz: It was a small minority, that's the real shame. Most people simply don't care, including those people these products are supposed to insult. It's typically a political stunt or small group of white people choosing to be offended on behalf of those who they think should be, but aren't.

              • @R00D: Not everything is about someone being offended. The company probably just decided that it wasn't a great business strategy to continue having a racial slur as their name, regardless of its origin.

                • @alcadive: Nah, some people were offended. Some people are very good at being offended.

                  Some people even get upset about light hearted remarks about someone not being offended or black cats, presumably because that disempowers offended people or blacks cats. Whose lives also matter.

                  No matter. Celebrate life. Celebrate humanity…

                • @alcadive: Nope, do some research on the topic. No successful business owner wants to change a successful, well known product. No logic. Nor was it a racial slur, it was someone's name for God's sake. Context is key. Some progressives need a day job.

        • Which is funny because they were originally called Chocos, but that became too racist so they changed it to Chicos.

          • +1

            @macrocephalic: Really? I'm a died in the wool Chicos devotee who's been devouring them since way back when (when they used to come in a small cardboard box!) but I've never heard that story. Are you making it up?

            Either way, I pledge never to bow to cancel culture on this one. They will always be Chicos to me…

            • +1

              @UncleRico: Having done more research it might not be true. It's something I was told a long time ago, long before the recent rebranding, and have just accepted since. Perhaps there was once a smaller company that made something similar called chocos and that's where the story came from; I'm not sure. Either way, I can't find any reference to them being called chocos.

              • @macrocephalic: Don't sweat it. I thought I was wrong once as well, but it turns out I was mistaken!

                In truth, I was just happy for the Chicos trivia…

  • +24

    I love these single serve bags.

  • +1

    Last time I bought these they weren't as fresh as the supermarkets.

    • Same here. Quality didn’t seem to be as good as the smaller bags

      • Surely not! Why are people always so quick to blame the lolly?

        Perhaps you just went a bit stale on them after the first three quarters of a kilogram…

  • also, can you finish before its best before date?

    • Haha. Easy!

    • +1

      You're hilarious. I could finish it them before the use by date of the bottle of milk in my fridge.

  • We need a 1kg bag of just pineapples, milk bottles and race cars please Allen's thanks

    • 1kg of pineapples would be amazing.
      1kg of pineapple lumps would be even better!!!

      • If you like the pineapples, you'll be happy to know the Party Mix bag is more than 25% pineapples, and 25% bananas, and 50% the other 8 varieties.

    • +3

      It exists. I use to work in the industry. All of the Allen's flavours are also sold in 1 to 1.3kg bags. Mostly used to fill the self serve containers, or to repack into smaller bags.

      This price is also really close to the wholesale list price too. So a great deal.

  • Have these sold out?

  • Can't add.

    • Back in stock now.

  • Same price per g at Big W for those who missed out. Or wait for a Coles/Woolworths 1/2 price special.

    • Nice!

  • +1

    Not sold out. Was just able to buy myself

    • +1

      yeah looks it - dispatched in a few weeks though!

      • Yeah saw that. Not worried myself, not in lockdown here. I keep these 'in stock' for the home theatre room

    • From cancellations, I cancelled my initial order, likely a few others did too

  • I remember these used to have a better variety back in the day. Now it's just a variation of jellies.

  • rather the $1.50 200g deals. can get more variety

    • +3

      Stay fresher too

  • Must… resist…

  • Also mixed lollies are just as good, and cheaper. I can get 3 520g bags for similar price

    • Link?………………and why have a cashback icon for a 0% credit item I wonder?

      • Sorry, I meant Aldi, it got autocorrected. But I don't think they have comprehensive pricing online I can link to. I just know because I buy them all the time, for my work colleagues

  • Bring back peaches and cream!

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