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[iOS] Parcel - Free Premium Subscription for 1 Year (Was $4.99/Year, New Customers Only) @ Apple App Store


Parcel is a delivery tracking app designed specifically for iOS and Mac. It leverages the latest available technologies on Apple platforms to make tracking deliveries enjoyable.


• support for more than 300 carriers around the world, including Australia Post, Toll, Fastway (Aramex), Couriers Please, TNT, Sendle and Dragonfly.
• Amazon integration - your Amazon deliveries are added automatically when they are shipped
• push notifications on delivery status updates
• barcode scanner, widgets, app clip, share extension and many other small features


“Editor’s Choice” - Apple, the Mac App Store
"The Best Package Tracking App for iOS and macOS” - Wirecutter / New York Times
“Best package tracking apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020" - iMore
Got mentioned by Craig Federighi in the WWDC 2021 keynote video


I am the developer of this app and I am giving out 1,000 promo codes. Each promo code provides one year of the premium subscription for free. With the subscription, you get push notifications and many other nice features, basically the full app experience.

You need an iOS device running at least iOS 13 and the latest version of the app. Only new customers with an Australian Apple ID who have not previously used Parcel are eligible

How To Get a Code and Redeem It

  • download the app using the following link
  • create a new user account in the app settings using “Sign in with Apple”.
  • tap the following link on your device
  • the app will get a code for you and redeem it
  • once redeemed, make sure that the subscription status is recognised in the app settings

In the true spirit of OzBargain, you can disable the subscription autorenewal straight away in the app settings by tapping on the “Manage Subscription” button. But hopefully, you will enjoy the app and keep it to support an indie developer :)


Q: Do you have an app for Android?
A: Sorry, I don’t.

Q: Can I use the app on a Mac?
A: Yes, just make sure to register and redeem a code in iOS. Then sign in to your account in the Mac app.

Q: I have redeemed my code but I don’t see an active subscription in the app.
A: Please try restoring purchases in the app settings.

Q: Do you support family sharing?
A: Sorry, I don’t. But you can send a link to this deal to your family members.

In case of any questions, please contact support from the app settings. Enjoy! :)

There was a problem with the offer - it is fixed now. Sorry for the trouble.

UPDATE: I have decided to decrease the number of codes from 1,000 to 500. I have never planned this deal to be a marketing promotion, I just wanted to give something back to the community which I am a part of. And while most people have reacted in a positive way, the response that I got from some members is discouraging to say the least. Lesson learnt.

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  • +5

    This app is great. Have been on a subscription for many years. Even better if it's free!

    • Thanks mate ;)

      • How smart that you develop the app. Congrats! aussie aussie aussie.

  • +3

    Doesn't work. When I press sign in with apple id it says no user found and when I register with apple id it says only valid for new users.

    • Same

    • Same here OP…

    • -1

      Please contact support from the app settings but apparently you have used the app before.

      • +2

        But it says no user found when I sign in with apple id. This is the first time I've downloaded the app. How have I used it before? Too much trouble to contact support.

      • +3

        Clearly, it's a developer issue from the comments below. Delete the deal, fix the issue and repost the deal.

      • Used the app, never signed up. Signed up, nothing happens when I click the link

    • +1

      Sorry about that - fixed now.

    • -2


      • Have you ever used the app before?

  • It says it’s only for new users

    • Should be fixed now - please try again.

  • +1

    Hi OP, I was greeted with the below error when I clicked on the second link (on step 3).

    "Sorry, this promotion is only for new Parcel users"

    • Should be fixed now - please try again.

  • Same no deal doesn't work !👎

    Makes me wonder how good the app can be if this doesn't even work?

    • +3

      A bit harsh. Give them a chance. The app is really useful

      • +1

        I disagree I’m just saying exactly how I felt. When the very first experience with something is negative quite reasonable to make you unsure. Happy to upvote now if working.

        • You have already tracked packages with it?

  • Doesn’t work.

    • Sorry about that - fixed now.

  • +1

    Same here OP

    • Please contact support from the app settings, I will personally check what is the issue.

      • done & many thanks!

      • Fixed immediately, awesome support.

  • Doesn't work for me. Never used the app before

    • Please contact support from the app settings, I will personally check.

      • Curious to try this out but doesn't work for me either and contacting support requires the Mail app on iOS?

        • Please try again redeeming the offer, the problem was fixed.

          • +1

            @verio: Says, Sorry this promo for new users only…? Is this restricted to those who have never downloaded app before or those who have never subscribed before?

            • @Annan: Only new customers who have not used the app can redeem this offer.

  • Worked for me. Partner got the "only valid for new users issue."
    Both have used the app without an account before.

    • I never created an account, but used the app, just contacted the dev and was told I can't get the deal.

      "Sorry, it is for new customers only."

  • +2

    Maybe it depends whether you hit "Sign In" or "Register" first. I hit "Sign In" first (to create an account), and I haven't been able to redeem the deal. Perhaps it works only if you hit "register" first?

    (Yes, I'm a brand new user too :-(

    • Please try again, it should work now.

    • Yea same thing happened to me. Now I'm not a "new customer".

  • Same heard about this app for the first time, was using the shop app until now. Getting "Promo valid for new users only"

    • Fixed, please try again now. Sorry about that.

      • Thanks for the quick response worked now

  • thanks dev, it worked for me.

  • +4

    I'm not sure why you would use this app instead of using the native tracking service for your delivery.

    Sure there might be a minor convenience of only needing to open a single app, rather than go to the carriers web page, however you need to weigh that up against the potential privacy impact of providing this app with your details so it can do the tracking for you.

    Not to mention that is normally charges a subscription fee. So you get to give the application developer money for the privilege of invading your privacy. Sounds like a pretty good gig - for the developer.

    This would be a pass from me.

    • +5

      Auspost app is incredible, it's only other services that may lag behind a bit. Drangonfly is also pretty great

    • +9

      I care about privacy and because of that I will provide a detailed answer.

      First of all, I think you are making a mistake when caring about privacy and looking for a free product. You can't have both. If an app is free, then you should be worried because at the end of the day a developer has somehow to make money. Some of my competitors are free and they do have terrible privacy policies.

      About my app. I do my best to provide the most privacy-friendly experience. You will never be asked to provide your details, even when registering with "Sign in with Apple" the app will not ask for your email (it won't be able to send you emails).

      All the app is asking you to provide is a tracking number. And in general a tracking number by itself does not contain or provide any personal information. There are some exceptions to this rule but they are rare. Yes, probably you can derive approximate location based on postcodes and suburbs but I don't do that.

      You can check my privacy policy here, your data is not shared with anyone else:

      • +4

        I think what @NinjaChicken refers to is the courier service website / app that the parcel is sent
        for example, if you are using AusPost then use the AusPost app for tracking
        There's no privacy issue if using AusPost app at all

        Parcel Tracking is a free service provided by each Courier service
        and more importantly, most eCommerce platforms (eg. eBay, Aliexpress, Shopify or any retailers)
        already have in-built parcel tracking

        I don't see a value of paying an app (subscription) for this service
        even the first year is free

        • +2

          Purely from a users perspective, I think the value is more seen when you’ve got multiple parcels sent from a variety of providers (both domestic and overseas) from multiple sellers. Many couriers provide no app or less than functional apps (the likes of Fastway, Aramex, Courierplease). Auspost is an exception in providing an excellent app.

          With this you have got all of them in 1 view and you can also get notification when there are updates (e.g. out for delivery) for all of them.

          I’m not that concerned about privacy when the data provided in tracking is very limited anyway.

    • -5

      For the apple sheep

  • Clicked on the link,
    “ tap the following link(parcel.app) on your device”
    Twice and then it gave me the redemption code.
    Then I went to subscription and cancelled.
    Still have access to premium for a year.

  • I managed to get the Free Trial however when I tried to turn on the "Notifications" feature it told me it is only available for Premium subscription. The subscription has also recorded/recognised in My AppleID account. How to fix?

    • +1

      Please check the FAQ :) You need to try restoring purchases in the app settings. If that does not work - please contact support in the app settings.

  • +1

    I have followed the instructions but when I click on “ tap the following link(parcel.app) on your device” (and yeah I AM doing it on the device) it opens the app but nothing happens.

    Have tried several times but nothing happens. I also disable my content blockers, quit the apps including safari and still nothing happens, the premium subscription is still not activated in the settings.

    • Are you running the latest version of the app (7.0.5)?

      • Thanks that was the issue (I was on 7.0.4). For some reason the new update didn't show in the App Store updates. I had to delete the app and redownload from the App Store and it worked.

      • Yeah I'll second that — the promo link doesn't work on macOS.

        I've even tried to manually navigate to parcel://promo?campaign=ozbargain via Safari and the app doesn't, really do anything.

        The URL scheme definitely triggers the Parcel app, as it asks to open in Parcel and Parcel will come to the foreground, but nothing happens. I've also tried logging in, out, Restore Purchases, nothing really works on the macOS side.

        I'm trying it on the phone now.

        • You need to use the iOS version of the app, please see the deal description.

          • @verio: I did, and it says

            tap the following link(parcel.app) on your device

            Before that it says:

            Parcel is a delivery tracking app designed specifically for iOS and Mac.

            In that case, does "device" not mean "my Mac"?

            • +1


              You need an iOS device running at least iOS 13 and the latest version of the app.

              Q: Can I use the app on a Mac?
              A: Yes, just make sure to register and redeem a code in iOS. Then sign in to your account in the Mac app.

              • @verio: Apologies didn't see the FAQ section.

  • Signed up for the offer. Haven’t cancelled it yet. Will try it and see how well it works compared to the others.

  • +2

    What’s the advantage of this over the auspost app?? Auspost automatically add all my parcels where as it looks like I manually have to do it on this app?

    • Supports more than just AP.

      • Ok thanks, just seems I haven’t had a parcel I can remember that wasn’t tracked with auspost. I do buy a lot of Amazon though so maybe that’s it. All my AliExpress ones get tracked too

        • Some China Post articles the AP app can’t track. Been using 17TRACK so it will be good to be able to compare.

  • +1

    I have no idea why you would entertain eventually paying for something that is free from other sources.

    • Convenience is a personal thing. Some people are ready to pay $5 per year for it, some are not.

  • Thank you Brightaussie.

    I've also sent you a support mail as I'm having an issue with it.

    • Already replied :)

      • Thanks :)

  • I’m getting ‘ there is no account with this Apple ID’ followed by a sad face when I try to ‘Sign in with Apple’ in the app.

    • Please select "Register" in the app settings.

      • My bad. But then I’m getting ‘sorry, only for new users’ etc.

        • Have you ever used the app before? If not, please contact support.

  • +1

    I normally use Shop to track any parcels that are not AusPost.

  • Thanks @brightaussie!

    • +1

      You are welcome! Although I kind of regret publishing this deal to be honest :)

      • +1

        Hope you get plenty of new and repeat customers.

  • Worked. Free is free thx OP

  • very handy features, thnx op

  • In terms of privacy I can vouch, asked for some data for a uni project, was denied as there was "no logs" and they wouldn't provide any information even if there was…

    The only downside is I suggest features that never get implemented, or even considered that are common sense (a box that allows you to upload more than one-tracking number at a time) for example, so now I need to save it, go back into it, add a new one bla bla over and over for all my parcels I send out which is strange considering its a PARCEL app for parcels (plural) and that it's made for convenience?!

    The other suggestion is that I am able to setup email notifications of the delivery push-notifications of client parcels to their emails using the app, again denied (even though I would be happy to pay for this feature).

    Anywho, I still use it as a paid user and have done so for 4-years+ but honestly, I wish it wasn't just a single developer, has so much potential for business customers to actually use a tool that you don't need a degree to use, and yet it all falls on deaf ears.

  • Great little app

  • Is parcel post supported?

    • By parcel post you mean… Australia Post? Yes, it is.

      • Sorry I meant parcelpoint

        • It is supported :)

  • Couldn’t get it to work unfortunately. Too much work. Uninstalled.

    “Sign In with Apple ID” -> No user associated.
    Registered and signed in successfully with same detail. Signed out and tried signing in with Apple ID again -> No user associated.

    • You need to create a new user account by tapping "Register", not "Sign in". You need to tap on "Sign up with Apple" after that.

      • Yes I registered first, so signing in with Apple ID would have something to associate to. Still couldn’t get it to associate.

        Not game enough to give it another go. Stereotypical new user behaviour if it doesn’t work within the first few mins of trying different methods and I’ve been getting along fine without it all this time I probably won’t revisit it again later.

  • -3

    expired this offer has expired.

    • Not true. I can see the numbers live, people are redeeming codes.

    • +2

      As we have established in a different thread, you have a US account. The deal description clearly states in bold that you need an Australian Apple ID.

      I don't know why App Store is not providing you the relevant error message.

  • Didn't work for me, I've never paid for the app but have used it for the past couple of years.
    Fair enough, I guess.

    • Sorry, the deal is only for those who have never used the app.

      • Yeah, all good. I think it's a great app and definitely would be worth the $5 a year! Just most of my parcels are from Auspost so I don't need to use a third party app.

        • -1

          yup never used the app it let me create the account and then said. This offer has already expired try another code.

          • -1

            @unifex: Didn't have an account had to create one. Then it said code is expired to be clear.

  • Offer redeemed successfully. Thanks OP!

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