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[iOS] Parcel - Free Premium Subscription for 1 Year (Was $4.99/Year, New Customers Only) @ Apple App Store


Parcel is a delivery tracking app designed specifically for iOS and Mac. It leverages the latest available technologies on Apple platforms to make tracking deliveries enjoyable.


• support for more than 300 carriers around the world, including Australia Post, Toll, Fastway (Aramex), Couriers Please, TNT, Sendle and Dragonfly.
• Amazon integration - your Amazon deliveries are added automatically when they are shipped
• push notifications on delivery status updates
• barcode scanner, widgets, app clip, share extension and many other small features


“Editor’s Choice” - Apple, the Mac App Store
"The Best Package Tracking App for iOS and macOS” - Wirecutter / New York Times
“Best package tracking apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020" - iMore
Got mentioned by Craig Federighi in the WWDC 2021 keynote video


I am the developer of this app and I am giving out 1,000 promo codes. Each promo code provides one year of the premium subscription for free. With the subscription, you get push notifications and many other nice features, basically the full app experience.

You need an iOS device running at least iOS 13 and the latest version of the app. Only new customers with an Australian Apple ID who have not previously used Parcel are eligible

How To Get a Code and Redeem It

  • download the app using the following link
  • create a new user account in the app settings using “Sign in with Apple”.
  • tap the following link on your device
  • the app will get a code for you and redeem it
  • once redeemed, make sure that the subscription status is recognised in the app settings

In the true spirit of OzBargain, you can disable the subscription autorenewal straight away in the app settings by tapping on the “Manage Subscription” button. But hopefully, you will enjoy the app and keep it to support an indie developer :)


Q: Do you have an app for Android?
A: Sorry, I don’t.

Q: Can I use the app on a Mac?
A: Yes, just make sure to register and redeem a code in iOS. Then sign in to your account in the Mac app.

Q: I have redeemed my code but I don’t see an active subscription in the app.
A: Please try restoring purchases in the app settings.

Q: Do you support family sharing?
A: Sorry, I don’t. But you can send a link to this deal to your family members.

In case of any questions, please contact support from the app settings. Enjoy! :)

There was a problem with the offer - it is fixed now. Sorry for the trouble.

UPDATE: I have decided to decrease the number of codes from 1,000 to 500. I have never planned this deal to be a marketing promotion, I just wanted to give something back to the community which I am a part of. And while most people have reacted in a positive way, the response that I got from some members is discouraging to say the least. Lesson learnt.

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  • Just worked for me. Had to create an account then Sign In with Apple ID inside the app. Took a few tries then it went though.

  • Worked, thanks.

    Just a question regarding the Sign In with Apple. I've rarely used it but for every other app I've used it with, I had the option to not reveal my email address or other details to the app provider upon signing up.

    With this app, I didn't get any such options, it was either sign up with my email address or not. What's up with that?

    • +2

      I have specifically configured Parcel not to ask for email when using “Sign in with Apple”. It is a better option for you as a user from a privacy point of view.

      • Thanks for the info. Good to know and thanks for the great app.

  • Worked for me

  • Hi Dev,

    Thanks for making it available to many of us.

    I don’t use Sign In with Apple. Just downloaded app for the first time.

    Can I create an account with us my own email and still avail the offer?

    • No, sorry, an account has to be created with “Sign in with Apple”.

      • Oh I see. May I ask why particularly it had to be Sign In with Apple?

  • I tried to connect my Amazon account but the link I receive in my email is "An attempt to change password" approval link? Anyone have this problem?

    • I am not 100% sure what you mean but the app is using a standard web browser window to authenticate you with Amazon. You are subject to the same verification procedures by Amazon as in a new web browser.

  • +3

    Great parcel tracking app with clean, minimal UI. Works better than AfterShip and Shop with quicker push notifications (generally 30mins to 1hr delay on updates), plus you can sync across devices

  • +2

    Ive been using this app for years. Use it to track multiple deliveries both in and out with work as well as personal, there's no argument having it centralised is easier than multiple apps or websites.

    Dev support is great too, added a new courier for me within an hour or 2 of my request.

  • attempted sign in with apple …. "There is no account with this Apple ID. Please …." I've never had a Parcel account. Didn't know about it till now :(

    • I think it's just a typo. Press on Sign up with Apple and go from there.

    • Strange …. just tried it again …. did exactly the same thing for the 5th time ….. this time it worked ….. why? dunno!

  • Apparently you need 2FA to use sign-in with Apple feature.
    I haven’t setup 2FA.
    I guess I’ll give this a miss, unless I can register using email ….

  • Working for me, Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP. Seems good so far.

  • I just use 17 track which is free.

    How does this differ? (Amazon integration is a nice value add I will agree)

  • Hi Op. I never used the App before and just downloaded the App for the first time. Registered with my Australia Apple ID but still see no redeemable code?

    • Please contact support from the app settings, I will try to help.

      • Have already sent a message to Support on the App. Thanks Op

  • This is a great app. I use it all the time and will happily continue to pay for the premium sub. It has Amazon integration now too

  • Worked for me. Thanks op.

  • Nabbed one, worked fine when following the instructions :)

    I haven't used it before (obviously) but I'll give it a shot, might be more convenient to have more in one place. I'm a bit sick of bad communication from different places.

  • Op will you implement other automatic tracking things like you have with Amazon?

    • I don't wont to promise anything but it is possible :) Right now I am working on the iOS 15 update.

      • Ah ok

        What are you planning on implementing?

        • +2

          Live text support for scanning numbers, adaptive time sensitive notifications, some other minor changes.


  • As a Mac user with an Android phone, it's disappointing that it requires iOS to activate the Mac app.

    Of course, if there was an Android app, you'd probably already have my subscription.

  • How do I disable auto renew?

    • you can disable the subscription autorenewal straight away in the app settings by tapping on the “Manage Subscription” button.

      • Can’t see any disable auto renew option there, only cancel subscription option

      • Hey @brightaussie, thannks for the app.
        Like @Emilimu has said, there is ony a 'cancel subscription' option, not a 'disable auto-reneweal' option. Can you clarify what we will need to do if we want to disable auto-renewal please.

        • You disable auto-renew at the end of the current subscription period by cancelling the subscription. You can cancel at anytime before the auto-renew date (usually a day or two before the end of the current subscription period).

  • +1

    Hi I signed up for this using the code but it charged my Apple ID anyway?

    • I have just replied to your email (I am assuming that it was you). You got charged by Apple for something else. The amount is different.

  • Not working for me. When I redeem the offer it wants to verify the purchase methods but then nothing happens. When I choose restore purchase in the app it changes to processing.. and then back to restore purchase.

    • Sorry, the payment verification stage is something that is controlled by the App Store - as a developer I can’t change it.

      • Maybe it is not working with IOS15 yet, it gets stuck on the payment methods page for verification but with no verify button. Just a back button which brings you back to the store home page

    • Working, you need to open it on an iOS device running the latest version of the app.

      • thanks, i installed the app, then i typed the link in safari, and it opened it on the app, and redeemed. cheers

  • I cannot enter my password for my apple id because the keyboard does not pop up to enter it. I am trying to authorise the transaction as part of the redeem process.

    • I would recommend rebooting your device.

      • Thanks. Eventually worked.

  • Thought Australia Post tracking is pretty good. Integrated with Amazon.
    any need to use this as rarely do i have international parcels.

  • Apple only ahh.

  • +1

    This is a really great app that I've subscribed to for a few years, certainly the best and most versatile parcel-tracking app I've found. Recent addition of auto-adding orders from Amazon is fantastic.

    Highly recommend, especially if it's free!

  • Thanks mate much appreciated!

  • Any chance of getting my account upgraded without using apple to login?

    Apple’s 2FA is forced if you use that option and I’ve got no interest in it, it’s just a hassle and over the top in my view.

  • +1

    Been using for years. This app is great.

  • Awesome! Works for me :) Cheers

  • -3

    I tried this app a few weeks ago but it wouldn't work with Direct Freight Express. I sent them 2 emails but never got a reply. I would have paid for the premium subscription if it included Direct Freight Express. I just tried to get the free premium subscription, but it said I wasn't eligible as I wasn't a new user. It would have been nice if they had of at least replied to me a few weeks ago to say if they are planning to support Direct Freight Express or not.

    • +1

      There are two different communication channels in the app.

      One is contacting support from the app settings. Emails are sent to [email protected] and response is guaranteed. This is not what you did.

      What you have used is sending a request for a missing carrier from the carrier selection list. No response is guaranteed, emails are processed there in a semi-automatic way.

      Regarding Direct Freight Express - they used to be supported but now they are not. I asked them about a tracking API that I could use and they don't have one for me.

  • Didn’t work for me clicking the link just launches the app and does nothing

    • Please check the instructions in the deal description. You need to be running the latest version of the app in iOS.

  • +2

    UPDATE: I have decided to decrease the number of codes from 1,000 to 500. I have never planned this deal to be a marketing promotion, I just wanted to give something back to the community which I am a part of. And while most people have reacted in a positive way, the response that I got from some members is discouraging to say the least. Lesson learnt.

    • -1

      People who hate Karen’s yet they themselves….

    • +1

      Mate don’t let these idiots bash the app. There are some real assholes on OZB.

      Half the people here complaining because they don’t know how to use their phone and can’t follow instructions.

  • +1

    All promo codes were redeemed. Thanks for everyone!

    In case of any questions contact the app support, I will not respond to comments here from now on.

  • +4

    Bunch of scummy self entitled pricks on here - it’s really quite unbelievable

    Bloke offers a free deal and gets hammered for it

    Flap off you unappreciative degenerate self entitled monkeys!

  • I like the app so far however there’s a 2 hours delay with the notifications, kinda sucks

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