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SanDisk 512GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive $76.62 [UPDATE: NOW $87.28] + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Similar to last year deal only cheaper:

Only 2 in stock though More Stock added

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Are these great to keep you warm in winter like the previous generation?

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      I will let you know in 21 days

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      they work great as hand warmers hooked up to a portable battery pack

    • Absolutely. They can melt your heart if you let them

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    Only 2 in stock though

    Did you read the rules before posting?

    • oops did I do sth wrong? this is my second post

      • There needs to sufficient stock to be considered a deal. Mods will move it to the forums.

        Don’t let it discourage you from posting deal number 3 :)

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          Many Amazon items were backordered in the past.

    • Appears they added more stock. Post will remain published.

  • I was just looking these up about 10 minutes ago, so thank you.

  • stupid question but can we use these as drives for TimeMachine backups for a Mac?

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      I wouldn’t trust a flash drive for backups. Especially with the frequent writes Time Machine would be doing.

      • ahhh you make a good point!! - i guess i need to look for a proper backup drive then

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          Any SSD in a 2.5” enclosure should be fine.

          Or a regular HDD if your careful with it.

  • So exactly how reliable are these? Anyone with long term usage can update? Thanks

    • Competitors to this drive (like the Samsung Fit Plus or the Lexar JumpDrive S47) have either an aluminium or zinc alloy body (the section that plugs into the USB port). They run cooler than this drive which has a plastic body. This drive also has considerably slower read and write speeds than competitors. If you want 512GB thumb drive then this is cheap (about the same price as the competitors 256GB drive) but bear in mind those caveats.

      • Thanks, I might just get an SSD to be safe. Thanks

        • If you want to use it for backups then an external SSD would be faster and much more reliable.

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    I would have jumped on it if it was USB-C!

    • I would have, too :(

      Unfortunately USB-C being able to be inserted upside down means there's no room in the connector to fit anything, unlike USB-A

  • Not too sure these are a good idea considering the size of it, especially at $75 for the capacity. I'd stick with the CZ48 64gb variants that frequently get posted on ozbargain for $10-14 a pop and call it a day

    • Here, here! NVME + enclosure kills off this deal. At this capacity old tech v new becomes a deciding factor, at least for me. I can't be messin about with these fiddly little devices, give me an easy-to-hold superfast portable drive any day, or - for small file transfer - the 64gb drives you mention

    • Yep, almost certain it's QLC based flash due to its diminutive size. I'd aim for 3D TLC as a minimum

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        What does your sentence mean

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    I'm wondering why someone would go down this path, rather than, say, a 500GB Samsung T5?
    Yes, a little smaller, and $20 cheaper. But.

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    I honestly could not recommend a plastic plug USB drive.

    Have had several with similar construction fail.

    • Yes. Would not recommend. I have one like this and after repeat use (taking it in and out of the slot) the plastic clamps that hold it together gave way. Better off going with something more robust.

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    You're just asking to be burned if you plan on storing 500 GB of important files on a USB..

    USBs should be used for dirt cheap, quick and easy file transfers between devices, not as backup or storage. Ironically, I feel that USBs become increasingly less useful at higher capacities because in those applications (backup, storage), portable SSDs do a far better job. The sweet spot for USB capacity sits between 16 and 64 GB.

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      Potential usages for larger drives:

      1) have a large collection of music to play in car
      2) Dashcam / always on storage
      3) Pron


  • Can't find specific write speed info about the 512 but the others seem to get around 50MB/s. Not bad, not excellent.

  • So I have had a couple of these that I purchased all at once.

    Stay away… they overheat from basic use and its so flimsy and cheap in construction that I regret buying them at 50% off… They're not durable or worthwhile for anything that isnt a once in a blue moon use case

  • I have the 256GB version and the write speeds are absolutely terrible. 2mbs write.

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    Avoid unless you want to spend FOREVER just to fill this thing up.

    Read speeds up to 130MB/s
    Write to drive up to 4MB/s

    • This is crazy for a USB 3.1 device, I wouldn't have imagined it possible if I didn't read the specs (I didn't until I read this)
      I ended up buying a Lexar SL100 instead today thanks to you, which has write speeds of 400MB/s (the SL100 Pro is 900MB/s)

  • back to normal price?, showing as $89.70.

  • Thanks OP, got one. Was thinking of getting one at $90, so now at $78.18 is a good buy for me.

  • Can't recommend. This little bugger gets very hot very quick during writes and thermal throttles to like 2MB/s. It reads fine but the writes really hold it back.

  • these suitable for tesla sentry/dash cams?

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      At 4MB/s peak write, definitely not.

      Tesla Sentry requires 4MB/s sustained, I wouldn't go anything under 10MB/s.

  • how many days does it take to copy 500GB to it?

    if it's more than 3 than i pass

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    I still remember in 2003, on my first day of high school, The principal at the very first assembly, raised his hand with a usb and said : "Do you know what this is? This is a USB! This is the Future!"

    At that time we were shocked as we were still using floppy disks. The concept of having 50 floppy disks in one little stick was mind blowing. I still remember how amazed we were at the 64mb usb that he had.

    Now we have 512gb usbs? wowsa

  • Any recommendation on what's the best solution for long term storage of pictures and data on an external hard drive / flash drive ?
    I'm lookin at 2To to 5To. Thanks !