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½ Price: Pic's Peanut & Whittaker's Chocolate Butter $4.50, Raw C Coconut Water $2.50, McVitie’s Biscuits $1.97 @ Woolworths

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  • Beat me by 2 seconds 😅

  • I haven't had that version of pic's but it sounds amazing! Can anyone share their take on it?

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      It tastes a lot like Whittaker's Peanut Slab. Be warned that it dries out a lot faster than regular peanut butter, so you pretty much end up eating it out of the jar with a teaspoon…don't judge me!!!

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        judged and approve the method

      • Even their crunchy peanut butter is too dry nowdays

      • Will definitely have to give it a try now

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        You should never eat peanut butter out of a jar with a teaspoon.

        Use the largest soup spoon you have.
        If your spoons are inadequate, use your index and middle finger to form a scoop to hold the largest amount of peanut butter. This allows you to get to the peanut butter under the curve of the jar, that is otherwise inaccessible to a spoon.

        • I think you are talking about a special jar that needs a special spoon and a special care

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      Used to be my favorite until it drops the 100% Australian peanuts

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    Pic's is my number 1 pick when picking up a jar of peanut butter and I'm pretty picky about picking a favorite peanut butter.

    • its pics peanut and chocolate, not the plain jane peanut butter

      • Jokes aside, I’ve tried this version and not a fan. Original is the best.

    • Better than mayver?

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    No single website selling that choc Pic lists its ingredients.

    How is it even legal?

  • This is the GOAT tier PB