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[SUBS, PC] Humankind Launching Day One with Xbox Game Pass for PC


Many of you got a peek into gameplay during the closed beta last month, and I’m excited to announce that Humankind, the 4X strategy game from Amplitude Studios and Sega, will be available on PC day one with Xbox Game Pass!

(Credit to Dealbot) 3 months free Xbox Game Pass for PC by signing up to a free 14 day trial of Crunchroll. - https://www.crunchyroll.com/xbox-gamepass-2021/en-gb/index.h...

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    7 Days to go.

    When will be the new age of empires released?

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      28th October 2021

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  • is it like AoE or CIV?

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      It looks a lot like CIV

      • turn based? :/

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          Pretty sure it is

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            @Nuclearvodka: It definitely is. Watch some YT comparison videos.

            There are differences like boundaries, more strategic combat, sailors get weary after time at sea etc, but it's very much a 4X.

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    This is awesome news, thank you for posting.
    Was planning to pick this game up but no need now. Can’t wait to dive in!

  • I'm even more glad I canceled my preorder!

  • How do you get Xbox game pass?

    Is it worth it?

    I was thinking of pre ordering Humankind

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      It's a subscription based service and you can just sign up online. Usually for first time users (or lapsed accounts) you can get a $1 for 3 months deal.

      And yes, worth it, even at full price. The library of games is very good and it's definitely had me playing some games I wouldn't have looked twice at. You also get access to the EA catalogue.

      Just some things to note:
      PC and Xbox catalogue not always the same
      PC versions of gamepass games might not support mods

      • $11 / month after 3 months…
        But I guess Humankind is $80 full price so it goes quick.
        You can get Fifa too with it right?

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          FIFA21, FIFA20, FIFA19.

          Football Manager 2021 as well if that's to your liking.

          And about 100 other games, including MS Flight Sim and Forza Horizon 4.

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            @Xenocaust: Forza Horizon 5, Age of Empires IV & Halo Infinite are also day1 games pass games coming soon.

  • Lol @ someone wasting the mod's time by reporting this as spam

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    You can pick up 3 months free Xbox Game Pass for PC by signing up to a free 14 day trial of Crunchroll.


    • Whoa thanks. You should post this deal!

      • You can post it mate!

    • Will that kill the $1 ultimate upgrade though?

    • Do you know if this will work for lapsed users?

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        Valid for new Xbox Game Pass members only.

        Unfortunately not, just like every other Game Pass promotion these days

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    Does buying Brazilian Xbox Gold with a VPN and using it for Game Pass still work?

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      Yep, got 3 years of ultimate stacked up for $150 I think

    • Yes but the price for the xbox gold goes up every day as there is not more entering the market anymore.

  • Looks like the perfect game to stream to PC on game pass. I'm guessing it'd be to5 dense to play on mobile?

  • awesome! long time fan of civ - really curious to try this one

    • it looks good
      i like the idea of using outposts to expand instead of having to build a city in a poor location just to claim land

  • Just FYI for existing, or previous Xbox Game Pass subscribers:

    "Valid for new Xbox Game Pass members only."

    Confirmed doesn't work for me as a previous user. I'll have to make a new account!

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    Congrats man, hopefully the games pass deal is lucrative for you. What part of the development were you involved in?

  • Just a heads up this is most likely the 18th for Australians. It's the US site reporting it and it doesn't release on Steam for another 1 day and 7 hours. I'm really looking forward to it I just want to set an expectation you'll probably be waiting a bit longer.

  • Downloading right now

    • how is the game ?

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