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[eBay Plus] Apple TV 4K (2021) 32GB $220.14, 64GB $245.64 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Also Apple TV 4K 64GB $245.64 Delivered credit clem fandango.

Don't forget to stack with SB's gift cards (3% discount).

4K High Frame Rate HDR with Dolby Vision for fluid, crisp video
The new Siri Remote with touch-enabled clickpad
Apple Original shows and movies from Apple TV+
Use AirPlay to share photos, videos, and more from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac on your TV
Dolby Atmos for immersive, room-filling sound

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This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • Does Apple TV have apps like Netflix, Prime, AnimeLab?

    • +1

      Yes to first 2. Don't know much about AnimeLab though.

      • Yes has anime lab

    • +1

      Yeah, would do (and according to google, lol) - it's iOS under the hood so can run most things.

      • -1

        Unfortunately even tho it is iOS under the hood there is no side loading capability like android TVs as far as I know

        • +1

          You can side load, I have kodi

    • I use it for streaming services and there are plenty. Basically it seems that if Apple Store has the App then Apple TV has it.

  • -3

    good price but both PS5/Xbox has apple TV app, so only for people who don't have consoles.
    PS5 have 6 month free apple TV trials

    • +3

      Yes… and no.

      I have a PS5 but I found the 4K HDR content a bit laggy to me (My wife can't tell it) compared with the Apple TV 4K 2021, especially on Disney+ app.

      Also ATV provides Dolby Vision (PS5 doesn't, Xbox does) and 60fps Airplay mirroring.

      But if you just plan to buy a tv box for streaming and not a fan of Dolby vision or high-frame rates, then maybe yes, consoles are more than enough to do the job.

    • +6

      The Apple TV app is just a viewer for Apple TV and TV+ content. The boxes include everything else, all the other streaming services, apps, games, Fitness+, Apple Arcade, AirPlay screen mirroring, app remote and the silky smooth UI. It’s not the same as just owning a console unless your streaming is confined to just the apps available on there.

    • +1

      Nope. I use my as my Homekit hub. Also gets me dolby vision + atmos (only xsx does otherwise), and higher res lossless music (48/24 - nice to have, but for me hard to tell the difference)

    • My Google TV (and going to assume Android TVs) has the Apple TV on the app store…

    • Apple should be more clear on its labelling. But the Apple TV app and the physical Apple TV are very different products.

  • +2

    Might be a dumb question to ask but I have always wondered what's the pros and cons of Apple TV vs Google Chromecast. Do they even fall under the same category to be compared against each other?

    • I’ve read plenty of comments regarding this. I feel like end of the day is just ease of use if you are deep into the Apple ecosystem.

      I have basically everything AirPlay, very easy to use but can’t justify spending 200 bucks on a tv box which chromecast can basically do everything already.

      I prefer using my phone rather than the controller

    • I think the main thing is that the chromecast with Google TV has less space (8gb vs 32gb)and no Ethernet port. But you do pay less. But you can add those features via type c hub. Also the remote has removable batteries. I was on the fence too but ended up getting the apple tv.

      • True that, however, unless people are installing heaps apps and games I still can't see how AppleTV > Chromecast? Legit question haha

        Edit: assuming people have stable Wifi connections. In my case, never had a drop

        • +1

          Yeah it most cases the chromecast one will be fine most people.

    • +1

      Exactly the same concept as an iPad Pro vs a cheap/slow Android Tablet.
      I have both, two of both. I like them both, but the Apple TV is very fast and a pleasure to use.
      My son likes the cross app voice search of the Google TV Chromecast though.

    • I have 2 x 2019 Shield TV pro and 1 2019 ATV 4k, just bought this new ATV because of all the issues I've had with shield TV. Here are a couple issues I've had with Shield TV:
      1. Chromecast won't turn on the TV sometimes. On the projector it just won't cast sometimes, have to disconnect and reconnect manually for it to work.
      2. At the moment, Plex simply doesn't work, error code pops up with every video hosted on Synology DS918. Dug through both logs on server and client side and spent a couple of hours googling and troubleshooting still no solution.

      Never had these issues on ATV and a big plus with ATV is if you have an iOS device, whenever you try to type something on tvOS, a notification pops up on iOS so you can just type on your iOS device directly which I find to be very handy.

      Just bought a 2021 ATV 4k, will give the shield TV to my parents.

      • +1

        …will give the shield TV to my parents.

        People I know give/recommend Apple devices to their parents or older relatives, so that they won't be called for technical support (easy to use and rarely have issues) LOL…

    • -2

      I bought the ATV 4K and returned it, happy with CCWGT for now. ATV does have smoother interface, amazing 4k screensaver but the app section is quite lacking tbh. Sure it does most streaming apps just fine, but there is no tiktok (just gen z things lol), stremio, kodi (yeah nah, it justs work without sideloading and signing etc etc), and i found that chromecast does handle casting video (esp on some shady pirate streaming services) better than AirPlay. And some reasons, ATV Disney+ only showed HDR10 on my TV (Hisense Q7), while CCWGTV is DV.

      IDK so many people praised ATV's remote, it's tiny and slippery AF.

  • +10

    Great price for this box.

    I am really enjoying our Apple TV 4K.

    The 7Plus app for the Olympics was great; fast loading, simple navigation to select the sport you wanted to watch and less annoying commentators on each specific sport (complete opposite of the 7 & 7Mate coverage).

    Having the one box with all the TV apps makes such a difference too, they are all just there and actually get updates (my biggest annoyance with our Hisense TV is we are locked into the older app store and stuck with the apps available from 2018).

    • Thats the number one reason I have an apple tv.

      Smart tvs are great and all, its good to see all the manufacturers adding that usability to their TVs, but they are still miles behind as far as updates and support goes. At least with the Apple TV you can rely on updates actually coming, rather than hoping your particular model of tv is lucky enough to get some support.

  • apple pencil 2nd gen for $169.14

  • whats the real world benefit of this vs the previous version of the appletv 4k?

    • +2

      One main reason I upgraded (with this deal) is earc to homepods

      This to me is worth so much

      I have two homepods connected to my old Apple TV 4K

      Now when you upgrade anything coming from the tv will output the sound to the homepods

      So if you have Xbox ps5 etc

      The audio will now come out to the homepods if your tv supports earc

    • Real world the biggest thing would be the remote - so if you already have a previous gen 4k apple tv you can buy just the remote and pair it. The previous generations remote was horrifically bad for accidental knocks and what not.

      If you already have a previous gen 4k model I would recommend just upgrading the remote. The only reason I am going to the 2021 model is because my previous gen is only 1080p.

      • yep, i don't like the remote of the previous version, but it doesn't bother me as much as it does other people.

        I wasn't sure if there was extra features of the new version beyond the improved processor etc which probably doesnt translate to much in real world user experience.

        Might just stick with what I have if its not a substantial upgrade.

  • It’s $199 on amazon right now?

    • Can you send us a link? I see only $245.

    • That’s old Apple TV

      If you read description it uses an older chip

      It’s tricky marketing

      • and the 2021 4k version has the new improved remote as pictured in this post

    • Thats the HD model not the 4k as above

      • Ah yes..: dirty

  • Man, I want a Shield Pro but this just made me realise how much Nvidia is shafting us here.

    • depends what features you are looking for as the Nv. Pro have some benefits over this, but they might not be what you are wanting

  • +2

    64GB is $245, grabbed one thanks OP

  • Bought 2 . Many thanks

  • dang - code expired

    • Yeah I had a strong feeling that this is one of those one-day flash codes as it worked on many sellers including private, so cannot be a sellers invitation promo (ie discounts funded by eBay usually don’t last long) …

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