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[eBay Plus] Huawei Matebook D14 (14", R7 3700U, 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM) $764.99 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Found this pop up at the top of the page when I was looking for a cheapo USB-C dongle.
Not the lowest price on OZB but seems to be the 2nd lowest for an R7 cpu?
The 15% voucher expires today.

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  • Anyone know the spec on the USB C ?

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      Review here (https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/huawei-matebook-d-14) seems to mention the following:

      "The USB-C is for charging, and this makes me long for another USB-C port on the device – likely instead of the USB-A 2.0 port – to allow for two simultaneous USB-C connections. There’s also no Thunderbolt 3 support here, which would dramatically boost data transfer speeds and allow for video output. "

  • ryzen 7 3700u < risen 3 4300u
    according to cpubenchmark.net

    • I'd trust Geekbench more than that site, but either way, even Geekbench is showing that the 4300u is more powerful than the 3700u.

      3700u multi-core score: 2610

      4300u multi-core score: 2778

      This just shows how big of a performance boost the 4000 series got :)

    • CPUbenchmark.net is an absolute mess of a website. I feel like at this point they just make up their data.

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    Any other deals around this price point?

  • $700 is the sweet spot this is also a good price 🤗

  • Is this good for the price ?

  • Backlit keyboard?

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    Pretty sure only 6GB RAM is usable. The Vega graphics on this processor reserves 2GB.

    • Oh? I don't know anything about this laptop but this is very important for anyone considering it!!

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    Please, just don't buy the D series. It is in the lowest tier among the Huawei Matebook product line.

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      That's why it comes with a cheap price tag, but it's more than adequate for general office work that doesn't involve serious video and image editing.

  • is this suppose to be like a MacBook? i was going to get a MacBook, should i just get this because its cheaper?

    • No

    • Huawei have taken a lot of styling cues from the Macbook in the design, but it's a Windows powered laptop underneath

    • If you like the look of a MacBook but don't actually want a MacBook I guess so? Just stick an Apple logo on it when you get it and noone will know /s

  • 2nd lowest for an R7 cpu?

    It's also one of the oldest and slowest. Any 4th gen Ryzen chip beats this and considering there's also 5th gen out too it should be available at a reasonable price point.

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    15" Huawei D15 (AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, 8GB RAM 256GB) model is $769 on Amazon currently.

    Less of a deal here but suited our requirements for some cheap 15" laptops for RDP use (14" was just a little too small for WFH).


    Similar price to MobileCiti on eBay atm ($769.99):


    • Cheers for posting ! Seems I can get 5% off with eBay plus

      • Went ahead and purchased :)

        Total $731.59

    • Even cheaper now with new 15% off on afterpay purchase now 😭