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[eBay Plus] Gigabyte RTX3060 12GB Gaming OC PCIe Video Card $845.75 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Using the Tech10off code plus my Ebay plus is saying it comes with a further 5% off makes this is one of the better prices I have seen in a while.

Keep hodling?

(First post, fingers crossed)

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    bought one. thanks

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      Why not the 3060ti for 899 posted yesterday?

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        I suspect Jerome thought this was the Ti

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        just cancelled lol thanks man

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    If you don't mind a dual-fan card, Asus Dual 3060 Ti for $859 @ PLE (ETA: 23/08) will probably perform better.

    • I am getting a micro Atx MoBo, aesthetically this may look better haha would you only notice the 2 fans if you try to ramp it up?

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    Would have to have rocks in your head to get this over the 3060 Ti Dual from PCCG or PLE. Huge gap between 3060 and 3060 Ti. They probably shouldn't both even be called 3060s.

    • That's pre order yeah? when do they arrive?

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        PLE website says 23 August. Not sure about PCCG. If you've waited this long to buy a GPU, you can wait another couple of weeks IMO.

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      I think if you care about aesthetics, you would go this one over the mini

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        If you care about aesthetics, buy a piece of artwork, not a graphics card.

        • How narrow minded of you. I think many folks would pay extra for a nicer looking card to match their build.

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            @kaio85: If you are willing to sacrifice all the performance gains of a 3060 Ti over a 3060 for the same price purely because of aesthetics, it is you who is narrow minded.

            By all means, spend more on a better looking 3060 Ti, but to regress to a 3060 over a Ti available for the same price purely because of looks, is madness. (the 3060 Ti Mini Dual doesn't even look that bad).

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              @xyron: That is the same logic matey. Spending more on a 3060ti that looks better would be the same as spending the same on a better looking 3060 :)

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                @kaio85: Which might be excusable in a world where a good 3060Ti wasn't available for the same price. However, would still be mad to spend $850 on a 3060 (non Ti) even if it was the most beautiful card available given the mediocre performance it offers.

                Your money, you spend it how you like.

          • @kaio85: Especially if you have red rgbs, easy clock boost

  • Not worth it

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    These need to be 600, not 845. Keep holding.

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    Still not low enough but getting closer

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    Don't buy this one, big difference between 3060 and 3060ti

  • Not worth at this price. Should be 700 or under max.

  • are these LHR?

    • I'm curious about this too.
      Going by the model number it isn't:
      Sould be a V2 at the end if it's the LHR version.

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    holding for 3070 to be about this price

  • HODL, I'm still rocking my GTX 660ti.

  • This deal sucks.

    3060 Ti are constantly available between $859 to $899. And if it's urgent I'd rather pay $930 for the Galax 3060 Ti from Computer Alliance

  • go for a 3060 ti