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Optus Sport 12 Month Subscription (New Customers Only) $99 (Was $139) @ Optus


With the EPL starting next week Optus are offering this to new customers.

*Discounted annual pass available for new customers only until 24/8/21. Subscriptions renew automatically until cancelled.

PS - may also have Shopback available

PPS -Cmon you Foxes.!!!!

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    This discriminates against existing customers!

    • Yes, In the FB add it stated it would renew at this price too (not on the page though). Hope somethings available when mine runs out in Jan.

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      $5/28 days for existing Optus prepaid customers.

      Works out to be $65/year.

    • I'm an existing customer and got it free, but don't use/want it.

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    Tempted but the season doesn't run for 12 months. I guess it's cheaper than monthly.

    PS. Hopefully we can steal your Maddison as well.

    PPS. All of these subs add up! Netflix (Turkish), YouTube Music, Amazon, Kayo (for F1) Disney+

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    Why not other sports?

  • Running a lot of deals the week Paramount+ starts. Optus don't have the A-League.

  • What kind of video quality can be expected on Optus Sport ?
    Full HD, or 720p ?

    • 720p on majority devices. 1080p on Fetch Box.

      • I have Kodi and Apple TV 4K, so limited to 720p :-(

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    No more UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Fifa world club or uefa super cup with Optus.

    • Yeah, not worth $99 without UCL…apparently a new streaming service bought the rights and now I have to pay for another subscription to watch it.

    • What about the new Europa Conference League?

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    • Who's got the rights this year?

      • Stan for Champions League.

        • Aww.. this sucks…

          • @Hamlet: Big time. Optus sports had the best package for the 20-21 season. All the different leagues are with different streaming services now. Sucks for the consumer.

            • @Sang11: Yeah, I don't want to have to subscribe to 3 different providers just to watch the same sport…

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    I posted a better deal last month.

    It’s $90 and you get a data sim for 12 months.


    • But that has expired.

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        Extended to 22 Aug 2021

        • I can't find it though. Just shows usual $15.

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            @UdunNome: It's an in-app promotion, so you won't see it unless you have the My Optus App installed. You may need to activate a prepaid SIM to do that

            • @sparky347: Just wanted to say thanks for these comments.

              Was not an Optus customer but activated an Optus prepaid SIM, installed My Optus app, and found the offer on my prepaid service homepage (it's a broad 50% off for 12 months deal, not specific to the $15/mo data SIM; but if you're just after Optus Sport, that's the best plan to use).

              In case it helps others it seems to take a while for new Optus services to show up in the My Optus app.

              When I first logged into My Optus app, it kept saying I have no active services even though I could see the prepaid service on the Optus My Account website. Contacted customer service, they re-linked my prepaid service, and told me it would take up to 4 hours for it to appear in My Optus. Tried again the next morning, had to logout of My Optus and relogin, and finally it appeared.

              • @goosmurf: thanks , just to be clear.. what does it then cost you? $15 a month?

                • @lickjimmy1: $7.50/mo for 12 months. After that reverts to $15/mo.

                  Basically I'm getting the 5GB data SIM plan which is normally $15/month. The My Optus app offer is 50% off for 12 months.

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    Love Premier League, hate having to wake up at odd hours of the morning to catch a game.

  • I was under the impression Optus post paid customers had this included in the bill

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      You do. This is for non optus customers