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[PS5] Demon's Souls $75.68 + Shipping ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Discounted US version of Demon's Souls through Amazon.

Was about to bite the bullet on buying it at $99 when I came across this

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    if you don't mind used, amazon warehouse has Australian copies for $80.26

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    Sony are taking the piss on game pricing this generation, it's why i have only bought one PS5 game since launch. Ratchet and Clank, which reminds me I need to sell it as finished it with my kid and he isn't interested anymore.

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      I dont have any PS5 games. I am playing Control on my ps5…

      • Awesome game.

      • Pretty crap that only the Ultimate Edition got the PS5 upgrade. Everyone wants to rip off the early adopters.

    • LMAO you made me realise I haven't bought any PS5 games at all and even new games I buy are PS4 with free PS5 upgrades. I want Rachet and Clank as well but not for $109 I wont.

  • If I was going to buy the US version, then that should be minimum $49!

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      minimum $49!

      Well you’re in luck, this is $75.68

  • I bought the games but i dont really have time to play and.practice.

    • I know the feeling.
      Purchase next gen console for FOMO and have no time to use it.

  • How long is this game? I’m playing hollow knight and like it.

    • For a first timer in “Souls” concept expect at least around 40-60 hours to complete the game.
      This is mainly due to the checkpoint (bonfire) mechanism, penalties on death and the game itself not being very descriptive on quests or progression routes.

      Also the game heavily relies on grinding to improve the gear lvl up and play the same areas ove and ove in order to proceed.

      But somehow (if you like it), playing same lvls over and over does not get boring because the weapon variety and the combat feeling is awesome.

      • Also the game heavily relies on grinding to improve the gear lvl up and play the same areas ove and ove in order to proceed.

        Definitely don't agree with that part; you don't need to grind and the game certainly doesn't rely on it. But the option is there if you're stuck.

        • Let’s say not heavily relies on grinding. I can agree on that.
          But also consider that I have written my comment for the players who are not faimilar with Souls games.

          It is obvious that in all souls games you can find some early game ‘hack’ weapons and boost the damage with a few smart upgrades. And if you are good at dodging and parrying you can even finish the entire game without any decent armor. But this applies to a small portion of the gamers who are most probably played most of the souls games several times. Spent a decent amount of time in game wiki’s for upgrade paths and enemy weaknesses.

          But most probably for most of the gamers, the first playthrough will be a regressive trial and fail kind of grinding loop until becoming handy in the game mechanics.

          And also to be able to use many heavy weapons and armors you’ll need to upgrade your stats which again requires grinding :)

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    I paid $89 on Amazon AU a while back and watched the opening scene before closing the game lol

  • Still too rich for my blood. $49 and we can talk

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    Great price. But be careful if you’re a casual gamer. You may end up with a rage quit in your first few hours and regret buying it :)

    • That happened to me :) not in rage tho

  • Way too hard. Didn't enjoy this game st all. Sold it after about 5 times playing it. You need patience for this one.

  • Loved the original but ill wait till its cheaper or a PC version is announced.

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