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Moccona Wholebean Barista Reserve - Instant Coffee $8 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Original Coupon Deal

56% off RRP of $16. Comes in 3 options:

Moccona Coffee Wholebean Barista Reserve - Rich Espresso
Moccona Coffee Wholebean Barista Reserve - Crema
Moccona Coffee Wholebean Barista Reserve - Smooth Espresso

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  • For Rich Espresso and "Smooth Espresso* varieties, you can use S&S for $7.20.

  • -7

    What's the point it's just regular coffee

    • +2

      People do drink instant coffee, not sure what’s your point is?

      • -1

        People endure instant coffee.

        • +2

          Nah, I drink instant when I want to. I got barista machine too and they all serve different purpose. Sometimes I just want a cup of instant. For other people I know, they drink 3-4 cups a day so they want something quick & convenient.

  • Don’t mind the crema version, wouldn’t pay full price for it though

  • 175g each .Thanks OP ordered all 3 .

  • How does this compare to Lavazza instant? Which I haven't been a fan of so far

    • +1

      The Rich Espresso is my to go. I like it better than the Lavazza.

  • they renewed their product range & design of tins. Assume these could be old stocks.
    I don't mind with this, ordered one, thanks.

  • +1

    Moccona Wholebean Barista Reserve

    Premium Instant Coffee with Finely Ground Arabica Beans

    So.its grounded whole bean?

    I was reserve when I played footy…does this mean it's crap too?

    • Haha that's a good one. In any event, it says "instant coffee" so I would say it's just like their regular range, but more premium, whatever that means.

      • -1

        It's marketing 101 - Lipstick On A Pig

        Whole bean, Barista, Reserve just meaningless lipstick terms.

    • I don't have an issue with the product, but I think the whole bean marketing is stupid. All coffee is made from whole beans…. the important things are which beans you use and how you prepare the drink.

      Looks like regular instant coffee to me.

  • Was just going to submit it myself, thanks OP

  • -4

    Too expensive…cheapest was…

    my last ordered…$5.00
    Moccona Coffee Wholebean Barista Reserve Rich Espresso, 175g
    Sold by: Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd
    on 27 Mar 2021

  • Thanks OP, grabbed 3 of each.

    For some reason they dont stock it in Coles or Woolies anymore.

    • It was discontinued from Coles around 6 months ago. I bought it for $2 thinking it was normal instant coffee powder (didn't notice it was dried freeze). Should have bought more. Regretting now as it was better than the average Nescafe.

      • I love it.

        I dont think I can drink any other instant coffee at this price.

        at $2 I would have grabbed the lot LOL

  • -3

    So why wouldn't people grab an aeropress and buy the Grinders 200g pre-ground beans for $6.50/$5.85 ?

    It's cheaper only take a few minutes and a much better result.

  • -1

    56% off RRP of $16

    How come? Looks like 50%?

    Last time ordered when it was 5$. Wouldn't pay much more than that for it..

  • Leave the house at 6 and my coffee machine is too noisy at that hour so have to endure an instant. Usually drink the normal Moccona, so will try this. Thanks.

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