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5G Home Internet Unlimited Data - First Month Free - $64.99/Month Thereafter @ Vodafone


Today I signed up for this offer.
One month’s plan fees free and $0 upfront costs

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  • How do we check if we can get the offer or not? Can't find any info on vodafone website (unlike Optus/Telstra that offers coverage check upon entering our address)

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      Assume this is what you were after?

      • Thanks, I have the 5G coverage based on the link u gave. So how do I get their 5G home internet plan?
        Need an invitation for now? Can't see any public link

        • Yes there is no public link at this stage so all is invitation by Vodafone/TPG.

      • I can never get this coverage link work. It does not locate my address for some reasons.

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          1) Some browser extensions may interfere with the map. Try an incognito window.

          2) The result is not address-precise but is expected coverage projected onto a map. Try your neighbour's address.

  • Will be interesting to see if non vodafone people get a letterbox drop

  • Your 5G Home Wireless Plan is available to select invitation-only customers prior to public access of the service (“Early Access Program”). The duration of the Early Access Program period is your first 3 months of your 5G Home Wireless Plan (“Early Access Period”).

    It's mentioned in the plans T&Cs -… (page 28) - but OP's targeted offer is cheaper than that's listed in the T&Cs.

    • Vodafones 4g plans are only 200gb or 400gb and are quite expensive compared to NBN unlimited plans so until they also provide unlimited data I don't think wireless will really take off (except for those poor souls who can't get HFC or better)

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        These are unlimited data.

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          Oh…shame it seems we can't all avail ourselves of the deal then…I'd probably switch to them if I was offered the deal.

  • does this use CGNAT? if so it is completely useless to anyone planning on playing computer games online

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      Yes it does. No IPV6 either

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    I’m assuming this is as much data as you like, otherwise it’s false advertising from Voda?

  • What are the monthly limits for this?

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      If you actually click "View Image", it clearly states "Unlimited Data" compared to competitor nbn 50 "Unlimited Data" with different pricing.

  • any idea what 5g modem are they providing?

    • Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway bundle
      That’s what I saw on my order

      • I thought this modem is exclusive to Optus

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        wonder if Optus will price match Voda

  • I would love to get this deal. The freedom to place thr modem anywhere is awesome. Unfortunately I'm not targeted. Please let me know it anyone can find a way. Thanks

    • Call up sales team, see my reply below

    • I wonder if blackspots in your house would affect the speed. I know that happens for me on 4G.

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        I'm on 4g, pressing hard to differentiate speed with nbn tbh.

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        with optus 5g, you are advised to place the modem at the window closest to the tower direction

        • Thanks, that makes sense

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    Not eligible for 5G in my neighbourhood in the immediate future but Voda 4G runs like a deer, up to 120mbps download. Very happy so far but Voda, bring on the 5G!

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      Any unlimited 4g plan? I'm with Telstra 4g n it's fast enough. Haven't found 4g unlimited tho. Thanks

      • Unlimited only on 5G.

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          Wish i got the invite. :)

          • @Bargain-er: I didn't get the invite but called up myself, sales were hesitant until they transferred me to the backend team

            • @Jasow4444: Can DM me for details? Thanks

            • @Jasow4444: @Jasow4444 Can you Dm me details please too, thanks in advance

              • @bennib0i: DMed let me know how you go, I hope you get through the backend sales guy was pretty keen in contrast to the first guy on the call

            • @Jasow4444: Hi Jasow4444, please DM details too. Many thanks in advance.

            • @Jasow4444: Could you please DM me for details as well? TIA!

            • @Jasow4444: Could you please DM me the details for signing up? Thank you.

            • @Jasow4444: Hey @Jasow4444 could you please DM me the details too? Also do you know if we have 30 days to trial and then time to cancel and send back the modem? Or does it have to be done all within 30 days?

              • @10101010101: Dmed, in terms of the 30 days, you get 1 month for free and then if you cancel during or after that you need to return the modem to them or pay the early exit fee which is the price of the modem ($617). The plan lasts for 36 months otherwise. Hope that helps.

                • @Jasow4444: Please PM me too the details of this offer Jasow.

                • @Jasow4444: @Jasow4444 Could you please PM me as well for the details of this offer  cheers

                  • @fignazeuz: I'm unable to DM you for some reason, try follow these steps.

                    I called up 1300 801 122. Pressed 1, asked about the targeted 5g home internet plan that's $64.99. Then the sales person transferred me.

                    They seemed to try to hide it so try your best to tell them it exists. If anything go to the backend team.

                    Hope this helps

        • @Jasow4444 would it be possible to dm me deets for invite only plan connection work around 😊 thanks heaps

          • @Breckinn: I'm unable to DM you for some reason, try follow these steps.

            I called up 1300 801 122. Pressed 1, asked about the targeted 5g home internet plan that's $64.99. Then the sales person transferred me.

            They seemed to try to hide it so try your best to tell them it exists. If anything go to the backend team.

            Hope this helps

      • Both TPG and iiNet offer unlimited 4G.

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          20Mbps only though?

          • @lolcoaster: Yeah 20 down 2 up

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            @lolcoaster: Yes, dont forget there is a deal still on $35/mth by Felix (Vodafone network) will be ended by this friday, prepaid, no contract first month free.

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              @s12321: Felix is 20 down / 20 up which makes it a bargain

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                @bazingaa: Thank you @jasow4444!!!! Being signed up as we speak hopefully it has good speeds! Good luck to all!

  • Do you have the link to sign up? I just want to check if my address is eligible, 5G network is available.

  • So is there a 5g modem to use internet at home?

    • Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway bundle

      • I was told my area is not 5g and can't sign up…

      • Wow, so government is still spending money on NBN.

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    What is the garantee speed for 5G network?

    • They didn't give me a guaranteed speed but they said the speed is uncapped

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    I just called up and signed up for this deal, interested to see my speeds but they did say I can cancel it for free during the month if I'm not happy. Thanks OP

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      Which number did you call? I’ll give them a try if they can sign me up on phone. Thanks.

      • I called up 1300 801 122. Pressed 1, asked about the targeted 5g home internet plan that's $64.99. Then the sales person transferred me.

        • Thank you

    • Are you an existing Vodafone customer?

    • Thanks for.sharing, I rang them up and was asked am i current vodafone customer. I am not and then turned down the offer on me. Are u existing customer before signing up?

      • I was not existing customer. It seems maybe they are turning people down :(, maybe try again.

        • Thank you, could you please DM me the details? I will try my luck again if they can get me to the backend sales. Many thanks!

  • How's the latency on Voda 5G?

  • Is there a difference between 5g home internet and 5g mobile coverage? It seem to be a different product and features but as I know they would use the same network

    I seem to notice among telstra optus etc that 5g home are unlimited whereas 5g on a mobile plans are capped.

    • its different. Home 5g is probably geo locked.

  • The building next door to me is serviceable, not mine.

  • I'm in the area, I want it!

  • Does it come with 5G modem?

  • I guess modem is not provided?

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    Excellent, I hope 5G broadband really takes off given what a shitfest NBN has been.

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    Just got my vaccine shot, so that should bump up my 5G speeds

  • Weird I got 5G Vodafone network on my iPhone but not 5G home internet, so they couldn’t sign me up.

  • Decided to return the device. Am happy with the general speeds. the main issue for me torrents (sometimes I download tv series) painfully slow. Looks like they have some restrictions

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      How were your speeds ? You can just hop on to a VPN like NordVPN/Surfshark to unlock the speeds.

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  • Can I please have the invite as well? Please DM. Thanks.

  • Called them today. Shaped at 100mbps.

    Just for reference I am getting up to 550 mbps on my Optus 5G home internet.

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    Left Vodafone phone service yesterday as the 5G in Brisbane is terrible and I have no network/cant answer/make calls from home or work (Inner city suburbs) friends having same issues. I found their customer service pretty useless too. Goodluck to anyone signing up for their services.

    Optus have some great sim only deals through Flybuys. I'm going to give them a try.

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    A word of warning to all. Please be mindful of the speeds you can get. I started using my 5G model today and I was disappointed. Could not even play a game of COD online whilst the rest of the family streamed TV shows on Netflix. I was getting around 30Mbps download and 30Mbps upload speeds. Im calling voda up tomorrow to cancel the 5G deal, luckily I still have my optus plan to fall back on. Was getting around 500Mbps download beforehand on optus, only switched cause the price was competitive for only 64.99. Just a word of warning.

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    Received my modem yesterday and did few speed tests. Avg i am getting is about 160Mbps to 190Mbps. I am only 319m away from the tower with direct line of sight. So far i am happy with it.

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