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[Listing Error] Sapphire Nitro+ AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT $525.41 Delivered @ MemoryC USA via Amazon AU


Seem to be the same as this one
Buy it at your own risk - Product image is a Ryzen 5600G
Someone on Discord has already checked this with an Amazon rep and they confirmed it's a GPU - take it with a grain of salt LOL

Mod Note: Purchase at your own risk, as Amazon Product Images & Technical Details are for a AMD Ryzen 5 5600G. Also note that the product is fulfilled by a third party and not Amazon.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    $439.89 from Amazon UK

    • I tried that and got cancelled.

  • +34

    Have they learnt nothing?

    Is the NSW Gov in charge of these listings?

    • +13

      If they are they aren't going to do anything about it until it affects them

    • +5

      Health advice said leave it up.

    • +2

      Our leaders are Bruz Barilaro and Koala Killer. What did you expect

  • I see $439.89 if you order from Amazon UK.

  • +3

    graphic card prices have sure dropped a lot

  • +10

    As per the latest updates on the previous "deal", everyone's order is being cancelled with no voucher

    • +1

      Not everyone.

      • My original order RX6700XT cancelled with no voucher….

        This one will be interesting to see what happens - 2 different Amazon support staff have said it is the GPU (as they did for the 1st order) but the 1st advised that if the incorrect item arrives they will replace it with the correct one, and the 2nd advised that they have requested the team to deliver the item without cancelling…

        My expectations - cancel and refunded Or delivered/returned and refunded! Maybe vouchers for the trouble..

  • +4

    Don't bother, order will be canceled.

  • Clearly a mismatch of products. I would be surprised if anyone actually managed to receive a 6900Xt from this, but hey worth a shot? :)

    • It's not just the picture. It's also got 2 different descriptions. One is clearly for 5600G, other is for 6900XT.

  • All orders got cancelled, please delete this post.

    • -3

      That was for the 6700XT, not the 6900XT,, There is still hope

    • +5

      Not all. There’s some, including myself, who still haven’t had their orders cancelled

  • I bought this earlier today for 398.. same exact link, weird price jack…?

    • Was from Amazon US via AU earlier.

  • -2

    definitely an issue with AMD having CPU and GPU names so similar

  • +2

    Most likely someone working on Amazon AU website fked up the conversion coding.
    Shows correctly on US site: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092L9GF5N
    Only AU site is affected. Doubt this will be honoured, and if you get the CPU delivered it may lead to a big mess, eg. having to prove the wrong item was delivered.

  • AGAIN!?

  • +4

    At this stage we already know Amazon has been confused GPU and CPU listings. Ozbargainers report getting orders canceled and no voucher for their "trouble".
    Really no point in even trying

  • +3

    Just spoke to chat, they confirmed this is also an error.

    I tried to get another 20$ credit but they said no because its Amazon US :( which isnt true but i tried at least.

    • thanks mate

    • Did you get a $20 credit for the 6700xt error?

  • bought last one from amazon… see what's going to happen

  • Holy shit not again. Lol

  • +2

    I bought this and it has already been cancelled after I was charged about an hour after ordering. got an email saying refund on the way.

    • Did you have luck getting 20$ store credit?

      • nope, as it's amazon US. I could only get the credit if it was from the Amazon AU Page.

        • OKay thanks they said the same thing to me..wasnt sure if they were just annoyed and lied to me

    • This was for MemoryC USA

  • +2

    This is not a deal.

  • another one…

  • +1

    shouldn't this be removed since its been proven not to be for the actual GPU?

  • I also contacted Amazon support and they also said it was the gpu. I purchased it and I'll update you what happens next

  • +3

    Previous order has been cancelled today regarding RX 6700 XT.
    “ We’re contacting you in regards to your recent order # 503-8236869-0966229.

    We've noticed that when you ordered this item, the product details section stated that this edition was PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT. This is incorrect. The item you ordered was the AMD Ryzen 7 5700G.

    As a result, we've had to cancel them from your order and your original payment method won't be charged for them.”

  • Here we go again.

  • +1

    Lol no chance that's a 2k+ card

  • +4

    More chance of receiving a 6900XT from Gerry Harvey than this deal.

    • But only at triple the price!

  • +1

    I bought the 6700XT and this and both were cancelled today due to wrong item as expected.

    It's a waste of time

    • Yeah got the email today as well

  • Yeah don’t bother ppl

  • I received a msg shown the item has been dispatched… but don't know what is it.

    • what store did you buy from? amazon us?

      also GL

  • Amazon us 6700xt last deal

  • Got an email from the seller asking me to cancel the order.

    • Got an email from the seller

      Amazon US?

      • The seller: MemoryC USA

    • That's good news for people who brought from Amazon US. Means they know there was a mismatch.

  • Amazon must have received a ton of orders and working through the cancellations manually - I am still waiting for mine to be cancelled.

    • +1

      That is why I said with that large amount of orders, no way they will honor it.

      Better chance only if not posted here.

      • if most orders are cancelled and only a few go through, there might be a chance of returning the incorrect CPU and getting the GPU sent. At least that is my hope.

        • Amazon AU can only do replacements when they are the seller, not US/UK which are considered third party global sellers.

  • 6900xt order cancelled

  • Ordered on 11th August for $398.52, seller was Amazon US.
    They took the money yesterday - 12th August and so far not cancelled the order.
    Order shows as Arriving 2 Sep - 10 Sep.

    Do not have an issue with ~$400 being tied up for a few weeks, will see what happens.

    • I'd love to know what happens. Both my 6700 XT and 6900 XT from Amazon directly got cancelled.

      • Still no change in my order.

        • Got a refund to credit card but zero communication and order not cancelled.

          • @Now Gone: Now shipped - CPU 5600G on invoice.
            Guess it is going back when it arrives :)

            • +1

              @Now Gone: 5600G arrived, didn't open shipping bag.
              Return label printed and will send back for refund.
              Amazon were VERY slow in acknowledging and fixing the issue.

  • My 6900XT got cancelled by Amazon UK last afternoon
    But 6700XT is still waiting for shipping without charging yet
    See what is going on then

  • Anyone received $20 credit for the 6900 XT cancellation in addition to $20 credit for the 6700 XT cancellation?

  • my order has been shipped from Amazon US, I contacted support and they said that I will be receiving the 6700XT and not the CPU and said the invoice will be updated once it clears customs & delivered. They also Thanked me for being a prime member straight after that sentence so not sure if there was a manual adjustment done. I had 6900 and 6700 orders and some got cancelled while this one made it through. still have my 6900 orders from Amazon UK & US but the marketplace sellers cancelled already.

    • Did your invoice get updated to reflect that it is a CPU or did it remain as a GPU?

      • Invoice still says GPU but was told it will only change on delivery / customs.

    • Completely lost as to what's happening with my order…. I had authorisation only charge on my credit card which was has disappeared now so no payment was made, but I also have shipping notifications. In my prior Amazon chat they advised it would be the 6900XT shipped - my invoice still reflects that…. Curious to see what arrives!

      • Check your invoice not the order summary - its different

        • Interesting - you are correct - the order shows a GPU but the invoice now shows a CPU…. I checked my credit card and there is no charge there… I guess I will hold off until I either get charged or the item arrives before contacting Amazon again..

  • Thanks OP.

    I ordered 2.

    They were shipped and the invoice changed from a GPU to a CPU.

    They arrived on Saturday - 2x CPU's.

    I chatted to Amazon support and they gave no credits or anything else - just return for a full refund.

    They said my refund would take roughly 30 days.

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