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Haymes New Life Interior Wall Paint Low Sheen 15L - $124.90 Delivered (Was $233) @ PaintMate


Stuck at home during lockdown? We have a great offer to keep you busy over the weekend while giving your home a refresh!

We currently have 15L drums of Haymes New Life Interior Wall Paint - Low Sheen on sale and are offering OzBargain members an extra discount on top of our sale price.

Simply enter ozbargain25 at checkout to receive an extra $25 off each drum, bringing each down to $124.90.

Delivery is included for free and you'll receive a text message with real-time tracking of your order once it's dispatched. Orders usually arrive the same or next business day, just in time for the weekend.

At PaintMate, our team includes professional painters so if you have any questions about the offer or painting in general drop them in the comments and we'll be happy to help.

Happy Painting!

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  • Compare to dulux, which one is better?

    • Warranty same same.

      Wash n Wear 101?

      • +3

        Yep exactly…….. Haymes is Australian made and owned…..

        • +1

          Mr Haymes has recently passed away.

          No issues with Haymes.
          Top stuff.

          101 wash n wear is meh….. poor coverage.

          Marks/ scuff marks off with wet soft clean sponge with pro range.
          New Life Interior does the job well.
          Comparable to dulux professional.

          • +1

            @Rrpnothanx: Yeah David Haymes passed away, very sad.

            Great Family and team at Haymes though.

            I personally prefer haymes paint over dulux anyday….

            New life interior a great product.

            Thanks for the comment I appreciate it.

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              @paintmate: Wattyl reps say the same thing
              "Personally I prefer Wattyl over Dulux"

              "Personally I prefer Bristol over Dulux"

              • +4

                @Rrpnothanx: That's True, Except we have the option to purchase any manufactures product.

                We don't work exclusively with Haymes, our site is still being deeloped. We just chose the Haymes range to sell first as we personally find them the best.

                Thanks again

            • @paintmate: The issue with paint is the same with other products like the lightbulb. It's all about planned obsolescence.

              Paint is in the same category. If you make a really good paint, then paint revenue will go down because you've effectively made a paint so good that it's hurting sales.

              This is one of the issues with the world……. sometimes things in the past are way more superior, yet because of corporate greed and corruption it's pushed people to produce inferior products so that companies can sell more.

              • @Gzusfreak: No. Very different.

                Incandescent light bulbs don't get dirty for scruffed and they don't get dimmer as they get older. No on replaces a fully working light bulb.

                But if your 20yo painted room looks like new, however you wanted to change the colour you would repaint.

    • Hi Peppacat,

      Each Paint manufacturer has their "range" of products. This product is one under Haymes best product, but is a really good wearing product.

      It would be the same as the Dulux Professional Range (Not wash and wear range).

      Value for money, this product is great. Great coverage, low sheen, washable.

      Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks

      • Sorry are you saying the ranking is like
        Wash and wear
        Dulex professional
        In that order?

    • +1

      Probably gonna get buried, but Dulux changed recipe on same product and is now shit. My 2c.

    • +1

      This is way better than Dulux or any of the other well known brands. One of the best paints you can get in Australia.
      It's also an Australian family owned company.

      • 100% agree

    • When I needed ceiling paint,. I was told Haymes was the best. Apparently they are right up there. No regrets about my ceilings, and I expect this wall paint is also good.

  • Hi Peppacat,

    Each Paint manufacturer has their "range" of products. This product is one under Haymes best product, but is a really good wearing product.

    It would be the same as the Dulux Professional Range (Not wash and wear range).

    Value for money, this product is great. Great coverage, low sheen, washable.

    Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks


    Why is my google search coming up with many cheaper options?? Am I missing something

    • +3

      Hi Mate, you search is for a 4 Litre, our deal is for a 15 Litre……


      • Oh I see. The picture in the link has 4L hence my confusion.

    • +1

      the one you posted is 4 litres, this is 15 Litres

      • +1

        Sure is, Thank you

  • Are you able to colour tint to order before sending?

    • +1

      Yep 100%, just type the colour you want into the "colour" section.

      For example if you wanted Dulux Natural White.

      Just type in Dulux "Natural White into our colour section and we'll get it done for you.

      Thank you.

      • Thanks just ordered one, how long will it take to ship to Melbourne?

        • +5

          Hey Mate, I will get it to you tomorrow Morning. Thanks

      • can you do dulux antique white usa?

        • Yep, sure can.

  • +6

    I have used Haymes Interior Expressions throughout my whole house 5 years back. Interior Expressions is the model above this, although not sure technically what the difference is. I specifically chose it after research as it reviewed better than Dulux and Taubmans. In my experience, now with kids, great wash and wear characteristics, so far I haven't been able to get a mark off. Application, nice and thick, great coverage. We went over walls that were a medium brown with natural white, and two coats covered it.

    They're ceiling white has always been known as one of the best in the market and I preferred their water based enamel compared to aquaenamel as it flowed on well and covered well.

    5 years ago, the top of the range interior expressions 10L was comparable in price to Dulux.

    The only paint I would rate even better than Haymes, was Valspar Diamond Coat when Masters was around. I have that in a few bedrooms and thickness and wearability was far superior.

    • You're 100 correct, to be honest this formulation i=s the old Expressions formulation before they changed it 2 years ago. Great product.

    • My understanding is that 'Expressions' is top of the range, 'Elite' is the mid-level and 'New Life' is the low end. I repainted the house 2-3 years ago in the 'Elite', I've a young family and expected marks and scratches. It looks superb really. I've no complaints. I had no interior house painting experience either.
      Though if I was going to repaint again, or build a place, I'd choose the Expressions range.

  • Thanks OP.
    Anything available in a low VOC?

  • Hey OP, any tips / advice on choosing colour? How does it work with the paint you are advertising? I’m after a typical ceiling white and then also a white wall colour that doesn’t have that ‘yellow’ look to it.

    • Hey!

      Thanks for your comment.

      Ceiling white would be this product:

      Just adjust your size.

      One of the Most popular colours would be: Dulux "Natural White"

      Let me know if you don't like it and i'll offer some additional colours.


      • Hey op,

        Looking to pick up at least 30l of ceiling white and 45l of the internal walls.

        Will the $25 discount work on the ceiling white as well? If not, can you do me a deal?:D

        • Hi Mate,

          the discount will not work on Ceiling paint at this time unfortunately. the discount on the wall paint is so craxy cheap and our prices we have on ceiling paint is cheaper than our competitors anyway.

          Thanks mate

    • If you want to avoid yellow, Lexicon Quarter or Lexicon Half would be my recommendation. Of course it's always a personal preference too, as we don't know how dark you want your walls to be.
      Natural White might be very popular but it's also very yellow.

      I'm a painter and have used Natural White for hundreds of homes over the last few years. Good luck!

      • Lexicon quarter and lexicon half are great colours!

  • +4

    Wow, finally some paint for sale in Australia at the price they pay for it in the UK & Europe….never understood why paint is soooo expensive here.

    (Was $233)

    • +2

      I don’t understand why it’s cheaper to buy 2x 10L @ $109.10 each than 1x 15L @ $233 RRP.

  • Any deals on external paint? Have plenty of weatherboards that need a good paint.

    • +2

      Hi Mate,

      This retails for nearly $200. We have it for $140:

      Let me know if you need any assistance.

      If you are serious I could give you a $10off coupon.

      Thanks so much.

      • Any semi gloss paint? Doing some renos might need some more paint

        • Semi Gloss for interior or exterior?

          • @paintmate: Interior thanks

          • @paintmate: Hey mate, was planning on painting my exterior wooden doors and aluminum garage doors in semi gloss. Any deals for that? Thanks.

      • When it says self priming does that mean the paint can be used directly as the undercoat and top coat?

      • Hi Rep, I have just ordered 2 x15ltr in Dulux Lexican Low sheen, also interested in 15 ltr exterior with your $10 discount voucher mentioned, please PM a code and I will order it tomorrow for 6076 delivery with the others, thanks!

      • Is the exterior paint only available in a white base? I was after exterior Monument, which I think may be DEEP base. Thank you

      • Cheers! Yep if you could pm me a code for the exterior also that would be amazing (I’m buying 15L interior, ceiling and exterior. Got a whole new house to paint 😂

  • Thanks very much, painting the inside of townhouse this weekend and just grabbed 3 X 15L in Antique White USA. Great deal, great paint. Best wishes to you

    • +2

      You're a legend! Thank you so much for the support I really appreciate it.

  • Great deal, is it also available in a Matt finish or is it just Low Sheen?

    It's for internal rendered walls so would prefer matt if you have it to help hide the imperfections.

    • Hi, This particular product is available in low sheen only. However, it's not as shiny as the Expressions low sheen.


      • Thanks, do you know the gloss level?

  • Hi guys, good timing. I've been meaning to paint my apartment…this ought to get me off my back side.

    Can I PM you my floorplan and get some advice? Would really appreciate the help.


    • Of course, Happy to help!

      Pm, live chat or email us at [email protected]

      Thanks heaps

      • Hi mate - I have also sent you an email if you could reply for the townhouse would be amazing


  • Good deal! How does Haymes compare to Tint paint?

    • +1

      In all honesty, Haymes makes tint. It's the same product…..

  • Hi Op,

    How long of a shelf life do these paint cans have?

    I am interested in buying your paints in bulk.

    • Hi, no actual expiry date. Keep them cool and dry and they will be fine for 6 odd months easy.


    • They can last years, I've used leftover paint from previous owner that was first opened at least 3 years ago and they were still good. Just put a cling wrap over the opening before reseal the lid to keep moisture and avoid rusty bits from the can to fall into the paint.

  • +1

    Great to see some more competition on paint. The market has to few players and the prices we pay for paint is way overs.

    OP - interested in your recommendation for a paint to give render a freshen up.


  • Hello! How long are you having the special for? We were just about to start trialing colours..

    Thanks :)

    • +1

      Good Evening, this sale ends Sunday. Thanks so much.

      • +1

        I'd rather not panic buy a heap of paint of a colour we may not actually want due to time pressures, what would you say to me buying several drums of base not-tint and getting them tinted later on?

        • I would also be interested in doing this if possible

        • Can do that for sure, take them into your local Haymes shop for tinting….

          • @paintmate: Brilliant, I'm convinced.

            I know you can't speak for Haymes, but if I rolled up to paintmate with wanting a several tints over a few tins of paint, would there be a charge?

            Thanks for all your time answering my questions :)

  • How far does 15L go? Need to get our 3 bedroom house repainted ceilings, walls, cornice. Most walls are concrete render over besser block.

    Any recommendations for colours, popular neutral sort of colours/combinations most welcome.

    • +1

      10-14 m2 per litre as a general rule of thumb.

      What colors do you like?

      Dulux Natural White?

      • +1

        Honestly, no idea. Don't really care im about as creatively inclined as dead duck so find it hard to choose. Just clean, keep reflections low, will age well. Dont mind a little contrast i guess if thats the thing to do with cornices i don't know ha

  • I've used dulux, taubmans, sherwin williams, cabots, pascal to name a few and wow the haymes paint was a fantastic to apply and great finish. I was really shocked I'd definitely use it again in the future (luckily my old home is now sold moved into a new home that shouldnt need painting for 5-10 years hopefully)

    • Thanks! yeah it truly is a great product.

  • 10-14 m2 per litre as a general rule of thumb.

    What colors do you like?

    Dulux Natural White?

  • Will this paint spray ok in a Wagner HEA sprayer?

    • +1

      Yeah, Sprays great.

      We use a 415 or 413 tip for wall applications.


  • [email protected]#k that’s a good price. I needed that price 2 years ago and when I was redecorating!

  • I have very limited paint knowledge but have exterior gutters, balcony with wooden floorboards I would like to paint woodland Gray. Any recommendations for exterior? Will one solution be possible? Primer needed also? Ive heard conflicting things depending on paint quality? Thanks for the responses

    • What are the gutters made of?
      Any wood etc the exterior paint is normally self priming.
      I painted my metal gutters years ago with ex painter dude and he recommended one of the Zinser primers, it went on chalky (not smooth to apply) but worked well. I think any good primer would do the job if the surface is in good nick.

      • Not 100% sure but I think they could be vinyl? Haven't had a great look yet (new property). Body corp painted the main residence but refused to paint and match the attached carport so I've got to source and paint it.

  • Hey there rep, was looking at repainting the window trim from grey to black. I'm wondering if you have it in black? Would this paint be suitable for all day sun exposure?

  • hi mate you said above good for 6 months, meaning only good for about half a year?

    • Hi Mate,

      If you intend to buy it now and use it in 6-12 months (and beyond) it will be fine. Just store it correctly.

      Once applied it lasts really well!


  • How does this compare to Wattyl ID advanced interior low sheen?

    • Hi Peppacat,

      Each Paint manufacturer has their "range" of products. This product is one under Haymes best product, but is a really good wearing product.

      It would be the same as the Wattyl Professional Range (Not ID range).

      Value for money, this product is great. Great coverage, low sheen, washable.

      Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks

  • Low sheen for a ceiling?

    • +1

      Low sheen for a ceiling in wet areas otherwise; no…..

  • Great deal, half way through a pot of this at the moment.
    I'll be getting some more at this price 👌
    Do you have any deals on similar volume of a water based primer by any chance?

    • Sorry, no deals like this.

      We do have the cheapest online prices at a standard though. This is our major special…..

  • We’re likely to settle on a few colours based on the little Dulux sample pots.

    Will I notice any difference if I chose to go Haymes now and get these tinted rather than sticking with Dulux?

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