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[Klarna] Apple AirPods 2 $139.50, AirPods Pro $220.50 / AirPods Max Pink $635, Black $640 + Delivery ($0 w/ Kogan First) @ Kogan


Utilising the current Klarna x Kogan 4th instalment waived deal there are some deals to be had with Apple AirPods:

Update - User JonL123(https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10878192) has noticed that the same items on the Sky Phonez website mentions them being an 'Overseas Model'. This is not mentioned on the listings on the Kogan website, but is an anomaly that could have consequences for warranty if they are indeed grey/direct imports.
Link to all the screenshots taken 20210812 of all items below have been saved - send me a PM if you would like a copy.

Newly-found listings that come from AU sellers:
NEWYL ADDED - Apple AirPods 2 via Sky Phonez - $149.25 + delivery (free with Kogan First sub/trial) with full 2 year warranty - 100% AU Stock
NEWYL ADDED - Apple AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case via Sky Phonez - $189 + delivery (free with Kogan First sub/trial) with full 2 year warranty - 100% AU Stock
NEWYL ADDED - Apple AirPods Pro via Sky Phonez - $236.25 delivered with full 2 year warranty - 100% AU Stock
NEWLY ADDED - Apple AirPods Max - Black via Sky Phonez - $640 delivered with full 2 year warranty - 100% AU Stock
NEWLY ADDED - Apple AirPods Max - Silver via Mobile World / Mobilecity AU - $648 delivered with full 2 year warranty - 100% AU Stock

Original deals that I from Kogan.com:
Apple AirPods 2 - $139.50 + delivery (free with Kogan First sub/trial)
Apple AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case - $183.75 + delivery (free with Kogan First sub/trial)
Apple AirPods Pro $220.50 + delivery (free with Kogan First sub/trial).
Apple AirPods Max - Pink $635 delivered.
Apple AirPods Max - Green $648 delivered.

All prices above take into account the 4th payment being fully/partially waived by Klarna.

Cheapest price I've seen on OzB for the AirPods Max on a cursory search, with the next closest deal being at $635.95 during the AfterPay x eBay 15% off sale

All the above links are for items sold directly from Kogan Australia. I've chosen not to include the other AirPods Max on sale currently on the Kogan.com website as they are from another vendor operating out of HK. YMMV on warranty and/or peace of mind with such devices not coming from Kogan Australia.

Original Klarna x Kogan deal.
Thanks Abadabba, <3 yojabbajabba

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        So I now have a "hit" on my credit score from Klarna and I didnt even get the result I wanted; - discounted Airpod pro and Apple TV 2021.

  • How do you know that the fourth instalment is free? I bought an item but none of the confirmation emails says that my fourth instalment will be free.
    Is there any way to check that it went through correctly?

    • +1

      My email came through at 6:50am the day after purchase, after I had already cleared the first three payments. Here is the email contents verbatim

      Subject: YoJabbaJabba, we've got your final payment covered.
      Hi YoJabbaJabba,
      Thanks for choosing to shop smoooth with Klarna. This email is to confirm that we're covering your final repayment on your recent purchase at Kogan.com.
      All you need to do is make your first 3 fortnightly repayments.
      Don't worry, you'll receive reminders from us when your repayments are due.
      These reminders will include details on the fourth repayment date until the third repayment is made, as will your purchase summary in the Klarna app.

      • +1

        Awesome thanks! I want to do the three repayments earlier too. Dodnt know about the possibility..Cheers

        • +1

          I made the 2nd and 3rd payments early on my 2 purchases and also got the above email. You’ll be fine.

        • +1

          You can advance pay the middle 2 payments using the Klarna app. It'll automatically charge the first payment to your card on checkout at Kogan (provided you chose the Klarna checkout option). After order confirmation, go in to the Klarna app and complete the second and third payments (takes about an hour for each payment to process). After the three payments clear, ask Klarna Chat to forward you to a 'specialist' to have the fourth instalment waived, or wait the 14 days for Klarna to waive it automatically.

  • +1

    I ordered on Wednesday, shipping notification on Thursday and our for delivery today - Friday (regular Kogan First shipping). Will update on the order this evening and the nature of the Airpods.

    • Very interested to see the outcome.

      • Coverage current - checked the right serial number this time around. 28/04/2022

        • What’s the model number on the box?

        • What does that mean? Are you losing a few months warranty coverage?

          • @Brakus: I think so, at least from Apple. I was a sucker and purchased the extended 3yr warranty from Kogan too. Fingers cross I don't have to use it!

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    The 2 pairs of APP's I ordered from Sky Phonez have just arrived and I can confirm they are not Australian models despite the listing not stating they were imported.

    Model numbers are MWP22ZP/A which appear to be from Singapore.

    • Same model number here too. Just checked AppleCare+ and not able to buy.
      "This device is not eligible for additional coverage."

      • +1

        Yep. I have contacted Sky Phonez and orgainsed the return of both pairs which they have no issues with.

        I'd rather pay $50 more and buy locally for the extra warranty.

        • +1

          I am doing the same. As much as it is a great deal, for that kind of money, I would like the extra warranty.

        • I have been told to return the item to Skyphonez however "might be charged restocking fees of 3% to 5%".

          I have warned them against doing so…

          • +1

            @harmobob: That's weird, they never said that to me. I mentioned the ACCC guidelines to them and they were more than accommodating to me returning them.

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    I got AirPods Pro from kogan with model number MWP22ZM/A. Called Apple and bought Apple Care for them.

    Am I missing something here ? Some comments above says that this model is not entitled for AC+.

    New to Apple ecosystem. Thanks

    • +1

      That’s odd because when you enter the serial numbers it comes up that the product is not eligible for AppleCare due to them being overseas models, which your model is.

      It may be worth others trying the same instead of going through the website.

      • Strange. May be they will not honour it at the time of the use. Fingers crossed.

        • +1

          Good for you though, at least you’re covered :)

        • How much did you have to pay for apple care?

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