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Kogan - 4th Instalment Waived (Minimum $10 Purchase, up to $100 Waived) @ Klarna


Similar to other Klarna deals, though running for a shorter time

Minimum purchase $10 product
Maximum Purchase $2000 product

Maximum Discount offered by Klarna $100
(So essentially 25% up to $400, then diminishing percentage up to $2000 - Thanks impoze)

Ends 12 August 2021 at 23:59PM AEST. Eligible customers must select and use Klarna as a payment option. The maximum amount waived from the fourth and final repayment is capped at $100. For full T&C's: https://www.klarna.com/au/klarna-x-kogan-com-offer-make-3-pa....

If signing up for a free Kogan First trial at checkout, customers will need to use a credit card to sign up prior to processing an order to receive the offer. New members can pay for their order with Klarna by starting a separate order after signing up for the free Kogan First membership.

Spoke with Klarna Chat: This offer is valid on MULTIPLE purchases as long as you get approved by the automated system and meet the promotion criteria. The final payment (offer) is waived in 10-15 days after third instalment is paid in full and on time.
also confirmed by yojabbajabba below in comments

Seems this is a popular deal so editing this one to list a few other things that the Ozbargain community have already bought/ thinking of buying.
Apologies if I made you spend money you didn't want to. But you wont be an Ozbargainer if you didn't do that ;)

Thank you to posters of the above deals. (I have not added couple of deals that are showing out of stock)

Let me know if you want me to highlight any other deals you think would be useful to the community

Other offer to use this deal with:
Bonus FB points: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/637736 (thanks yojabbajabba/ spackbace)


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  • Anyone used Klarna before?

    • +4

      Yes I used their offer at pccasegear.com… I paid 3 instalments and the 4th says paid… however I didn't get any notification or email saying its paid

      • +5

        After placing an eligible order and using Klarna 4-installments as the payment option, you should shortly receive an email letting you know that they are going to waive the 4th payment for you…

        From experience, what happened with me (also PCCG), I got that email. I then paid off the first 3 installments within a couple of days. I then waited about 10 days [unnecessary step here]. The 4th installment was still waiting so I contacted Klarna support chat. They were helpful and quick, and "escalated it". Within about 2 days my support ticket was replied to and the 4th installment had been covered by Klarna. I'm happy with the amount that I saved. I would use them again. Just gotta stay on top of it, so to speak.

        • My first time using these BNPL, with Klarna, as I've entered my card details, do they automatically deduct the charges or do I have to pay it manually?
          P.S. nvm, found answer, they will be automatically deducted.

        • +2

          is it a problem if I didn't get anything about waiving the 4th payment?
          I wasn't even asked about drivers license, medicare etc

          • @Pufff: If you've placed the order, and you don't shortly get an email about waiving the 4th payment, then yes. Most likely a problem. (in my experience, I get the email within less than 5 minutes). I did one with PCCG, and I did one with Kogan last night.
            *Personally, I think it's a crap system. You should know whether or not its going to work before you place an order.

            • @pronoun: I installed the app to chat with Klarna and they said emails were delayed due to the volume.
              Best to double check anyway I guess.

    • +2

      Yep, successfully for this Dyson Supersonic Deal with Adore Beauty. Stack with 5000 FlyBuys points for first purchase with Klarna :)

    • Yep it's a Swedish company and has been around for ages.

    • +2

      Look at the PCCG special here. Using it may impact your credit record as they do credit checks with every purchase.

      • +3

        Yeah not worth the credit report impact. I signed up to zip pay and my credit score took a dip

      • +1

        Unless they modified the terms & conditions further since then, it's every 90 days. If you're buying a bunch of stuff in multiple orders here, it works out ok.

    • -1

      Yes. I used the PC gear case offer to buy a graphics card to add to my mining rigs. It was a smooth process. One day after my 3rd payment, the transaction showed up as fully paid.

      You should receive an email confirmation around 10-15 mins after you make the order.

  • do u need to be a new klarna customer?

    • +2

      Better to go for the V8 even though percentage off drops, it's still $100 off.


      • For the price difference, why is V8 better?

        • max, it's the last of the v8's. 800 horsepower to the wheels.

      • International model with Kogan warranty (not Dyson)

        Not worth it to deal with Kogan for warranty claims IMHO

        • seller is marked as 'Sold by Dyson Australia' - Kogan is just middle man take some fee for this.

          (different story when it's marked as sold by Kogan of course)

          • @pilmarion: The Dyson V8 on that deal is sold by Electronics Superstore and does not have that Dyson official logo where as the V7 does and no mention of Electronics Superstore

            Thats why I thought the V8 is not direct with Dyson but V7 is

  • +1

    I hope someone posts some deals in a collective format so its easier for everyone

  • +1

    credit check?

    • +13

      We will not perform a credit check on you when:
      - Signing up to use Klarna.
      - Downloading the Klarna App.

      We will perform a credit check when:
      - Purchasing with a ‘One time card’ for the first time.
      - At check out from a partnered merchant.
      - When making a new purchase, if your account has been inactive for more than 90 days.

      • +6

        so basically, they do a credit check every time you make a purchase? (2nd point)

        • +3

          I think they do it on your first purchase, and every other purchase that is more than 90 days apart.

          • +2

            @TomGum: Would this be a soft credit check?

            • +1

              @ilovefullprice: I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I know it shows up on your credit report, and even though it doesn't affect your score, it can negatively impact your eligibility for other things.

              • +3

                @Beyond: Yeah you’re right. Reading Klarna’s credit check T&Cs, they do say:

                The credit check will not impact your credit score but will be visible to other lenders on your credit report, so it might impact their decision.


                • @ilovefullprice: Oww, I just wrote a really long response back to you and it didn't go through because of the modification, lol.

                  I got halfway through your msg, then I had to take care of something before getting back to it.

                  • +2

                    @Beyond: Sorry about that. Deleted my previous comment because it wasn’t right and didn’t want to confuse others here.

                    • @ilovefullprice: That's alright, it's good what you did. A lot of people don't try to follow up on their information, I've had times where before I wrote something, I went out and did a whole bunch of research, or even done a post due to my awareness/knowledge of the topic and then immediately gone off and made sure the information I displayed was accurate. Half for me, half for the readers.

                      I think with a lot of people, if they're writing something, it's generally based on a fair belief. Unfortunately, though, a lot of people aren't open to "growing" their opinion once they're satisfied with what's currently in their head.

                      Half of my message I suppose was me stating my experience and saying that I wasn't as competent with the proceedings as I'd like to be, and that I went off a personal evaluation that could have been incorrect. (as I didn't write down my credit score number before and after, so in my head, technically it could have dropped a few/several points)

                      • +1

                        @Beyond: Don’t mind me saying dinosaurs are usually the stubborn ones.

                        I don’t think I am a dinosaur :)

          • @TomGum: Yikes on the second part!

    • The last time I tried them, I ended up with a credit card check for nothing. They rejected me. I have never paid a credit card late or any other problems.

  • Thanks OP - got myself an iPhone 12 mini Magsafe case for $29 delivered.

  • +1

    Makes the refurb Mavic Mini reasonable at $299.25 after final payment removed https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/dji-mavic-mini-official-dji-ref...

    It is only that price if you have the First thing though.

  • +9

    So essentially 25% up to $400, then diminishing percentage up to $2000

    • Yes I was confused by OP mentions $2000 max but not $400 for best value

    • Updated the description, thanks

  • Buy item costing 400 n get maximum discount

    • +21

      Buy nothing get $400 discount. I should turn my ozbargain membership in

  • Still have $400 Kogan credit to use 😔

    • Can you elect to not use Kogan credit for a purchase?

    • Can you create a new Kogan account (plus free trial Kogan first) and then use this offer on that account?

      • Kogan First trial requires a credit card to be used when purchasing unfortunately. I just tried this.

        • +1

          Just "buy" the Kogan First free trial for 14 days with a CC and then cancel couple of days later.
          You are able to do that on website (not sure if you can do it via app)


  • +7

    $100 maximum potential discount still doesnt warrant ever having to deal with kogan for warranty.

    • Quick question, if I buy Dyson or apple (or other branded) product, do I still need to go through Kogan for warranty claims or can I raise it directly with the manufacturer?

      • +1

        Unsure sorry - possible depends on the manufacturer as it may be a grey import that doesnt provide local manufacturers warranty.

      • +1

        keep the receipt.. u can go to dyson.

      • +2

        For Dyson in Kogan specific, the store owned by Dyson Australia so you'll get full Dyson warranty.

  • +1

    the new nindento switch OLED for $100 off, would come out to $439. It is in pre-sale though, so i wonder if that would affect anyything?

    • It could because kogan might not take the money straight away

      • +2

        Nahh it's Kogan they'll take the money before you can even blink.

  • +1

    Airpods Pro on kogan are Australian version or grey stock?

  • +2

    Makes the Airpods Pro cheapest ever I have seen at $220.5 (after Klarna offer)

    • You must have missed the $199 deal last month.

      • Yup, unfortunately missed that deal :(

      • +4

        I wouldn't call that an attainable deal tho

  • Can get ASUS AX86u router for $329 after $100 off!

  • Klarna still shows 4 fortnightly payments. Is that normal?

    • +1

      Totally normal. You can advance-pay the first three then Klarna will waive the 4th on it's due date. You can also message Klarna support letting them know you've made the first three payments and they'll expedite the waiving of the 4th payment.

  • 1st time with these Pay Later services. How do we know if the 4th payment is successful? Is it like CashRewards where it will confirm within a few hours or do we need to wait until 6 weeks later to know if the 4th payment is successfully waived?

  • +2

    How many times can you use this waived deal? Just the once per Klarna account?

    Answer (from the Klarna chat) - it's $100 waived per PURCHASE, and can be done as many times on your Klarna account until the promo ends August 12th.
    Further, fourth payment is waived 14 days after the third payment is made on-time.

    • I’d also like to know. I used klarna already on pccg.

    • +1

      Thanks, added this info to the description


  • Any QHD ultrawide monitors that are worth getting with this deal?

  • -1

    So can I buy 2K and get $400 ?

    • "Maximum Discount offered by Klarna $100"

      • So $400 max for $100 ?

        • +1

          $400 is the sweet spot as it's 25% off. Anything more than that will only be discounted by $100, even if you buy up to $2000.

  • +1

    Given their track history with revoking the deal on Klarna PCCASEGEAR early I wouldn't trust this deal

    • +3

      Klarna has an absolute horrible series of reviews from many users, also their credit checks show up on your reports.

      I've never made a purchase, although when I tried for something expensive, I was denied, and I believe that association was the reason latitude accepted then declined me(at the same time relatively).

      I have a perfect credit score, I even ordered a report from the company Latitude uses to share credit reports(Equifax), saw all the klarna bullshit sitting there which was in someway the only non-positive thing on it. Though I was told by Equifax Bureau Site that they're happy to give me a home loan, though I couldn't open a Latitude account which I believe to be from klarna's checks.

      • I think the major different in BNPL credit check is it solely relying on credit report, nothing else due to fast track sign-up process.

        So if you have much unsecured credit record and they just reject you. which is different from credit card or home loan asks detailed income & expenses.

  • Is there a limit on how many purchases can be made where the 4th installment is waived?

    Can't find any info on the T&Cs

    e.g. buying two items at $400 each - total cost $800 - but being credited $100 for each (waiving the fourth installment for both - total $200 saved)

    • +2

      Answer (from the Klarna chat) - it's $100 waived per PURCHASE, and can be done as many times on your Klarna account until the promo ends August 12th.
      Further, fourth payment is waived 14 days after the third payment is made on-time.

      • So you are saying is I can do 50 X $100 bonuses if my limit permits ?

        • +1

          Correct! If your spending limit allows

          • @yojabbajabba: how does one know what their klarna spend limit is? or is it your linked card limit?

            • +1

              @coolsteps: IIRC from the chat Klarna said that it's indexed based on the amount of incomplete orders you have on your account. My app say I have $1,4xx estimated available to spend on the home page (with no open/incomplete purchases)

              • @yojabbajabba: for new members it doesnt show the limit. how long does one have to wait until it appears?

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