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50% off Subscription for 6 Months @ The Age


The Age and maybe SMH etc too have one of their 50% off subscription sales on again for home delivery, weekday, weekends and full week. Includes digital access.

I know it is mostly left wing virtue signalling/shaming etc as with the ABC but some may like the deal.

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  • Would they like my vaccination certificate too? ;)


    • Funny lol

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    Good deal, but stocked up on dunny paper last year.

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    Murdoch press so ingrained that the sensible centre now looks like the left wing.

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    Please report the dumping of commercial waste to the EPA (especially if they're dumping it directly on your lawn every day).

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    SMH are also offering 50% off; I just checked. You also pay it in monthly installments.

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    "i know it is mostly left wing virtue signalling/shaming etc"

    Dumbest thing posted today.

    Age/SMH/Fairfax are owned by Channel 9 and are not even close to left-wing. They're mainly centrist leaning towards conservatism.

    The only way you could think that they're left-wing is if your primary news source is Sky, because anything towards the centre would appear way left to Sky viewers.

      • They believe what they believe. Along with the 25 up votes too. They receive certain information and it is what it is. I don't know how to address the growing gap with all the deranking, shadow banning, deleting, censorship, cancelation and debanking that has already occured over the last 5 years. But dismissive comments won't help.

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          Just to add to my comment;
          I dislike establishment media equally.

    • Completely agree, there's also a centralisation problem. My local paper is now just a carbon copy of Murdoch crap.

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      They truly believe that Chairman Peter Costello is some “woke lefty”. It’s too funny.

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      if you're so far right leaning that you're stance is lying on your side on the ground, even those just standing up look left leaning :)

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      Age/SMH/Fairfax are owned by Channel 9 and are not even close to left-wing. They're mainly centrist leaning towards conservatism.

      If the Age/SMH/Fairfax are “centrist leaning towards conservatism” why do Age/SMH/Fairfax continually cover diversity, asylum seekers, gender and indigenous issues in a sympathetic manner ad nauseam and all their commentators attack the Liberals and conservatives?

      Why do Age/SMH/Fairfax always have mostly one sided reader comments?

      They are progressives/left leaning as hell mate. Look at their working grunt journalists, young mostly female millennials.

    • Ironic

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    Really why do all the political ozbargainers think that anyone really will change their vote based on what is said here.

    Right or Left, read what you like and let us save money whatever way we choose.

    Just like those with an Android or IOS dont give a toss about how many pixels your latest tattoo has

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    Definitely virtue signalling, but it's not left-wing in reality.
    This is the same Fairfax that has Peter Costello as Chairman and two years ago ran a Liberal Party fundraiser. It's "controlled opposition" giving the illusion of balance within the press. I'll concede that The Age writers do a much better job than SMH

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      SMH and The Age are the same mob and share resources and writers and articles.

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        Fair call, you're right. I should have said the articles that make it to each paper rather than the writers.

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      its not far left wing like the guardian etc. and if course its not right wing like sky and the murdoch press.

      certainly pushes the progressive anglel.

  • Could be more Left, but good deal for that local Melbourne news Guardian hasn't got full coverage of; Jacobin now has an Australian on staff if you want something actually far left.

    Starter Digital 1.75/week for 6 months (Was 3.50/week) (45.50/6 months, compared to annual $160)
    Premium Digital 2.90/week for 6 months (was 5.80/week) - daily crosswords and the 'digital version' 'Today's Paper'
    Essential Weekend 3.95/week for 6 months (was 7.90/week) - includes Saturday and Sunday paper delivery and all the above.

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      Being well informed is the best recommendation ever. Too many people, of either leanings, stay within their silos and reinforce their own beliefs.

      I would recommend The Saturday Paper as another good read, with a deeper level of analysis and background.

      • how does the saturday paper survive? hardly anyone buys it. i have heard it termed a vanity project in the press

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          According to Roy Morgan, more people read it than the AFR on Saturday. This is coming from someone that reads both papers.

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    Came here for the comments.

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    Over the years I have had a number of full Age subscriptions but each time I have given up due to being tired of the uber left diatribe.

    Currently I only have weekend delivery and online subscription to the Age/Fairfax and whether it is the new ownership or simply changes over time, the left diatribe edge has softened.

    What is most revealing are the online comments. I have lost count of the number of times I have read an article and thought you cant be serious and when you go to the comments you realise that the bulk of the subscribers agree with you and not the writer.

    As someone who has known (been part of/seen the actual documents) the real facts of leading articles, I have to say it is true that you should not believe everything you read - there is always an angle.

    Give me the facts without embellishment please.

    Facebook or Sky News as source - the less said the better.

    Plenty of fodder here for everyone to have a go at me :)

    • +10

      "uber left diatribe"

      hahahah are you sure you're not mistaking Jacobin or Green left Weekly for the Age?

    • Well said. You beat me to it.

  • Lots of weak bait in the comments. Try harder!

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    They're starting to get desperate now.


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      its a promo they run every 3-6 months. not desperation

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    FAKE NEWS. Won't read it even for free. Waste of time and money.

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    I am surprise many fellow ozbargainers are equally as enlightened lol. AGE go and die somewhere.

    • What are your preferred sources?

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    OP drinking so much Murdoch Kool Aid he thinks this is "left wing" 😂

  • People frequently talk past each other because they have different definitions for the same words.
    The overton window has shifted and with it definitions.
    Left-wing, right-wing, centre (left/right), conservative, progressive, etc.

    Liberal & Labour are both for bigger government (tax & spend more) and in my view, shades of the same colour.

    As an individual, what are your principles?
    Where does personal responsibility start & end?

    I'd like to see a complete revamp of the patent system we imported from America. Patents are a government granted & enforced monopoly.

    • Yeah I think we need to get rid of all the American policies we instituted, they're now extremely poor per capita and we're all going to be worse off if we don't reject their batshit ideas

      • … The one empirical claim you made is patently false.

    • libs favour smaller gov but arr doing the opposite during the covid scare

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    (Perception of) bias is largely a highly personal thing.

    That said both The Age and the Overton Window have been moved so far to the Right it is stunning. Surveys reveal that most (ie a majority) of Australians favour action on climate change; a safety net that is above dire poverty etc etc, fundaments of Progressive politics and yet Nine decides to take their papers Rightwards, into territory totally owned by NewsCorpse. Baffling. At the very least around 50% of voting age people support the ALP or Greens.

    The Age is committing commercial suicide literally changing horses midstream.

    The ABC in kowtowing to the Right's clamour for "balance" (ie the same right wing shit that is on every other channel but "stuff I agree with" is boosting the very people who desire to destroy it.

    • You realise you just described the overton window shifting left while saying it has "moved so far to the right'?

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    I am a reader of The Age, but it really does my head in at times. As an example, just now there is a story online:
    Headline - 'Competition is now whole': AFLW to include all 18 teams from next year
    Lede - All 18 AFL clubs will be involved in the AFLW competition from the end of next year. Sydney, Hawthorn, Essendon and Port Adelaide will enter the national women’s league for the 2022-23 campaign.

    One does not equate with the other.

    Is this just poor sub-editing, or (in this example) is it intentional click-bait, or is it kowtowing to the AFL?

    • I've got no idea what your complaint with the headline or article is?

      'Competition is now whole' is a quite by AFL ceo btw.

      • Ok, I'll pick it apart.
        - "Competition is now whole": It is not, yet. It will be, in the 2022-23 season.
        - "ALFW to include all 18 teams from next year": Technically correct, but not next season. It is from the start of the following campaign (at the end of 2022).

        Even the tense between those two statements is inconsistent.

        BTW, purely repeating a quote is not journalism.

  • Interesting take on online subs; last week one of my cheap deals came up for renewal, and I hit the 'Cancel Subscription' button to see what would happen next. It was a US newspaper, online only and it had been A$4pm.
    Next thing I had a chat going and the question was, why did I want to cancel? I said I could not afford it any more and just like that, we can offer you a one-time rate of US 50 cents pm. So I agreed, now I have a 12-month deal for about A$9.
    That does not seem to happen here.
    On the other hand my wife subscribes to a UK fashion magazine, hard copy as well as online and every 12 months, they send her a renewal and try to gouge her for double the price. She always rings up to get the price back to where it was; one time they screwed up and accidentally gave her a 50 percent discount.

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