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Sony PlayStation PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller - Midnight Black $84 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems to be the cheapest it's been on Amazon.

I don't own a PS5 yet, but I picked it up anyway lol

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thats the way op.
    Buy now think later

    • +14

      Afterthink - Buy now Think later

  • +1

    You buying it as a PC game controller maybe?

    • +9

      Nah, for when I hope to own a PS5 in November

      • There will likely be better deals for this in November.

        • +2

          Why would there be? There’s an overall PS5 shortage and it sells out so quickly that almost a year later, there is yet one to be found on store shelves. Realistically speaking, State of Play is when we’ll find a potentially better deal for DualSense controllers, if this colour will still be around by then.

          • @vincesuarez: Nah mate, there is no haptic feedback chip shortage.

          • @vincesuarez: There is no shortage of controllers and this price is not much cheaper than previous sales, it'll only get discounted more.

          • +1

            @vincesuarez: The white controller was 69 dollars before. The white looks a lot better and on top of that, actually does well to match the console colour scheme.

            • @fuzor: The white becomes brown very quickly with all the dirt and sweat

              • +5

                @BuyOrNot: I don't wanna see your chair

              • +3

                @BuyOrNot: I have owned 2 white DS4 controller since Destiny 1 was released in 2014. Still white. Not brown….

              • +2

                @BuyOrNot: Only if you're filthy 🤣
                Mines still as white from day one.

      • +7

        Outlaying $84 3 months in advance to save at most $15 is…. questionable tbh

        • +10

          haha this is Ozbargain, not Ozsoundfinancialsense. Seen so many questionable moves on here.

          • +2

            @Smol Cat: anything that promotes consumption tbh

            • +4

              @abuch47: Yeah seriously, not having a dig at OP, but I've seen other people on here just buy the most ridiculous of crap that they definitely do NOT need but just coz it's on sale or 'a great bargain', they just had to have it.

              I've done this myself and have always felt a bit disgusted falling for it afterwards. Our modern culture of consumption makes me a bit sick when I think a little too hard about it. The environment has little chance against such an enormous global effort. And yes, I fully get the irony of me complaining about consumption on a bargain website where I am but a cog of the machine.

              Don't think, consume.

        • +2

          Not for me. I’ll likely have a PS5 available for me to purchase around October / November. I doubt the controller will be on sale around then, so I effectively save $15-35.

      • You can use it on ps4.

        Via remote play.

  • +1

    great price!

    both white and black at this price.

    the newer RED colour is also discounted, but only to $99 — still lowest price ever.

    • +1

      $94 at Harvey Norman(Red), Maybe use gift card to get further discount.

    • +1

      Not lowest price ever cheaper with Klarna on Kogan

    • +1

      Red looks hot pink to me.

  • +1

    Have this and it looks great.

    Highly recommended over the standard white

    • +1

      I have 2x white and the charge dock. I wasn't originally a fan of the white but it has grown on me… Feel like the black would actually look out of place :/

      Do you have all?

      • +2

        yeah white for the mrs and black for me - not a fan of the maroon colour - reminds me of manly sea eagles lol

      • +1

        I had the same concerns but ended up pulling the trigger on the black and think it looks good in the dock with the white, can show you a photo if you'd like.

        This place sells custom painted black docks but they're insanely expensive and out of stock unfortunately https://www.primzstarmodz.co.uk/collections/ps5-accessories

        • Hey mate do you have a photo? I'm in the same boat with choosing b and w on the dock or w and w

        • +1

          Wow those custom charge docks look so clean man.

          Esp the electric blue

          Hmmm might get haha thanks for link

          • @agalea101: Haha they're pretty nice right? Just can't justify the cost myself unfortunately

      • I got a black one as a replacement because my one that came with my ps5 got joystick drift.
        Ended up buying a white one because i didnt like the black

  • Wonder who they might be price matching?

    • +1

      Harvey Norman

  • +5

    Remember when all those guys negged the $5 credit for $75 gift card deal last week?

    Hand in your badges


  • Hi guys

    I am I ps5 newbie

    Is it worth buying 3 controllers so I have 4 in total?
    Are there much 4 play games

    Or would people typically but 1 more to have 2 total or 2 to have 3 total?

    • +13

      Only buy them when you need them.

      • As someone who now has 8 unused but awesomely coloured joycons… This times 100

    • I would say most 4 player games currently can be played online so you can play with your friends if they also have a Playstation or if the game allows cross-play.

      The factor I think you should be taking in to account is how many people are likely to use it at once (e.g family, friends). If you're a Dad and you only have one mate over every couple of weeks two is likely fine. If you're a social butterfly who has 3 gamers over at once at nearly all times getting an extra 3 wouldn't be terrible (you can still probably get by with only 3 though).

      Hope this helps, my most recent Playstation is a PS2 so feel free to completely disregard my suggestions

    • I have a habit of buying (at least) 4 controllers for all the consoles i own.
      Last time i played anything more than 2 player local would have been about 5+ years ago…
      All the pretty colours, i must have lol

  • +2

    Gone already

    • Were gone, currently in stock.

  • +1

    Thank you I have prime - it says if I use the app I get extra 10 off.

  • I got this purely to match the ps5 dark plates I got from Dbrand haha

    • +2

      Really want those but can’t justify $100 AU just for plates

      • I couldn’t either, even though I did… my justification was spent more on less/worse hah

        • Yeah i'm heavily contemplating the potential aesthetic mods. You're definitely paying for service/quality with going dbrand. Sure you can hit up Aliexpress for $35 shells but they won't have the same quality, obvious injection lines from the mould and further stuff like texture and questionable QA.

          ~$100 AUD though to get my PS5 looking black? bit of a hard sell , aliexpress will work at the price point if you ain't fussy about the fine details especially if you're never going to look at it. Personally I'd definitely gofor darkplates because I'd know the difference if i settled for a cheaper option.

          I really do hope Sony starts selling actual official plates but unsure it jams well. They're likely to never sell plates but I do want them to start , an official Sony plates ecosystem would be nice. Customise on purchase etc .

          • @rekkore: Oh I agree. And if I did it, dbrand is the only option I’d consider. I just don’t know if I hate the white more than giving up $100, it’s grown on me haha. But now I have a black controller so matching that would be nice 😂

            Put it this way though, if Sony ever sold black plates (which would be another two years away at least, after they bring out a console with black plates in a years time, so that they don’t cannibalise sales of a new console) there’s no way it’ll be sub $100. Sony plates would likely be $119 RRP albeit deals would come around I’m sure.

          • -1

            @rekkore: Dbrand probably get it from the same Aliexpress factory. I have the Aliexpress plates and they look great.

      • -1

        Get plates from aliexpress

  • Says out of stock. But is still in stock

  • Thanks OP, got one!
    Can't wait to see the dark side with the light side on the charging dock. The black controller itself looks like Darth Vader.

  • Appears to be back in stock

  • Showing in stock for me. Not sure if it's because I added it to my cart when the AUG21 deal was up and it was in there even up until now?

  • It's really kicking my arse logging on here today and seeing several "Sony PS5" deals that aren't consoles.

    • +2

      If you're really keen on one, i'd recommend joining a discord or following the few twitter bot pages that'll alert you everytime they're in stock. It seems the best way if you're keen to get one and haven't had much luck going in store/attempting to reserve one.

      JB do have lists which by now depending on your area may already be in the hundreds, i know most stores in NSW are. Or just calling up your local ebgames , they occasionally have stock although it may be hindered by their recent pre-orders that went up for about 2 hours.

      Most of the alerts don't get posted on OZB since they're generally OOS within minutes but that EBGAMES one recently did get posted here because it stayed live for like 2 hours .

      • +1

        Cheers mate, good call

      • +1

        Yep there is a twitter account called "PS5 Stock Alerts" or similar, that's how I got the heads up of a stock drop.

  • This or the XBOX controller for PC gaming? Warzone/RPGs etc

    • +1

      XBOX for PC - IMO

      • -1

        nah get Dualsense - feels much better in the hand imo

        • +2

          The handfeel is really subjective. I have both, the XBOX fits better in my hands, plus I prefer its analog positioning.

    • They both feel great (DualSense and the Series controller). Depends on the stick layout you like?

    • +1

      xbox controller=less headache, but the playstaion controller is great if you can get the gyro to work, or even the steam controller.

    • 360 controller still my favourite for pc gaming

    • For PC, XBox. The battery thing is a bit of an annoyance though. But there's a good case for replaceable batteries for these things.

  • Can't decide white or black!

    Do you recon 1 white and 1 black on the charging dock looks good or 2 Whites

    • Personally, Im looking forward to black and white. The Sony dock is black and white anyway, so can't go wrong. Plus with the PS logo grooves on the back of the controller with the white, shows even the slightest discolour.

  • +1

    Prime day I managed to snag one for 65 which was a sweet deal. Good hand feel this controller! Bit of an issue getting it to connect to pc but eventually worked

    • What did you have to do to get it to work with PC? Do you know if there is content that allows the variable triggers and haptic motor to work like it does on the PS5?

      • +1

        Bought a bigbigwon adapter.

        Nah pretty sure you can't get the haptics working, my pc also seems to think it's an Xbox controller so 🤷‍♂️

  • You can buy this to use with AndroidTV too. Can play some classic final fantasy games if you can’t buy a ps5.
    Although having said that EBgames had the ps5 for hours yesterday, don’t know how what to say if you wanted one and still managed to miss that kind of buy window.

    • It was preorder, might not come til decades

  • Use code AUG21 from mobile app to get it for $74.

    • Does not work

      • +2

        Targetted code and only for 1st purchase via the app. Likely not going to be applicable for most people

      • Worked for me.

  • +1

    I got 2 x white controllers, wish I'd known about the colour options that were coming out!

  • Gotta admit. Ps5 Controllers look sick.

  • Man, I want one cause it looks good and it's black, but I already have the white one that came with the console and I'm 100% sure I won't need 2 controllers in the next year or so lol. Made a mistake of buying too many JoyCons in the past.

    Pass. More stock for others.

    • +1

      Sell the white ones on Facebook and buy these

    • +1

      Well it's always good to have a back up, in case one fails. Also I have one in use and one fully charged. Once the battery is drained on the one in use, I switch over and charge the other one.

      • I have a spare PS4 controller which I mostly use nowadays cause PS4 games were designed with the old vibrations in mind haha. Playing through Last of Us there's this rattling of the motors that's non existent in PS5 controller when you shake it to power the torchlight haha.

        PS5 controller for PS5 games. So, like, just a couple of them lol. If it breaks I can always use warranty.

        I guess I could sell the white one but eh

        • +1

          I just thought you would take drastic measures to ensure continuity of your PS5 controller.

          Couldn't resist :p

    • +1

      I have a white and black one and I could not live without two controllers, you have the Sony charging station, one goes flat, you take the other one off and put the flat one on to charge, that way you never get into a situation where you need to charge the controller when you want to play. Also the black one looks awesome! I like having the black and white combo on my Sony charging dock, it looks really good.

    • ..

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