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Earn 50,000 Bonus Telstra Plus Points When You Add an Eligible Service to Your Account @ Telstra Plus


Was looking at the new Galaxy pre-order on Telstra site tonight and noticed this offer.

Earn 50,000 bonus Telstra Plus points when you add an eligible service to your account before 31 August.
Offer applies to eligible consumer post-paid mobile, home broadband or mobile broadband services.

Eligibility criteria applies. If you haven't already, join Telstra Plus at the time of adding a new service. Only redeemable once every 30 days.

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    Appears that min cost is $55 per month looking at eligible plans.
    Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan Small

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      eligible consumer post-paid mobile, home broadband or mobile broadband services.

      This would also include the $15 data sim.

      • On clicking through it only shows internet plans or mobiles plan starting at $55 with the 50,000 points banner?

  • Not a bad way to get a Google nest hub gen 2 for $55 if cancelling the plan after first month and points are credited on adding the service?


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      These are usually 32k points.

      • hot offer expired

      • really if they usually cost only 32k in points maybe i should bank the points and wait until it drops in price?

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    Does belong, belong to this offer?

  • Would this work for JB Hifi Deals?

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      I can confirm this did work with JB deal from a month ago, to my surprise. I wasn't aware of this promotion then, and some days ago woke up with this much points and ordered a free nest hub gen 2!

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      I personally got mine manually applied with the iPad offer. It is a bit of a hit and miss. I wouldn't sign up just for the bonus points, rather treat it as a bonus if it is applied. Good luck!

    • yes

  • Does not seem to say mobile broadband services is included in the link and the page has no link to them either.

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      About two thirds of the way down under "we've got you covered" on the home page it lists mobile broadband - https://www.telstra.com.au/
      I looked for what constituted the eligibility criteria but couldn't find anything further.

  • can anyone that signs up for the $15 sim data mobile broadband plan and gets the 50k in points please report back here? i currently only have voice in contact service on nbn and prepaid mobile so im not sure if ill qualify and if its worth another credit check.

    • Good point about whether it's worth another credit check.

  • can you get any cashback via shopback if you sign up for monthly mobile broadband $15 sim? shopback rates BYO SIM, Wi-Fi Modem and Tablet Plans $35.00.
    how long does it take to get the points and for how long do you need to be on the plan before cancelling?

    • Shopback did not track.

    • "Broadband Plans are ineligible for cashback after 27th March 2020"
      However, I don't see why this promo is ineligible for the $55 mobile sim only plan. So would work out $20 for 50k points.

  • i want to order one for my bed stricken mum. does anyone know what will star track do with package if no one is home to sign for it? will they just leave it in the mail box or leave a slip forcing her to go to the post office to collect it?

    • If you order under her name she will need to show id. Telstra do not handover items to anyone. Mainly due to fraud.

      • i know you need to provide id and do check check during sign up. i mean star track never asked me for id when i got mine delivered. i just worry for the hassles if they dont leave her the sim in the mail box and leave a slip instead if no ones home then post office staff probably wont hand over the item even if i show my id unless mother presents herself in person.?

        • Unfortunately Star Track have become even worse since COVID and their ability to sign for things on your behalf. They've often left packages that say they can't be left, and often have never even asked me for my name when receiving packages.

          The two other options though:

          • Sometimes you can fill the form out for Australia Post for someone else to pickup on your behalf
          • Get added to your mothers account as a full authority and get the phone sent to you / go into the store and sign it up yourself under her account.
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    FYI I added a post-paid account in June and a week ago I cancelled it. I just live chatted Telstra and they just retrospectively applied 50,000 points to my account :D. Ty OP!

    • That's good you got that. A lot of things are cheaper on ebay etc even with the points though,

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        Free points is free money though really … it might be cheaper somewhere else but it's not really costing you anything to buy with points you get for doing things you normally do.

        • For sure, I only use my points when something is on special on telstra plus

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      No worries - glad it's helped somebody :)

  • So looking at paying out my current phone then adding the new Fold3. I'm already with Telstra. Any tips on doing it in such a way that keeps the same number and gets me the cheeky points?

    • port to a $2 sim pack with other provider first

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        Yeh I thought that may be the best way!

        Thank you gentle soul!

  • For anyone who took up this offer, how long did you have to wait to get your points?