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30% off Airjo Coffee Bean Blends (eg Enterprise Blend 1kg $27.97) + Free Express Delivery @ Airjo Coffee Roasters


Ends Sunday. Delicious coffee delicious coffee delicious coffee delicious coffee

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  • Love this brand… Any lockdown recommendations?

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      Enterprise blend and Colombia blend are my personal picks. I tend to prefer full bodied and roasty though, so YMMV πŸ™‚

      • do you have any recommendations for cold brew?

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          I've had great success with the Sumatra for cold brew (though it turns out it makes a killer espresso too)

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        Columbia blend is awesome

    • I’ve purchased the Sumatra and Twilight before. Both equally as good. I like mine full bodied.

      As others have said, delivery is super quick :)

    • A vote for Enterprise here.

  • Good coffee. Sadly have enough for about a month right now, so next time.

  • What is the strongest bean you have called?

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    • I think it's Timor.
      Stargazer, Thunderchild and Timor are all dark and strong (favs in our house) but I think Timor is the sharpest.

      • Ah ok thanks for that.

        • ordered the thunderchild

          I've tried Enterprise Saratoga and soon to be thunder-child

          When you open a bag to empty or refill your coffee jar the smell waffles around the house.

  • Two coffee bean deals on the same day! How do i decide.

  • Its hard, if you're in a hurry these guys as they are amazingly fast with delivery, otherwise maybe try the other as they are a few cents cheaper. Both make great coffee.

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      Delivery is amazing. I put in an order yesterday, and it was in my doorstep (Melbourne) this morning.

      • The coffee is awesome as well, and a steal at these prices (great value even when not discounted)

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    Airjo is the new eneloop.

  • Thanks, ordered

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    How does this compare to Lime Blue?

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      I like both. If you are in a hurry the free express shipping is a real winner.

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      Lime Blue is medium roast only I think while Airjo handles light, medium and dark.

      If you like medium then Lime Blue is pretty interesting. They are omniroast so you can do espresso or filter. I'm drinking as a latte and the first half taste like a dark roast while the second half taste like a light roast, pretty unusual experience. Worth a try if you are still trying things out.

      If you specifically like light or dark roast then go with Airjo.

  • Enterprise is delicious in a French press if anyone wondering

  • Hey OP, I am in the same exact situation as this bloke who posted the question here: https://coffee.stackexchange.com/questions/217/how-do-i-use-...

    Except for I was also given a bag of coffee powder (I think it had chicory premixed?) and enjoyed a few weeks of this coffee until I ran out of powder. I can't go back and ask them for more although I wish I could.

    Do you have any coffee powder that I could use in this filter? Ta

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    Sumatra here I come!

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      Ordered one at the last deal, I find it very hard to dial in compared to other blends.

      • Why is that, if I may ask? Too strong/sharp? I was thinking of ordering that in case I don't get an answer to my question above.

        • Not sure why OZHan has problems but I use this bean almost exclusively with two different setups with no issues. Love it.

      • I have enjoyed all the Airjo coffees I have had but prefer this the most. Each has their own characteristics.

        Different coffees for different palettes. Like wine really.

        • Yeah sumatra is πŸ‘Œ

      • I agree my shots are all over the place with a Breville barista touch. Glad I'm not the only one. Still good for the price.

  • Perfect timing.. Just ran out of coffee and was looking for something different.

    Ordered the Stargazer blend

  • Thank you. Ordered 500g Columbia Blend to try. Will order 1kg next time if family likes it too.

  • Hi, what is good for cold brew?


  • Thank you. I ordered 1kg Enterprise Blend to try.

  • This or Lime Blue?

  • Thanks OP ordered

  • They've been doing less of the 40% off. Probably got enough OzBargainers happy with 30%. :(

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      To be fair 1kg of fresh local roasted beans, express posted (ie tracked) for $28 is a solid deal imo. The express option also helps people like me who tend to like their beans arriving as they need them a few days before their current supply runs out.

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    Free espresso delivery

    I am so sorry

  • Cheers OP. Topped up on 500g.
    Bought from you guys a few times, good gear. :)

  • Whoops. Dupe

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    "Enterprise Blend" sounds as appetising as, "Commercial grade"…

  • If you order these, by the time they arrive, how long ago will they have been roasted?

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      They usually roast on the day of purchase. During the last promotion, I placed my order on Aug 3 and received the beans by Aug 5 and the roasting date on the packaging label was indeed Aug 3!

      • Good to know, thanks

  • I ordered the Sumatra blend last week. Best beans I've found so far. Ordered another pack.

  • Ordered Sumatra blend and had a little delay in delivery, using it now and just order more blends.

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    What would be the best beans for aeropress

  • Last one I bought was nice and strong but too sour for my taste, it kinda reminded me of Campos.
    I like the Maccas coffee, I think they use beans made by Suntory.
    Which of the Airjo ones would be most similar to the Maccas one?

    • Which did you buy ?

      • None…

        • You said "last one I bought" .. which was that ?

  • Ordered recently but didn't like them that much. Prefer Peru beans from Aldi over Arjo.

  • I'm new to this stuff I normally use regular instant but want to get into this kind of coffee, I just bought a coffee plunger french press thingo so I need to know what's the best choice with full body possibly even a little chocolate or sightly chai note?

    I'll be just using a manual plunger nothing fancy.

    Thanks guys

  • Great coffee beans. Sumatra and Columbian are our favourites. just bought Stargazer to try.

  • Just ordered the Enterprise Blend based on people's recommendations. Thanks.
    Fingers crossed for a good brew.

  • if i make two small coffees each day, how long will 1KG bag last?

    Im currently on a Nespresso Machine and am thinking about switching to this.

    • I guess the simplest way to help you is by answering how many grams of coffee you would use for a "small" coffee? Then work out how long before you hit 1kg.

      • single shot for a regular size each cup. i did a search it should be around 7grams each shot

        • If you're switching to a semi manual machine, you'd more than likely use the double basket, as it's more forgiving - but I'm not sure what machine you'd be using so I can be really tell you what to do πŸ‘

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    jimboner…….. πŸ‘€

  • I can't believe I just missed this one… It's midnight and coupon expired… 😞

  • managed to order the enterprise blend. excited to taste