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Crucial MX500 2TB SATA 2.5" 7mm Internal SSD $245 Delivered @ Harris Technology via Amazon AU/ $245.74 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Pretty good price for a 2TB SSD. Yes it's 2.5" SATA but it's quality TLC with DRAM
Not the cheapest it's been but possibly cheapest for local stock (?)
$245 from Harris Technology (fulfill by Amazon) or an extra $0.74 if you prefer from Amazon AU directly

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Hard to complain getting a quality 2tb SATA SSD under $250. Good deal!

    • +1

      Local stock too, usually is an import from Amazon US or UK at this price

      • local stock means?

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          Shipped from Australia so quicker delivery times and Australian warranty and consumer guarantees

        • +3

          @HD9990 What part of the phrase are you struggling with exactly?

    • Tough choice, how's the NV1 stand up to the A2000? If you've got a spare M.2 slot I'd probably go this over the MX500

    • Depends if you want sata or m.2 as they are very different :)

    • Get both and give me the one you don't want.

    • +1

      That one's NVMe, you need to make sure your laptop/desktop has a slot for that
      It's also dram-less so less durable and will suffer severe slowdowns during large file writes

    • -2

      NVMe over an SSD anyday, but it depends on your usecase. 2100mb/s compared to 500mb/s.

      • +3

        An NVMe doesn't always win against SATA drive.
        Yes it's got a much higher theoretically read/write speed and in practice the read speed is generally higher too.
        Write speed is another story, in this particular case the dramless NVMe will come out ahead in a smaller sequential write but a larger write we'll see the NVMe drop to abysmal speeds and the SATA's slower but more consistent write will be the winner.
        Durability, I would expect the MX500 to outlast the NV1, again due to the lack dram cache.
        Not sure on the particular random read/write speeds of each drive but it's another consideration.

      • Only for specific tasks. The average user is better off with a cheaper/larger SATA SSD.

      • This is completely incorrect. Once SLC cache runs out on the nv1 after a few GB, it becomes slower than a hard drive (<100mb/s) - the mx500 will keep it's speed up, as it has TLC (and the cache is bigger, and it has dram in addition to a cache pool for random burst i/o). I would take this any day over a cheap Nvme - HDD speeds are not very enjoyable.

  • So it's not possible to get a 2TB SATA under $250?

    I was going to get a Kogan with two pair of trainers before the stupid Klarna system refuse to the order.

  • +1

    Thanks, bought one and used up my $5 Amazon promo credit.

  • What's the difference between bx and MX?

    • +3

      The 2TB MX500 has a 2GB SLC cache, hardware based encryption (BX has none), a better memory controller (SMI SM2258 vs SMI SM2258/59XT) and maybe about 2 or 3 times the write endurance (700 TBW vs 240 TBW). Longer warranty period as well (5 yr v 3 yr)

    • +2

      MX500 is basically the best 2.5" SATA SSD, apart from Samsung.
      BX500 is the budget lower spec lower endurance one.

  • Hit buy on that shopping express deal yesterday! Damn!

  • This vs Samsung 870 Evo 2TB?

    • They're both high quality SATA drives, I guess if they were the same price I'd choose Samsung
      Otherwise, I'd go for whichever is cheaper

  • +1

    Showing $269 for me

    • Looks like Harris Technology ran out of stock and Amazon no longer needed to price match so killed the deal.

  • And missed it again T_T

  • Good drive, I use it as my boot drive for my daily system.

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