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Free Umbrella with Purchase of $10 or More at Easyway


I found this offer at my local Easyway in Brisbane but I believe there are several participating stores across Australia (check link for list of stores). Perfect for the recent rain in Brisbane. Umbrella quality is average but comes in handy as a backup umbrella in the car. Offer expires 4 March.

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  • The war is on with the likes of easyway

    Chatswood Sydney is a prime example,

    The store got evicted (no shit) because they didn't pay their rent on time…

    So sad, i hope the umbrella's help boost sales, LOL

  • its cos chatime is wooping its butt

  • already got too umbrellas than what I know to do with.


    Haven't had easyway, how much does it cost usually? Today is hot and I think it's a good time to get a free umbrella.

  • not worth to spend for $10 for these unhealthy drinks and to get a logo branded umbrella. bad service experienced as in most stores

  • I don't want to be a walking billboard for a store that sells $3.50-ish unhealthy drinks.

    • Why do you say easyway drinks are unhealthy? (Genuine question)
      I have them rarely every now and then when I go to cinemas, I thought they would be a healthier alternative to a large frozen coke? lol

      • They're all (read: both easyway/chatime) unhealthy. The therapeutic effects of the tea is largely diminished by the high sugar content and flavouring. ACCC should really start looking into their marketing strategies, especially Chatime's "Drink Fresh, Drink Health".

        The absolute lack of any verifiable content in their drinks lends weight to pure speculation of what the content may be in these drinks. ( See: http://www.chatime.com.au/menu-product_d.php -> Ingredient Info: FRUIT + TEA ).

        Not to mention, hot water and plastic cups made for room temperature or less do not mix :\

        • LOL "Ingredient Info: FRUIT + TEA"…I see what you mean :)

        • They don't use real fruit. They either use syrup or powder, which, I'm sure the flavoring is mainly artificial and not much is due to the use of real fruit.

  • rather get a regular boost juice in recycle cup at $5.4 if paid $4.2 easyway regular drink with so much ice and taste of colour favouring into a plastic cup.

    never ideal to drink often especially once for $10. might just once in couple of months is okay

  • you can get umbrellas for free, just go to a cafe and take them from out the front

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