This was posted 3 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Pluralsight 33% off Annual Standard and Premium Plans - US$219 and US$328 (~A$297 & A$445)


Original pricing on the website US$199 / US$299 doesn't include the 10% tax added during checkout.

The paid subscription includes access to 7,000+ expert-led video courses, 30+ interactive courses and 20+ projects. DYOR on whether the standard / premium plan is appropriate for you.

No expiry date mentioned for the current pricing deal so not sure if it would be wise to wait till after the free weekend to sign up - Free Weekend Access to 7000+ Technology Skill Courses @ Pluralsight

Update 25/Aug : Added expiry date, thanks SKIZO

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Referee gets 50% off 1st month or 15% annually. Referrer gets 1 month free.

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  • A bit fishy that every single course has a 5 star rating

  • +3

    The 1/3 off used to be reserved for Black Friday/Cyber Mondays only but ever since they've gone public, it seems to happen more frequently. If the subscription includes ACloudGuru content (it isn't yet AFAIK), then it's a no brainer but YMMV with its current content

    When Pluralsight first started, most of the courses were done by Microsoft MVPs and other high calibre leaders in their field. Over the years, their high standards have been slipping, but I still find the courses useful especially if you're jumping into a new field and want to get a good intro.

    For really in depth tutorials or courses, I'd look elsewhere. O'Reilly/Leanpub/ are usually where I go for that. For JS/Web centric stuff, FrontendMasters is pretty good. There are some good in-depth courses at Udemy, but also a lot of subpar courses so be prepared to shift through them

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      Really good comment and advice.

      I find Pluralsight good value and excellent quality for my areas of interest (C#, .NET, ASP, SQL, Azure, etc.). I previously used free months with Visual Studio Dev Essentials, free weekends/months and paid monthly subscriptions, but not I might purchase annual subscription with 33% off - I reckon it's worth it.

  • Better off using O'Reilly

    • If you're a student, you can access O'Reilly for FREE !

      • Thats interesting, do you have more details on this? Online it only mentioned US Unis

    • I do have an O'Reilly subscription but I find myself using Pluralsight more. I think the video content from the O'Reilly conferences on AI, Software Architeture, Devops etc are excellent. I've learnt tons just from binge watching random presentations on these conferences.

      The other good thing about O'Reilly is you have access to Manning/Pragmatic Programmer publications which are excellent if you want to deep dive into certain subject areas.

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    City of Melbourne membership which is free grants access to Lynda/LinkedIn learning.

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    From the email - "Save 33% on an individual annual Standard or Premium to the technology skills platform from 8/16 - 8/27."

    So ends next Friday.

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