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UV Zone Phone Sanitiser Charger $9.95 + Delivery ($0 with $30 Spend) @ Australia Post


On sale item on the Aust Post website. Website shows an unbelievable RRP of $79.95. As seen on TV website still selling for $80 also. I personally would never pay that price.

10 minute UV Sanitizing cycle kills off 99.99% of household germs Perfect for sanitising other times like airpods/headphones/keys/earrings and more. As Seen on TV.

Able to charge phone while sanitising (charging cable not included)
Operates using an USB wall adapter (not included) or USB power source

As Seen On TV link for more info:

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    Pretty cheap snake oil 👍

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      Quick google on youtube and will find few tv shows showing these products don't work.

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        You should tweet about it on insta!

      • Which ones? Lots say they do work, if used properly.

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    I paid $2.5 for the Kmart one and still feels a bit unnecessary. Cheap ozone generator, I guess…

  • Can it kill covid?

    • +1

      I don't think so…
      Unless u kill the host…
      Well maybe not

    • Yes, the LEDS are short wavelength UVC which does kill covid.

      These are also good for retrobrighting

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    Why not just wipe some isopropyl alcohol on mobile ?

    • Quicker and probably more effective. Cloth and cleaner

    • Many phones have a oleophobic coating on the screen, for which isopropyl alcohol can be harsh with.

      If using a screen protector then no real problems, so ok to clean using this and the rest of the phone.
      Or if the phone is older and this treatment has worn off.

      If not then clean all over the phone with alcohol, then use something like glasses/CD/monitor cleaners for the screen afterwards.

  • 0.50c at Kmart. Rubbish claims