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Bosch German Washing Machine WAW28460AU and Heat Pump Dryer WTR85T00AU $2192 Delivered @ Appliances Online (plus $200 cashback)


Two great units. German made washer and great quality heat pump dryer

$100 cash back per item

$200 cash back = $1992


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  • Bosch 8kg/8kg Laundry Package WAW28460AU/WTR85T00AU

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    Not a bad deal, delivered after cashback. I-DOS was a pain for me initially as it arrived broken — wasn't dispensing detergent/softener at all, and I had a hard time convincing Bosch Support that it was broken, and after 2 technician visits, they finally replaced some computer unit inside the machine.
    Tell-tale signs of it being broken:
    1. no detergent/softener smell on clothes (they didn't stink — machine washes surprisingly well with just water)
    2. detergent/softener in dispenser drawer not going down after 10+ washes
    3. machine beeping every time you turn it on
    4. no stream of water flowing across the front window when you hear the water being dispensed into the drum

    • That’s a shame about your experience

      Hopefully it’s not a common problem

      This one isn’t self dispensing

    • machine washes surprisingly well with just water

      That's because for general soiled clothes washer is enough to remove the dirt.

      Even a dishwasher with no detergent will clean your dishes well.

    • Same here, had the whole dispensing unit replaced twice and then just got a refund after 12 months and no solution. Bought Miele without the dos system. Working very well.

  • No delivery to my location.

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      No way my lg experience was terrible

      • +2

        My LG wm is wonderful

        • +1

          Members of my family have the LG and seem to be happy enough.

          If it was me the cost difference isn’t great for this deal when you add their heat pump dryer and personally my preference is the Bosch

          Glad you are happy though with yours

      • My LG experience is "average"…. it's NOISY. Common problem apparently with the circulation pump. :(

        This isn't mine, but exactly how mine sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD3ordyICI4

      • My LG front loader is over 15 years old. It is so far older than my marriage.
        Replaced the front seal about 3 years ago.

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    I have been using almost the exact same combo in a unit that I have been staying in. Super impressed particularly with the heat pump dryer… I don't think I could ever go back to blower model

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      I’ve got a similar combo and agree.

      The washer is super quiet, and the dryer does a great job

    • That's good to hear. The salesperson at BingLee was not as impressed with HeatPump ones and warned it would not get things as crispy dry as with the old school ventilated ones. What is your experience?

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        When you first use it they feel different if that makes sense for when you take them out

        Close to two years using one I wouldn’t go back. It’s just an adjustment

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        For me, it was just the fact that the laundry stays spotlessly dry and you pour the water down the sink. Having lived in the tropics, water = mould. So these would be fantastic in a tropical environment.

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        We have 2 Bosch German units bought separately.
        Initially found the heat/pump dryer to come out damp and was not impressed.
        Googled, heaps had the same issue.

        Then you find the fine tune dryness selector.
        Put that up to 3 red bars (highest dry setting) and problem solved.

        Some people like it left a little damp for ironing so there ya go……

        ….also could never go back to anything else.
        Very cheap price at around 1k each delivered.

        I paid on ozbargain/ebay/20% off deals for Bing Lee and the Good Guys separately when they had those all the time.
        I think after discount was around $1250 each and that was an excellent price back then.
        If I was still in the market, I'd snap this up chop chop!

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          Exactly right. There is a setting that adjusts the fineness off the drying

          Once you preset it remains for every cycle unless you change it

          Super simple to do and gets the outcome to your preference

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          You lost me at ironing

          • @Click_It: Let the machine leave it a tiny bit damp, Hang on a hanger and drying rack for the final finish = No Ironing

        • Initial dry setting is done to get the higher energy rating/stars. Once you adjust it to be more dry it becomes less energy efficient.

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        I think not all heat pump dryers are created equal that's for sure.
        I initially had a Samsung heat pump dryer (the one with the big blue crystal door, I bought the washer and just had to have the dryer to match). Had nothing but trouble with it, rarely dried and stopped working 3 times. Credit to Samsung they refunded me in full, very quickly and I took that money and bought the Bosch heat pump. Have had no faults or regrets in the just over 3 years I've had it.

        • This is good to know.

          My experience with Samsung is generally positive, and in the few occasions something has been wrong they have been reasonable after the sale. For example a Samsung tv had the board go for the HDMI connection, and was replaced out of warranty many years later.

          With heavy duty appliances I’m still not sure that I would try a Samsung for something like a dryer. That might be me though and prefer a brand like Bosch

          • @chrig: Oh absolutely agree! I have owned many Samsung products including 2 of their fridges, and never had issues until the dryer. The matching 10kg washer is going strong though.
            But that's why I can back the Bosch, because I have a comparison of a crappy product to know what people are talking about when they think heat pumps are bad.

  • Are these essentially the Rolls Royce of washing machine/dryers?

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      Maybe not that standard

      The washer uses minimal water, the clothes come out very dry due to the high spin speed and very careful with washing taking good care of the clothes.

      As an aside I use approx half the recommended dosage and cleans well

      The dryer is heat pump which is basically a reverse cycle air conditioner. As such it uses next to no power, and generates no moisture in the air unlike a traditional machine

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      No you can easily buy a miele washing machine for more than these two combined.

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        Miele $4k each

    • +2

      Defs feels like a RR after using any top loader.

      Not necesarily a RR among front loaders, but these are great, as per other comments.

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      Not even close, the Miele units my parents bought were $4k for the washer and $4.5k for the dryer. I tried to talk them into Bosch, but they wanted the "best". The Miele units wash well, but bloody hell they never stop beeping!

      • +1

        It’s funny isn’t it the reputation for being ‘the best’. I know their bagged vacuums are well regarded, though I’m unsure their washing machines are worth the premium.

        My opinion is they can’t be 4 x superior to these.

        Bosch is a great point in these series of quality and price

    • No. Miele is.
      An no, its not $4000. It starts as $1299.

  • Happy with my Bosch

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    I've been keeping an eye on this package and it has been jumping between this price and $2107 for a couple of weeks now. I've been hoping it comes down to under $2000 before the end of August to claim the cash back on that.

  • Wandered over to BingLee (the only one open being in Wodonga VIC haha) and they offered $1130 pre-cashback for the WAW28460AU washing machine only; our dryer still works fine and we were not as keen to move to a heat pump dryer after hearing they don't work as fast or as hot as our traditional vented dryer. It was very likely they would have matched the AppliancesOnline price for the package, including the delivery.

    This also worked out well for us as BL had free delivery (and removal of the old appliance), and had delivery slots very soon, as well as having it on the day we wanted. AO only had Friday every fortnight, which does not suit us.

    Happy to pay that little bit extra to have this extra flexibility.

    • +2

      Glad you are happy with your washer

      Using a heat pump is different however I would not say that it isn’t as fast nor as hot as a traditional dryer.

      You can adjust manually on these units to give additional heat and the drying level, for example cupboard drying, or ironing.

      Once you have done a couple of loads it becomes second nature and you don’t look back

      The savings in power, lack of condensation and overall ease make it a decision you don’t look back on

  • Can these be stacked on top of each other? Or do you need to build some kind of bracket for the top unit?

    • There’s a stacker which is available seperately .

    • Yes stack them

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    If you have a family, I would consider the 9kg or even the new 10kg units rather than these 8kg ones. I LOVE my 9kg dryer, fits everything.

  • +1

    Thanks for the post op. Pulled the trigger, great price all up after cash back and an extra $39 back through cash rewards too…

    • +1

      Glad you could get it. It’s a great deal and hope you are pleased with it

  • We have the series 4 version of the heat pump dryer so not sure if it applies to all of their heat pump dryers.

    There is no reverse tumble option. It just keeps spinning in one direction until clothes/sheets/whatever is deemed dry. So our sheets bundle up in a big ball that is dry on the outside but still wet on the inside. When doing sheets we need to keep them for those days when we're home because we need to take them out and untangle them a few times before it's done (about 4hrs.)

    I'm happy enough with the energy saving and the long term value of reducing humidity in the laundry but I'd definitely get a model that has reverse tumbling as a feature.

    • I also have the Series 4 Heat pump that does the exact same thing. When researching heat pumps you’ll find that reverse tumbling is a very rare feature. I think it’s technically quite complicated.

    • Have you tried folding the sheets up first before putting them in the dryer? I have a Series 8 and this seems to stop them balling up.

      • Wow ok I've gotta try this out! Thank you for the suggestion :)

  • Quality German Bosch machine, made in China.

    • This washer is made in Germany, though the dryer isn’t

      • My assumption (have don't know anything) that most parts would be the same. The assembly, regulations and quality control would be the difference. Like temperatures of the board chips can met certain temperatures (depending on the climate and humidify) and handle different voltage standards from the grid.

  • Loving our washer (paid $1350 2 months ago). This is a great deal. The iDos is my favourite, just pour the liquids in and forget about them for ages. We do a heap of washing almost daily too.

  • I have the equivalent version of the Bosch washing machine for 13 years now. Apart from one new drive belt and replaced the motor brushes twice, going strong! We're a family of 5 so gets used at least once or twice a day every single day.

    • Did you replace the parts your self?

      • Yes, it's pretty straight forward for mildly technical people.

  • +1

    Your post prompted me to compare prices on the washer. The good guys website automatically made an offer of $990 by cross referencing other online stores. Using Suncorp rewards TGG gift cards brought it down to $940!

    I also checked TGG Commercial with my Sunsuper login and it came to $950 but no gift cards allowable for payment.

    The weird thing is I have to go to Morayfield to pickup (50km away) but I was headed down there tomorrow anyway. My local store at Kawana wouldn't show as a possible pickup location.

    • +1

      Are you sure it's the WAW model not the WAT? It's showing $1089 for me down from $1199

      • Good spot, even though I searched for the correct model number it gave me the WAT! I've emailed the store to see if they can do the price you mentioned. $1056 is the commercial price without gift cards.

  • +1

    How often do people use dryers? I'm genuinely curious, as we hang our clothes out to dry 99.99% of the time. In fact, out of 17 years of ownership, our dryer was probably used just 20 times. Even when it's raining we just put the clothes rack inside the house and hang our clothes. Not sure why my parents bought a dryer if they're not going to use it much…

    • Good point! I don't get people who have a clothesline but only use a dryer especially when its a warm sunny day. Our family hasn't had a dryer for the last 20 yrs and we've managed just fine.

      Clothes rack inside on a rainy day. Obviously takes longer than the few hrs that your clothes would be dry in by being on the line or in a dryer but we have enough clothes to get through the occasional wet weather while our clothes dry on the rack. Oh, and in winter we put the rack in front of the fireplace and they're dry in no time!

    • Partner and I have just been talking about this. Our apartment came with one and it's been used maybe 3 times in 3 years.

    • We always use the dryer for our towel loads as they come out super soft. I’ll also use them for sheets in winter as we don’t have a rack (for space) to hang queen/king sheets inside. With a young kid in the house, there are also the times when you don’t realise you’ve run out of shirts/pants/sleep bags/whatever as they’ve all been soiled and you desperately need one the next day. We also have solar panels so we try to run the dryer only in the middle of the day to soak up any excess solar generation.

    • I had started using the dryer a lot more in June because the lead up to eofy tends to be very hectic. But most other times I'm using the clothes line.

    • I think people starting to use it when they have babies in the family. There is a lot of cloth/sheet to wash and it needs times to dry. So either buy a dryer or buy a lot of clothes to change.

    • These may be useful for people with kids. They need to turn over clothes for use quickly. Also clothing are literally in hundreds and it's very time consuming to hang them one by one and then pick them up almost 3 times a week but we still don't have dryer and now planning to get one soon

    • Effort of placing clothes in dryer vs hanging them out on a clothes line. I use my heat pump dryer almost daily

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    Just something to keep in mind for those a little OCD like me - these machines are not a matching pair (note the different control panels etc), and as such won’t look greatest when stacked.

    • +1

      Yes, they have packaged a Serie 8 washer with a Serie 6 dryer. I was considering buying this until I realised the different series. I was hoping that they would have the option of packaging the Serie 8 dryer for the difference in their listed price (+$115 more) above the Series 6.

  • Just out of curiosity, how full do you fill the washing machine? I have a friend who packs it to the max and she has to really push the door to close. She and I both have the same exact Bosch model but she's getting torn clothes and things getting caught in the rubber seal. I thought 3/4 full is best and washes better?

    • +3

      If her clothes are tearing, she should be putting delicates in those laundry wash bags.

      I thought leaving some space in the laundry was common sense?

  • -1

    Er.. these are not the matching machines so look very different.

    Also unsure how long these macnines would last. We have had our miele sets for the last 19 years. Replaced for the looks about 3 years ago. The older set is in the garage for washing my greasy rags. Still works great!

    Wouldnt touch a Bosch. Bought a dishwasher for the 2nd kitchen. Barely used about twice a week. Cleaned regularly. Didnt last beyond 3 years. Luckily extended warranty fixed it. Broke again after 5 years. Bought a Miele and hasnt skipped a beat in 7 years!

    • +1

      Conversely, I owned a Miele dishwasher and it was the biggest piece of shit in my kitchen.

  • How do you know which ones are German made? I bought the WTW87564AU, not sure if its made in Germany or not! D:

    • If you go to specifications it says country of origin

  • +1

    My Bosch washing machine bought in 1998 is still working. It wasn't even the top model, around $500 I think my dad paid for it 23 years ago. 5 people in the family. Make sure you properly align the legs flat to the ground for zero vibration and it will last forever.

  • My $100 bar heater dries my clothes at the same time as heating up my living room

  • How do you claim cashback on both, would this be packaged as 1 item on invoice? Also how does this compare with LG model?

    • +2

      Invoice shows the washer and the dryer separately with their respective model numbers. There's a third line item which indicates it was purchased as part of a package.

      The Cash-back allows you to add multiple products and submit the one receipt to the claim.

  • +3

    My issue with Bosch washing machines is that they last too long. I bought a Bosch front loader as my first washing machine for $500 when I finished school and moved out of home. I think it was in 2005. At that point, $500 was a lot of money for me, so I was really taking a punt.

    Well, the bloody thing is still going. Its been in about 8 different share houses over the years. At one point it was in a laundry with no door so it could get wet if it rained too hard.

    We moved house a few years ago and it developed a leak around the door seal. Turns out Bosch still sell every single spare part for that model. $65 including shipping for a new seal and door latch. Hasn't missed a beat.

    The idea of buying another one is a bit intimidating because it will potentially outlive me.

  • +1

    Hello, just wanted to share our experience with Bosch combo for the last 5 years. We bought the combo one due to the minimum space that we needed that time.

    Overall really happy with the outcome and no issues at all and still going strong…
    That convinces us to keep going with Bosch quality of product. Never regretted spending around 1.6K+

    Surely I would expect the same quality for above units mentioned in OP.

  • +1

    I have this combo, works great. Dryer is super efficient and can leave clothes a little damp, so just make sure you adjust the settings.

    • Wondering how many QB size quilts can you wash in this?

  • WTR85T00AU - The dryer is made in Poland.

  • +2

    Somehow the price just went up to $2,227(before cashback) this morning.

    • Just saw that. I reckon they do it on a dynamic model for pricing

      Quite annoying but oh well

      • They do, I have seen their prices jump up and down within days before. I also think it is to encourage you to jump on the deal.

        • Reminds me of the good old days of booking flights and hotels.

          The variability within days and times

    • You snooze you lose

      Their prices very more than the petrol station

  • I bought this washing machine around 6 weeks ago after finally biting the bullet and becoming a front load washer owner.
    It's fantastic.
    The clothes are washed so well in a much shorter time than my old LG top-loader.
    They are so quick to dry on the line since the spin speed is so fast.
    I will never return to a top-loader.