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Spicy Bacon Zinger Stacker Burger $10.95 (in Store or Plus Delivery, App Required) @ KFC


Only available on the KFC app via the Secret Menu.

To access the menu, when on the menu page with all of the icons, press and drag the icons down to reveal the secret menu.
The Spicy Bacon Zinger Stacker Burger is the hottest secret of 2021. Imagine habanero bacon sitting pretty on a zinger fillet, with cheese, lettuce and hot smoky sauce… THEN DOUBLE IT. That’s right peeps, we’re talking about all that stacked, TWICE! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you can get it delivered to your door on the KFC App - now that’s hot!

Not everywhere, not forever - cause spicy secrets don’t last forever peoples.

(For me delivery was an extra $8.95)

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  • +23

    Is this actually a deal?

    • -26


      • +2


        • there's a "value burger box" in Limited time?

      • +5

        New products are not bargains. They're PSAs at best.

  • +13

    Oh.. they put something new in that lame secret menu. Yay. I was getting sick of seeing the same 2 lame non-deals in there.

    • +2

      I'd honestly prefer they pit in the 4.95 fill up meal with the spicy sauce back

      • +2

        That, and or the KSP. If either (ideally both) were permanently available, I'd actually use their stupid hidden menu.

  • +3

    No hot and spicy, no deal

  • +4

    Quality burger, but not really a deal.

  • Im dragging the icons down but it just keeps going back up

  • +7

    I think we need a new spinoff website called OzAnnouncement, where can put all the stuff that is interesting/scarce but the price is RRP / not bargain worthy. As much as I love KFC and I’m likely to try this burger, it’s not a deal.

      • +4

        We are really starting to get bogged down with stuff that really isn't what OzBargain is about or at least what it used to be about and that was standout 'bargains' or very popular items at a decent reduction.
        I'm not sure what the answer is and I don't think you are the only offender but the amount of junk that gets posted is getting worse and worse.

  • +4

    The McSpicy burger from Maccas is a superior Chicken burger. Jus saying. It's hotter and bigger.

    • That's what she…

    • +1

      You should post it as a deal….^_^

    • and bigger

      Not sure if serious… Also I’ve now had both and this KFC burger is far superior IMO. Probably more heat in it than the McSpicy too.

      • Probably more heat in it than the McSpicy too.

        Yeah nah.

        KFC burger is far superior IMO

        YOu mean that thin chicken breast that's covered in the thickest layer of fried flower?

        • Mine were nice and thick. McSpicy is small af and stupidly overpriced (this KFC burger ain't cheap either but kJ/$ is still better).

          • @MiscOzB:

            McSpicy is small af and stupidly overpriced

            They once used the bigger brioche bun they use for the Angus and the chicken patty was massive. I agree, they shrunk the burger to a mouthful.

  • +9

    $10.95 for a KFC burger? Is this Oz price increase?

    • Most burgers at KFC are that price. Not worth it unless you get it in a combo

      • +2

        Nah, most are in the $5-$7 range. Easy combo every time btw with free chips and drink survey.

    • Oz-ripoff

  • +2

    Not a deal.

  • +5

    Its been in the secret menu since last week

    Unless you actually want the double

    Its still better to get the app meal as always

    Potato and gravy

    Change to zinger

    You can add cheese 50c and the bacon $1

    Add the smokey sauce x 2

    • That deal is a staple when the 2 for $6 hack dies.

      • +1

        the 2 for 6$ hack is still alive?

  • +2

    Burger $10.95 or 4pieces chicken & a large chips for $8.95 🤔

    • the 4 pieces of chicken 100%, is that a special offer???

      • +2

        Do this hack & add large chips $2

        • +1

          oh nice thanks for that. Any hacks for delivery???

        • +1

          Thanks again, that worked a treat and guess what, they gave me 5 pieces instead of 4. Winning! No wings too!!!

          I forgot to add the large chips for an extra $2

  • Had this yesterday, wasn't great tbh

    • I don't think cheese should ever be on a KFC burger. The smoky sauce is nice but I wish it was hotter.

      • How's it compared to their "Supercharged sauce"?

        • +1

          The smoky sauce is more hotter, peppery and has a distinct southern style taste.

          Supercharged is more like mild chilli with a lot of creamy mayo.

          • @Orico: Am I only one that loads up on extra Chili relish + sauce in the burgers he he

  • Got this just earlier to try, only paid $6.95 (had a $4 discount on the app) plus free chips and drink of course. Still would’ve paid full price to try it. Negging though as this isn’t a deal.

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