Samsung HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch True Dolby Atmos Soundbar $1253 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Samsung Q950A 11.1.4ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar massively discounted through The Good Guys Commercial.
This retails for around 2K at most stores. So essentially $750 off!
I got access to The Good Guys Commercial from Rest Super.
Purchased and set it up, I can't believe how good they sound and what I've been missing.
Dolby Atmos is AMAZING!

Key Features

Cinematic sound when playing compatible content, thanks to True Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X support
Utilises Samsung Q-Symphony SpaceFit Sound technologies to synchronise audio from compatible Samsung QLED TVs (sold separately) and optimise sound based on your room’s layout
Space EQ allows for monitoring its surroundings and optimising audio output accordingly
Sleek, slim design lets it seamlessly fit under Samsung QLED TVs (sold separately) without blocking the screen; also comes with a textile wrapped exterior for added style/li>
Comes with Active Voice Amplifier to enhance audio output during dialogues based on detected noise levels inside the room

What's In The Box?
1x Soundbar
1x Subwoofer
1x pair of Rear Speaker
1x Remote Controller
4x Power Cable (1: Sounbar, 1: Subwoofer, 2: Rears)
1x Wall Mount Bracket

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  • Can confirm. I got it off GGC and delivery was perfect. Sound is amazing but requires a bit of fiddling on satellite speakers

    • I got one also how did you best configure the satellite speakers.

  • +5

    I bought one from JB 2 weeks ago, got if for under $1100 but that was when we were not in lockdown. Basically you need to go in store to ask for the best price and compare to Appliances Online: (it flunctuates everyday)

    If you happen to have the new Samsung TV's, don't forget this cashback as well:

    • Any chance you could post (or DM) a copy of the reciept? Would be much appreciated.

      • Same here! Would really appreciate a receipt if possible to help get it for a lower price :)

        • Was anyone able to match the JB price or able to DM the receipt please that would be really appreciated.

  • This or sennheiser Ambeo?

    • Buy 2 of these and give 1 to me. Ambeo is super expensive for just a soundbar with no woofer or surround speakers.

      • It does have a good surround sound effect checking on reviews

    • +2

      Ambeo will likely give you better music experience - I have the 950A and would say music is just ok, but really good for movies. Reviews seem to echo this.

      Another potential negative with Ambeo is that Sennheiser has sold their consumer audio business, so it may not have great support in the future… so probably just go with the Samsung.

      • I just like the all in one factor of Ambeo. Only sub required if you need more bass. But checking on reviews movie experience is pretty good too. Yeah its sad they had sold their division would have loved to see them come up with an updated better version.

    • +1

      Ambeo is In a different league my friend, its like the apex predator…on top of the chain. You can't compare this Samsung to the ambeo. Maybe this vs the Sonos arc+ Sonos subwoofer

      • Thats what I think looking at reviews.Honestly havent heard the ambeo. But it looks like it definitely is in a league of its own.l be it a bit expensive.

      • The Arc and subwoofer is double the price of this, and it still falls short of everything but music in comparsion to this.

        • Agreed…was just doing a like for like comparison instead of ambeo vs this. Sonos definitely way more expensive. I have the sonos arc plus subwoofer. The atmos effect (when available) is just stunning. Absolutely great for music too.

  • Been this price since release. Not sure why the previous deal was marked as expired.

    • +1

      any deals that don't have an expiry date entered will automatically expire after 45 days. Freebies is 90 days. You'll see this in fine print when you go to post a deal.

  • Apart from the Dolby Atmos, how is this for general music listening? (i.e. keep the tv off and connect to the soundbar through my phone to play music)

  • I have been looking into soundbars and my confusion comes around online streaming sources versus the channels available on the unit. All I do is use streaming services and it appears they use 5.1 at best. Does that mean an 11.1.4 system is overkill as it will essentially be manipulating a 5.1 input?

    • All the services support Dolby Atmos on some titles as far as I am aware. So can use as many channels as you can throw at them.

    • Plenty of steaming services support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos (Apple+, Disney+, Netflix, probably others)

      No idea what virtual 11.1.4 actually means for performance though.

    • I'm waiting for the klipsch 1200 soundbar, 11.1.4 too, can also add a second sub to it.

      the klipsch has a "real" sub i feel

      supposed to be in stock in the next 2-3wks

  • How’s the wireless surrounds? I have the K950 and it stutters and has a buzz which ruins the atmos immersion

    • zero issues with the rear wireless speakers. Once I set it all up I haven't had to mess around with it again.

    • +1

      Do you have a router connected on 5Ghz?

      My rear speakers had a buzz, which I've correlated to interference from the 5Ghz network.

      You can download an app on your phone, WiFiAnalyzer, and check the 5Ghz channels, particularly around 149.

      Users found that Xbox also produces a "ping" to receive a command from the controllers, which reportedly affects the Samsung rear speakers.

      For me, deactivating the 5Ghz network in the node seems to have solved the problem.

      If you have any other problems you might consider service repair and warranty.

      *I have the Q950T

      • Hmm i do have a mesh 5ghz network but unfortuately its an orbi and i can't separate the 2.4ghz and 5ghz. I'll download wifianalyzer and have a look

  • Bought this a couple weeks ago from JB Hifi, who matched the price (including delivery) over the phone.

    • Did you just have to provide them the link to the GG commercial stock for them to price match? I have gift cards for JB, hoping to go instore but dont have access to TTGC.

      • They don’t price match with GGcommercial I tried once but you can try, even good guys in store said can’t match commercial price.

      • +1

        Nope, I just quoted the price and the person accepted. As with all price matching, probably very dependent on the person you speak to

  • Would you recommend this for use in a theatre room? Seems more convenient than researching 5.1 systems. I’m not an audiophile anyway.

    • +2

      If you have a dedicated theatre room, do yourself a favor and get into speakers + amp. Obviously the difference in price will be night and day but still so will the performance be. If you can tell me a budget you're working with I can make you a recommendation mate

      • Hello mate, i am interested to have a combination of amp and speakers in budget $1500. Could you please suggest something. Thank you

        • +4

          At that budget, I'd look at the Yamaha RX-V6A or the Denon S750H for the amp, these have been as low as $750ish during sales. For speakers, I'd look at the ELAC Debut 2.0 and its matching centre speaker. Unfortunately, that's the $1500 right there. But, you have the ability to expand your system as funds become available. I'd say the 3.0 ELAC would best the sammy sound bar in all aspects apart from the low end frequencies as the sound bar has a sub. The 2nd hand market is also an amazing place for great HT finds, head over to stereonet and you'll find great deals there.

          • @jiomariano: Thanks mate. That's definitely a good info to start with.

      • Anything around the 1k mark. I bought a place and it happened to have a theatre room as well so it’s just an added bonus for me. I’m open to secondhand sets as well.

        As a general rule of thumb, how reliable are speakers and receivers of the used market? Since audio and visual gear can get quite high-end, I’m hoping that people are more likely to offload their current gear to upgrade to better stuff rather than flogging off faulty gear.

        • My experience with 2nd hand equipment has been great so far, bought my frontstage of Q Acoustics 3050i + matching centre for $800 and they were mint. Also got a pair of 4 month old Concept 20s and a PB-1000 sub for less than half price. Typically, enthusiasts take good care of their gear and will often sell at a great loss just to satisfy upgrade-itis haha! Just need to be on the look out for great finds.

          My personal advice, start slow and build your system up. A soundbar is convenient, and performance may be enough to some. But good speakers will be good speakers after 10 years, who knows how long manufacturers will support and update soundbars? Also if you have dedicated space, no DSP from a soundbar will ever beat well placed speakers for that real immersion.

          • @jiomariano: Yeah that’s the thing I keep hearing - to start small and build up. What should I start with that will allow me to build up from?

            • @idonteven: I'd start with the front speakers, preferably towers as you seem to have quite the space.

  • +4

    I had the N950T in 2017-2020, and upgraded to the Q950T (prev model) last year.

    When I found out that the Q950A (this model) can be had for $1250 at GGC, I returned the Q950T to Samsung and purchased this one as it was still in the guarantee period. We've got it hooked up to our LG B8 and have the Nvidia Shield Pro and PS4 connected to it. So no eARC, just pure HDMI. We've got it set up in our open plan carpeted living room (rectangular in shape) with 2.4m ceiling.

    In short; no regrets, outstanding sound quality especially even with the virtual upmixing to 11.1.4. It's simply the easiest, best sounding soundbar I've had especially at this price point. Even my partner commented that this soundbar sounds much better than the previous ones we had when she was gaming or watching Youtube videos.

    Some cons:
    - Fabric cover, but not a huge deal-breaker for me even though we have a shedding dog at home.
    - The display is the biggest issue as it's still placed on top of the bar, meaning there's no way to adjust the settings without walking over to look at the tiny screen. (I do find that I don't adjust the settings as much on this model, as the adaptive mode does it's job well for most contents we watch).
    - Subwoofer could be bigger, but for us it's definitely powerful enough.

    Some Atmos films we've watched:
    A Quiet Place 2, Bird Box, 1917, Mad Max, Blade Runner

  • Do these things have HDMI 2.1 passthrough yet? Even the Samsung page doesn't specify. If not, then not well future proofed.

    • If it doesn't specify then id highly doubt it. HDMI 2.1 is a huge selling point and is always advertised heavily

  • Any deals with the q900a?, I live in an apartment and won't be able to squeeze the two satellites behind me.

  • How does this compare with Sonos Arc?

    • +1

      The tl;dr is that the Sonos Arc is better at music and is more aesthetically pleasing, while the Q950A is better on all other fronts. The arc honestly has the better software, but that comes with the problem of Sonos bricking their products on purpose to force you to upgrade eventually. What "sounds good" is often debatable though, so tastes may vary. The above is pretty much what reviews will tell you.

  • Thanks for the post. Registered for SunSuper, got a Commercial account, walked into store and got this. another 5% for gift cards and that's quite a nice price for this!

    • Can you use the gift cards on the TGG Commercial website?

      • +1

        I think I remember others saying no. Best not to take my word for it I suppose.

  • +1

    Thanks mate. Got one today, what a bargain for this price.

    • Yeah amazing, listening to it right now and I'm still in love! haha

  • Does anyone know if this deal is still live?

    • Appears to be now $1252. :)

      • Nice - thanks for checking!

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