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Spectra S1+ Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump w/ Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery $303.20 Delivered @ Spectra


One for the parents-to-be or new parents trying to work out the fresh hell that is breastfeeding! I did a lot of research when I bought mine for my newborn 15 weeks ago and this is the cordless one where you can pump anywhere and not be tied to a power plug.

"SPECTRA S1+ Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump w/ Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery
S1+ Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump is a hospital grade breast pump with all the features of the S2+ including highly adjustable settings to suit your body, nightlight and more with the brilliant addition of an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Comes with complete double kit for double pumping."

These come recommended as they are closed pump systems and hospital grade. Much better than any Medela brand - quieter, more efficient, battery lasts ages.

Shipping was quick when I bought mine on sale at the last Click Frenzy (comes from DC in Adelaide).

20% OFF sitewide so all systems and spare parts (so discount also applies to the fully portable mini model and the S2 which is the one with cord and power plug attached and spare parts in case you need a replacement for something.)

Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump:

Spectra S2+ Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump:

Spare parts:

Part of Spectra 20% off Deal Post

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    The best on the market! Highly recommend!

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      Not the breast one?!

  • The 20% sale was already posted


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      Oops, sorry, missed that. Oh well. Maybe a repost will help someone else out.

  • Bought this for $252 about a year ago on Amazon. Still currently selling for under $280. I have to use an plug adaptor, so for $303 this might be a decent price to have the AU plug.

    Just buy from Amazon if it sells for under @270 or if this website doesnt have a sale going on.

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      I looked into buying on Amazon too but I read of a few reports where if you're unlucky enough to get one that ends up having an issue the return/repair process for Amazon took much longer, which can mean a long time without a pump. If you buy through spectra they can send you out one to use the next day if yours needs to be sent for repair, which is pretty important for a device that can be so essential for some mums. In our case the pump hasn't broken so could've gone the Amazon one but it's something people should consider.

      • Agree, my spectra ran into issues and they fixed it asap and gave me a replacement pump while they fixed it.

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    Okay I'm a dude but can vouch for these. My wife has used the Medela Hospital Grade, Medela consumer, the Arlo and this one. And it's pretty much on par if not better than the Medela heavy duty one she used @ the hospital.

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    Much better than any Medela brand - quieter, more efficient, battery lasts ages.

    I actually much preferred the medela. My spectra kept turning off randomly. I have the freestyle and it works great and is way more portable and battery lasts much longer than spectra.

  • how does this go with an in-built rechargable battery? Eg. If you forget to charge it - does that render it useless until recharged or can you put in a spare?

    I know my wife found the ability to have standby AAA eneloops on hand great with the pump she had.. cant remember the brand but it was yellow. Given your brain is mush early days of a bub - something I didnt think of and to be aware of, as anytime the batteries went flat, it was easy fix to continue the pump - if it wasnt a replaceable battery, it would have been a pain if it was mid-pump.

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      Unit is sealed so unable to switch out battery but charges fairly fast and lasts quite a while.
      If battery is flat you just plug unit into charge and it can pump while charging, just may need an extension cord if your pumping location is away from a power point.

    • I believe it's about a 3 hour charge. You can also buy a battery pack and a car charger attachment, from like Jaycar.

      Sounds like it was a Medela. Medela portables are fine for pumping every now and then, but if you're having to pump a lot, Spectra is usually superior in that it generally results it more output in less time.

  • All the hospitals we have been to have used Medela, both private and public.

    The spectra's look good, Made in South Korea, and importantly you can different sized breastshields, spare parts all at competitive pricing.

    The Medela's are another level, very well constructed, very robust and a proven history with healthcare providers. But they don't come cheap.

    TBH, This is first time I've heard of Spectra. All the mothers that were expressing used the Medela. I even know someone that went out and purchased a Symphony.

    Not saying one is better then the other, and for ~$300 odd bucks there is nothing to loose considering you may only use it for 6-18 months once the child moves to solids and your supply stabilises reducing the hassle to express.

    $300 would only get you a Medela Swing Maxi, which is more portable, but being a smaller unit would take longer to express both sides.

    If I had my time again, I'd probably still go Medela, because I'm a sucker for Swiss made, and the wife was happy.

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      Medela give Governments deals to use their products. Most people I know get better output with this vs Medela as they have all used Medela whilst in Hospital so can easily compare.

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      Anecdotal, but my wife used the hospital grade Medela and Medela Swing and found the Spectra S1 far superior.

      You can buy aftermarket parts from Amazon via US fairly easily too.

    • Medela Symphony ($3k RRP) in hospital is not comparable to Medela home models. Spectra is usually superior.

      Personally, for the best of both worlds, I've been using Eonian Care - less than $200; portable; usb chargeable, hospital-grade, strong!

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    Just so all are aware, their after sales service is horrible. Getting things repaired or returned is a no go. Their warranty terms are not followed… Based from personal experience.

    Also their reviews are terrible and others have also experienced the same.

    Buy local from a local shop if possible.

    I'd recommend Medela or other brands.

    • wow those reviews are eye opening.

      Fortunately we only had to deal with warranty once and it was a positive experience. They express posted a loan pump for us to use before we sent ours back to them for repair (reduced suction). Once repaired and returned we sent back the loan one. No postage cost incurred for anything.

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    So we have a new bub and have used a few.

    Modela pump hired from a pharmacy ($120-150/month, i cant remember exactly), idential to those used in the hospital. Great pumps, quiet, automatically cut over between stimulation and pumping. RRP $2500-3500. Need to purchase your own attachments additional $120

    We were given a single phillips pump. Purchased circa 2017. It was noisey and was only able to pump one side. Made for much longer nights at a time when you need your sleep.
    Do not recommend a single pump.

    Purchased a double phillips pump, circa 2020 build, much quieter and double pumping saves a lot of time.

    Note: Hospital grade refers to milk not being able to flow into the vacuum lines, nothing more.

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    Wifey is using this atm and I can vouch it does the job as good as the Medela machine that we use briefly during our stay in hospital.

  • Excellent suction. Would recommend.

  • My wife is currently using the S2 and finds it to be excellent but being plugged in all the time sucks.

    I did some googling and found this article:

    I recently ordered a third party battery pack from an Australian seller, which I will fix to the bottom of the unit to make it portable.


    Hopefully, it works well. Anyway, just sharing in case it is of interest to anyone else considering the S2.

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    My wife tried 2 other brands before borrowing one of these, and then instantly going and buying it. From her it's an absolute recommend.

  • These are known to ‘suck.’

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