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Samsung Odyssey G5 27" 144Hz WQHD 1ms Curved FreeSync VA Gaming Monitor $299 + Delivery ($0 NSW C&C) @ Mwave


Hi guys, I just saw this in my email. I love how cheap QHD gaming monitors have become.

By the way the shipping cost may vary but for where I am (inner west Sydney) it comes up as $17.93.

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    looks good

  • that's cheap

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      its cheap because the monitor is bent

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    the s2721dgf deals have permanently changed my perception of what good value actually is when it comes to monitors

    • How good is s2721dgf? Is it worth upgrading from an Acer x34p.

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        Usually its around $400

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        Definitely not an upgrade from an X34P

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      Why bother with anything else really, 3 yrs of premium panel warranty vs these unknown processes that will try to deny you of dead pixel swaps.

    • Can't find any around $300 :(

    • Too bad it doesn't downscale 4k to 2k :(

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    Same price here but free delivery to metro areas: https://www.onlinecomputer.com.au/120910

  • scorptec as well.

    theyre all just moving stock and competing at the same level.

    • just got this email from Scorptec
      Basically Saying 1 month Delays

      Expected time of arrival -22-09-2021

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    Centrecom has it too for $299, free shipping. however a surcharge of $3.59 is applied if not paid using bank transfer or Zip pay.


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      Doggy AF…

  • How good really is this? I’ve heard VA is highly prone to ghosting.

    Thinking of using with Xbox series X

    • this panel has a lot of ghosting. personally i wouldn't bother if you're looking for very responsive performance.

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        Is this pretty much true with all VA's bar G7 ??

        I'm thinking of getting the 32" version but from my research it has ghosting / black smearing which is just going to kill the experience. If that is the case might as well wait for M32Q to come down in price .. which hopefully will coincide with RTX 3080 coming down .. win win :P

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          yeah, pretty much. the G7 really is a miracle.

    • I use a Samsung VA panel (albeit 4K not 1440p) with my XSX, and there's no issues.

  • It's like a g6….like a g6

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    Contrast ratio seems bit low at 2500:1 innit? Might pass on this one..

  • It's so tempting.

    I have an LG 27GL83A, happy with it overall but the contrast ratio is absolute garbage and the glow is very noticeable in dark scenes of games, movies etc. No doubt this being a VA panel would have much better contrast ratio but not sure if I could deal with ghosting that comes with most VA monitors at high refresh rates.

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      I share your distaste for low contrast and IPS glow, the glow in particular craps me off to no end.

      However, this particular screen would in many regards be a bit of a downgrade from your 27GL83A. Check this comparison.

      Ignoring the text clarity score being the same for whatever reason, it looks really bad side-by-side. Also the pixel response times are kinda awful, though the smearing doesn't appear to be particularly bad for a VA panel (guessing this is because its pixel response times are not only slow in dark transitions but across the board, oof).

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