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Steggles Family Roast Whole Chicken $2.90/kg @ Woolworths


Steggles Family Roast Whole Chicken - $2.90/kg

Steggles Family Roast Chicken Whole 1.9kg - 3.1kg

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  • Finger licking good

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      After it has been cooked …..

      • what's wrong with salmon, Ella?!

  • Do you prefer to roast it yourself or buy one roasted for $10?

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      these taste better when cooking it yourself. Especially in a air fryer

    • Yes cover it in salt pepper lemon thyme then roast slowly

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      I smother it with yumi's garlic dip and roast it in an air fryer.

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        I'm intrigued with the garlic dip as marinated. You don't mind share the recipe in details?

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      And you call yourself an OzBargainer??? Shame on you.

      The correct OzBargainer would have asked…..

      "Do you prefer to roast it yourself or get one just before the store closes that has been marked down to $3?"

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        Normally the chicken only gets reduced to around $5 ish max in Metro SA at least

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          I get 3 bucks at 9pm at my local metro too. You're gettin jipped!

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      i prefer to buy one from costco seasoned and cooked for $5.99


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        Makes good use of your bulk toilet paper later on too

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        Costco are notorious for undercooking them in Sydney. Dead set every second one ive bought is part pink inside.

        • Part pink doesn't mean undercooked. So many people cook their chicken to the point it is disgustingly dry. I cook my chicken to a safe temp every time and it will still have pink around the bones sometimes. Comes out juicy and flavoursome rather than dry and flavourless.

          • @DisabledUser193539: Have any of you guys eaten the whole (steam?) Chicken from Chinese takeaway places? Sometimes close to the bones are bloodyish veins and I wonder what everyone thinks of that?

        • pink doesn't necessarily mean its not cooked, im sure costco is cooking their chickens via temp control so pink doesnt mean raw.

          • @cosmickinect: Trust me, its undercooked. I enjoy a juicy chook as much as anyone. Not a hint of pink around bone, im talking flesh and breast. I love costco but the bbq cooks are hit and miss. Im guessing its a time or position rather than temp issue given its inconsistent.

            • @Xizor: You could tell it was undercooked cause it was scratching the peas off the plate.

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      Definitely roast it myself, can add a rub and that peace of mind it hasn't been there drying out for hours on a warmer..

      Now if (as mentioned above) it was marked down I'd adjust my expectations and possibly purchase.

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    Are these any good for breaking down and freezing? Or am I better off just grabbing one from a butcher (this will be my first attempt at doing this)

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      Yes, I do that all the time. Just don't wash it before you freeze it.

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        If you don't wash it, how else are you supposed to drink the juices?

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        i wash off all the germs, pat dry, then freeze it.

        • Yeah, what's the logic behind not washing it before freezing?

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            @pizzaguy: lol, i have no idea.

          • @pizzaguy: I noticed somehow the chicken goes bad faster while defrosting it.

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          Apparently you're exposed to more germs cleaning it than you are leaving them.

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            @MagnamoniousRex: that's like saying your hands are more dirty after you wash your hands. why wash your hands then? lol

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              @Rickrone: Makes sense. The chicken came from an environment which is more sterile than your home, otherwise the chicken would go bad pretty fast. By washing it, you introduce new bacteria from your home which weren't present on the chicken before.

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              @Rickrone: @Rickrone - When you wash your chicken you potentially splash Salmonella all over your sink and countertop.

              When you wash your hands, you're normally not washing salmonella all over it or splashing the contaminated water everywhere.

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              @Rickrone: Washing it spreads bacteria, leaving it on the meat and cooking it kills the bacteria.


              Here's some data for ya:
              Consumer-reported handling of raw poultry products at home: results from a national survey from Kosa et al.
              A nationally representative Web survey of U.S. adult grocery shoppers (n = 1,504) was conducted to estimate the percentage of consumers who follow recommended food safety practices when handling raw poultry at home.

              Nearly 70% of consumers reported washing or rinsing raw poultry before cooking it, a potentially unsafe practice because "splashing" of contaminated water may lead to the transfer of pathogens to other foods and other kitchen surfaces.

              • @teacherer: The chef I know usually blasts raw chicken with propane torch, inside and outside, says it kills all surface bacteria much better than any washing.

    • I sometimes bulk buy 5 or more. Spatchcock and wrap in a bag after . Nice and flat

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        That's what she said

  • This is a good price.

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    This vs aldis 2.99 chicken?

    • It's 9 cents a kg cheaper

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        I think he is asking the taste and quality

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          Honestly I can't tell a difference between Coles, WW, ALDI and Steggles range because it's largely what I put on/in it that determines taste/quality.

          Now if you were talking about precooked BBQ chickens then yes there would be a greater deviation.

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            @pennypincher98: Some have far more water weight than others. Aldi has very little. I don't remember which ones are high tho.

          • @pennypincher98: How do you rank the Pre-Cookeds?

            Coles stuffing tastes better over WW personally

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              @capslock janitor: Precooked rank based on size, stuffing and dry/moistness:
              1. IGA (could be just local IGAs)
              2. Foodworks (again may just be locally, very generous size)
              3. Red Rooster (does this count?)
              4. Coles (quite small but nice stuffing)
              5. Woolworths (only bother here if they're marked down).

              Haven't had Costco. If we are including Oporto's Portugese whole chicken that takes top place but that's getting away from the question

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      Definitely these ones. Better taste imo

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      They all come from same factories and all pumped with brine. If you want something different it'll cost you three times more.

    • both taste like chicken …

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      I love Aldi products but every time I have purchased their chicken it is off or very close to it. Others here have reported the same.

  • How much will the free range chickens cost? These cage chickens suffer a lifetime of confinement.

    • I assume free range would be cheaper. Surely these include the amortisation of the cost of cages?

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      Meat chickens are in large sheds not cages.
      All chicks spend the first few weeks inside till they grow feathers. Free range get a few weeks outside but ultimately both varieties don’t live very long.

    • Yum yum

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    makes you realize just how overpriced chicken needs nugget are …… when you could be eating real meat instead of minced beaks and feet …..

  • How the heck is it this cheap?!

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      the chickens dont have unions

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    Lockdown led me to buy a motorised rotisserie for the bbq. So another bbq chicken at home it is for me! Need a good basting sauce next time.

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    What is the average weight of Coles BBQ'd whole bird? And yes, I know, you have to allow in comparisons that cooking reduces weight, but by how much .. 🤔 .. ?? !!

    Update: Found the answer, approx. 2.4 Kg. so assuming 10% weight loss in cooking the bird started raw at 2.67 Kg. At $10 that's $3.75 a kilo. The Woolworths special is at $2.90 a kilo so a 2.67 Kg bird will be $7.75. So you're saving $2.25 DIY but have the chore of preparing and cooking the bird. No allowance made for claimed better taste of DIY bird or cooking cost (electricity, labour). Personally, I find the Coles BBQ chicken very tasty and fry portions in balsamic (takes just a few minutes) for something very different! Hint: At my Coles weight varies and so does the cooking, everything from underdone to incinerated, so choose carefully!

    • Your findings are interesting and hard to believe because these were not that long ago $7.90 each and whole chickens were at least $3/kg.

      $7.90/2.67kg =~$2.96/kg.
      So a precooked BBQ chicken was cheaper than a whole chicken you had to cook yourself?

      Makes me wonder about the weight of Costco's $5.99 chickens vs whole chickens too.

      • I'ts most certainly not cheaper. I typically buy 1.5kg Aldi chooks for 5.50-ish and it's about 1 hour of cooking at 2kW so add another 50 cents. Tastes much better too.

    • 2.4kg roasted chicken? That's a huge bird, never seen them that large. 1.5kg tops, excluding stuffing.

      • I’ll have to agree with DainB
        The rotisserie chickens are small, last time I was going to buy one I used the scales in the fruit/veg section and the cooked chicken/juice/stuffing/bag was 1.3kg or 1.4kg (I did check cause they all seemed to be shrinking)

        Just ordered mine online for Saturday delivery, let’s see how many they have in stock and actually deliver.

  • I clicked on the deal and got 'Problem in Aisle 6! It seems you are not authorised to view this page.' - wodda farque ?

    cheese mate - looks like I'll have to step out for some 'exercise' to see if I can geddit for $2.90/kg or not

    'I may be some time …' -

    {LATER} - found it - from 18-24/8 -

  • How do you cook it? What seasoning do you add here?

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