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Dell U3419W 34" Ultrawide 1440p IPS Curved USB-C Monitor $909.54 + Delivery @ Megabuy


Got it a few weeks ago for my wife.
We like it so far.

Listing screenshot

For some reason, their website does not show up on google (at least on the first pages).
Found the listing via staticice.

Build quality for the model is not perfect around the top corners, however, it turned out to be common for most recent Dell curved monitors.
For more info you can read this: https://www.reddit.com/r/ultrawidemasterrace/comments/ougubw...

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    build quality is not perfect

    I would've hoped for a $900 screen it was pretty darn good.

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      The original price was around $1600 if not more.

      Yeah, in the Reddit thread I posted some more details.
      Even got a replacement from Dell which had exactly the same thing.
      Not that noticeable when you use the monitor though.

      Was expecting the same, close to perfect, build quality as on my U2719DC/U2721DE.
      But they have not figured out how to make ultrawide monitors without small imperfections like that yet…

      • The 3818DW RRP is around $1600-$1700, so if someone quoted you $1600 on the 34", they were ripping you off. The 34" used to be around the $1100-1200 mark, but whoever advertised it at $1600 was ripping customers off big time.

      • Mine has it too. I got it from the Dell Outlet a while ago for $660 but I think they jacked the prices since then.

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      I have not used the S line from dell. Was not impressed with the P line so decided to stick with the ultrasharp U line.

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        This company has a terrible reputation for misleading advertising and some of the worst customer service around.

        They regularly claim to have stock when they're just dropshipping and have no issue cancelling orders when it doesn't work out for them.

        For anyone who doesn't know about megabuy yet, checkout feedback from their customers before you consider placing an order. A couple of links to get you started.

        ProductReview feedback (Sudden rush of 5 star reviews from one post wonders makes me more inclined to stay away but make of that what you will)

        81 pages of Whirlpool feedback

        If you're after more info on the company, check feedback for the other sites they also run.


        Major issues with this seller.

        • +1

          Decided to go with the purchase cause I knew that Dell would provide me with the service if anything goes wrong.
          Indeed Dell sent me a replacement when I complained about the build quality (which turned out to be normal for this model).

          The funny thing was that the CouriesPlease courier just left the whole box sitting on the street in the vertical position even though I paid extra for delivery insurance. He did not even bother ringing the intercom and wait for me to pick it up.
          Lucky I noticed his van from my window…
          But that's more of a courier issue.

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      You really benefit from curved on a 34" or higher. Not so much due to viewing angles, more due to equidistance for your eyes.

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    Seems expensive compared to something like a Xiaomi which has freesync, g-sync and 144Hz.

    • +2

      There are no Xiaomi products that compare to this.

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      Personally I would pay more for a monitor that can do PD+display over USB-C - it's also up to 90W which is good compared to cheaper monitors that have PD which is usually around 45W-65W. The Xiaomi 34" ultra wide can't do this. Kogan 34" which is $589 can USB-C video and 65W PD but it only does FHD not QHD like this monitor. So $900 isn't that expensive for a goods name brand and 3 years warranty.

      That being said this is only a 60Hz, at this price I would be expecting something a bit faster.

    • There are always cheaper monitors if you compare just by size.
      Are they also IPS and have the same level of clarity that Dell ultrasharp monitors?

    • show me which Xiaomi has native g-sync?

  • Samsung cj79 is $1020 if u can access EPP

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      $1020 for a VA panel? No thanks.

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    60Hz kek

    • Not everything has to be a gaming panel

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    I have one of these and it does what it's meant to. Mine also has the same "build quality" issue. To be honest I just assumed it was normal and never really paid attention to it after first noticing it, since you're meant to be looking at the screen not the corners.

  • Saw this in the other thread which may be of interest to some, refurbished but should be fine.


    $900 seems a bit expensive, but you pay more for IPS and USB C. Not sure what the build quality issue is, my S series 32" seems great.

  • +1

    This is the part I like

    "Got it a few weeks ago for my wife.
    We like it so far.

  • Not everyone plays games, 60Hz would be fine for non-gaming and even light gaming rigs I would have thought.
    If you don't need usb c I reckon 2x 24" or 27" would still be better for productivity, not having the sceen bezels in the middle would be better for games.

    It's never easy to get the perfect setup, 34" ultrawides don't have much height (about the same as a 24") , and the bigger IPS/Ultrasharps like 43-49" are $$$.
    I've got 2x S3220DGFs which are generally great, very immersive. Had one to start with and tested out some games after building this PC, can't say i've bothered with them since much so perhaps should have got the 4k 60Hz S3221QS. I've heard they aren't the 'sharpest' and have one bright/dead pixel on this so wondering if it's worth replacing one or both. The software i use has a heap of pop ups/dialogue boxes so would prefer bit higher resolution. 60Hz should still be fine for CAD/3d design i think?


    • Ultrawide 34" has the same height as 27" 16:9 and is around 33% wider.

      49" ultrawide has is just even wider than the 34", so it's like having 2x27".

      If you want a bigger panel in 21:9 ration you go 38". But it's going to be the same resolution, so you will not get more real estate really.
      I use 100% scaring on 34".

      • Ok cheers Will look into it

        • Actually, 38" (e.g. U3821DW) does have a bit higher resolution compared to 34".
          3840 x 1600 vs 3440 x 1440

          So you do get extra screen real estate out of this.

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    We have about 200 of these at work, they look decent and everyone seems to be happy with them. Personally I'd prefer 2x 16:9 monitors but that's just personal preference. I think we've only had one fail in the last couple of years (and a couple of clumsy breakages)

    I imagine these are being cleared out for the U3421WE, which basically has a built in USB-C dock complete with an ethernet connection.

    • 2x 16:10 good, still impressed with the ultrasharp 24 inchers

      • +1

        I had two 27" Dell 4K Ultrasharps at my last job, that was awesome.

    • Both U3421WE and U3419W have USB-C connections with up to 90W charging.
      U3421WE has an extra USB-C port for 20W charging only + Ethernet, and an extra USB A port, I think.
      U3419W has more powerful speakers (9W vs 5W).

  • +1

    Thanks OP these monitors do rock!

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