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1.7l Cordless Kettle $7 (Was $7.50) + Delivery ($0 with $60 Spend/ $3 C&C/ $0 C&C with $20 Spend) @ Kmart


Before anyone downvotes by saying 'yOu MaY aS wElL bUy a $5o kEttLe', please remember that for a lot of people, especially those doing it tough, a $7 kettle is all they can afford and does the job.

There is also a 2 slice toaster for $7

Product Details
Capacity: 1.7 litres
Material: Plastic
Dimensions/Size:15.5cm x 21.5cm x 21.5cm
Warranty: 12-month
Colour: White
Product weight: 1kg

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    Another 50c on to the million savings :)

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      you can buy more TP for your bunghole

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    massive 50cents saving on already cheap prices… not too bad honestly

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      Convert it to percentage saved and it won't look too bad.

    • buy four and you get to go to $2 shop to buy a kettle pad with the money you just saved.

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    "50c alot of money, u save 50c here and 50c there, then u have a dollar, then u take your dollar to a dollar store and u buy something there"

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      "50 cents is a lot of money! You save 50 cents here, and then maybe you go somewhere else and save another 50 cents. Then you have 1 dollar. Then you take your dollar. You go to the dollar store, and you buy something else."

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        Don't be that guy. We all got it.

        • I can’t read the first one in the same voice. It has to be the correct phrasing.

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      "Do the right thing"

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        "be a man … Do the right thing"

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    Amazing that something like this costs the same as Big Mac and fries

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      “China China China China…”

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      costs less than anything from soul origin

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      Could buy two of these instead of ordering a meal for one from Uber Eats or Menulog lmao

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        Buy a man a fish… he eats for a day.
        Get a cheap kettle form Kmart, and he drinks hot water beverages until the kettle breaks and he has to get another one.

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    There’s another 50c towards your house deposit folks !!

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      We all know all the millennials are just going to put that 50c towards their smashed avo.

    • Maybe you go somewhere else and save another 50c. Then you have $1

      • Thanks Russell Peters

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      never forget this sage piece of advice

  • +4

    Cordless Kettle

    There is in fact a cord that powers this kettle. I am disappointed.

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    don't dismiss 50c, look how he made it in life

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    These are okay, but I do find it a little concerning when I've used them that you can smell plastic. I'm just wondering if the plastic is really up to the hot temps?

    I'd prefer to spend a little extra and at least get stainless steel.

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      from the manual

      Before first use, it is recommended to operate the kettle for 2 or 3
      times following the instructions above, this will remove any dust or
      residues remaining from the manufacturing process.
      · Take up the jug kettle from the base before filling.
      · To fill the jug kettle, open the cover by pulling the lid inwards, then
      fill to the desired level (min 0.5L-Max.1.7L), close the lid by pressing
      it down until it clicks into place.
      · Plug the power supply cord into the main, press the Switch-Button
      upwards, the power indicator lights up.
      · When the water has boiled the kettle will automatically switch itself
      off, you can stop the boiling process at any time by lifting the
      Switch-Button. The power indicator will go out.

    • they only have the heating element at the bottom so if you are running it pretty empty you might start to melt stuff

  • +1

    These are OK, I have one as I very rarely need to boil water. They do indeed boil water and does not burn your house down. There is no DING when it's ready though, it just shuts off. At $7, even the $7.50 I paid :D, I'm happy and have no regrets getting this over a $50 (or even $20) one.

    EDIT: no plastic smell here, and I've only used it about 5 times.

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      There is no DING when it's ready though, it just shuts off.

      This kettle is quite loud lol you know when it's done, including the thump when it clicks off

    • Why do you only rarely need to boil water? I thought everyone did that at least once a day.

      • I'm a (hopeless degenerate ) coffee drinker so I use a proper espresso machine (never drink tea etc)

        The hot water system in the building is super hot, so I just use that out of the tap for hot water bottles

        Don't generally use cup a soup/hot noodles etc. because of the amount of sodium

        So that leaves water boiling for not much more than pre-heating water to put in a pot for cooking pasta.

        • You should atleast filter the water from the tap with a filter jug or some kind.

          Running water with the tap just to get hot water is a waste of water overtime.

          Instant noodles you can always adjust the amount of seasoning you put into it. 1/2 - 3/4 of the packet is desirable.

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    This. Again. Interesting.

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    I have one of these to boil water to kill the weeds outside.

    It turns on, water boils. What more could you need?

    • Wait, you can do that?

      • +1

        Yep, boiled water is probably the cheapest/most effective way to do it.

        Make sure it gets everywhere around the weeds, and the next day or so it'll shrivel up.

        Stronger/larger weeds may take a bit more time though but it works.

        • I'm totally trying this tomorrow, thanks!

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    That's Unpossible !

  • +4

    This kettle is fine. It works. Used it heavily for a year.

    • what happened in the second year?

      • Upgraded to instant hot water. Kettle was still working when I owned it.

  • +2

    sassy comments by OP

  • Love your work.

  • Thanks bought one 😊

  • I had a kmart kettle for over a year… thought I'd upgrade and bought a $40 one. Conked out after 3 months. Went back to the kmart one….

    • +10

      The $40 was better for the economy. It retailer made more, so did the garbage collector, land fill operator and recycling company (depending on which bin you put it in). A lot of families are being fed because of your $40 decision so a big thank you from all of us.

  • +1

    I’ve used this kettle for about 6 years. It lives in the back of the van and has served me very well.

  • Gotta be satire at this point.

    • +5

      not satire on my end. I purchased a very fancy Kenwood model over a year ago, thing leaked like a sieve and ditched it as it was out of warranty.

      Got one of these, perfect, does the job and doesnt bloody leak.

      • I've had a lot of fancy looking kettles over the years, they're generally not reliable, they just look good, have fancy features and are very accurate in the temperature they reach.

        At the same time, if the water is boiling then it's close to 100 degrees and is perfectly fine for a cuppa.

  • Save 50c!!

  • +1

    so glad i waited years for the price drop

    • now's the time to buy it, buy a dozen, save $5

      • $6

        • You got awesome attention to detail!

  • +3

    Kmart has out-aliexpressed aliexpress.

    • +1

      to be fair, aliexpress would have price beat this if not for the shipping (bulky item)

  • Used at work every day, 6 days a week for the past 5 years. A+.

  • Great product for the price. Have one i bought a few years ago. Bargain at 7.50
    Bargain at 7

  • +1

    Plastic Kettles are not recommended as they may leach endocrine disrupting chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) &/or Phthalates into your boiling water.

    • +2

      from the site

      BPA free

      • I don’t see Phthalates?

        • no idea about Phthalates, best you contact Kmart.

          • +10

            @SupeNintendoChalmers: Or I just leave it for those who care. I’m just simply putting it out there. My recommendation is stainless steel/glass.

            • +5

              @TomGum: After a quick google. I think this is a fair comment.
              Putting endocrine disrupting chemicals aside. Apparently boiling water in a plastic kettle results in high amount of microplastics. Obviously we don't know the health effects of this but seems sensible to err on the side of caution.

  • Used this kettle for more than a year with daily usage, especially during winter months to boil water for hot bottles

    The boiling coil (?) does get blackened pretty quickly but lot of youtube videos out there on how to clean it
    (I used lemon, vinegar combo and was good as new)

    Upgraded to the stainless steel one couple of months ago when it was on sale/ discount

    • yep i use citric acid. 1/2-1 tsp good as new.

  • +4

    Hi Lisa, Hi @SupeNintendoChalmers

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      I'm learnding

  • +20

    Super intendant Chalmers!? What ay, uhh, um… What a pleasure to see you here!

    • +22

      Well Seymour I made it, despite your directions.

      • +7

        I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon!

  • +1

    water boiled in this kettle smells like plastic after some time of use.

  • +2

    From the same person who brought you this amazing saving

  • Is this a good kettle for my International Roast 1KG tin?
    I need something to go with me smashed avo on toast..

  • WOW! what a saving! thanks man!

  • Absolute bargain!

  • Got one at $7.50 for our caravan along with the now $7 toaster. Toaster is fine. Kettle firstly was faulty and boiled over when filled more than half way but got a replacement and it seems to work fine

    • Regularly filled these just above the 1.7L max level without any spills when boiling. As you determined - it was faulty. Kmart have easy returns.

  • +1

    Been using these for years. Great for the price. Hasn't failed.

    Found a different use for these…
    Was caring for an elderly relative, who wrecked his hot water system by leaving the tap on too many nights. Quote was $2k, plus electricity costs of hundreds per year to have hot water available 24/7. He only needed hot water for minutes per day, so a new hot water system was an unnecessary expense. Plus, removing access to hot water was a safety upgrade.

    In conjunction with his carer service that washed him - we worked out that using this kettle to provide hot water for supervised washing was a much better & safer option than washing him in the shower (showers require a hot water system). A H&S assessment approved the approach. They placed a stable shower chair in front of the basin, giving him a good wash down & back massage he enjoyed.

    Also works well to provide hot water for a bath (when I was staying) - best to buy 2 of these to speed filling.

    Saved thousands, worked well, a very happy customer. Although, don't think it was ever used to make a hot drink.

  • Great, now I have enough to buy those two twenty cent pieces I've had my eye on.

  • Thanks OP been waiting for the price to drop. Finally pulled the trigger

  • +1

    May as well buy an $8 kettle.

    • With the money you saved from this, you now can.

  • Had to live in a serviced apartment for a while. The kettle (and other utensils) they provided was horrific, god knows what's been done to it and I wasn't keen on cleaning it out.

    For peace of mind I got this cheapo and it does the job.

  • Wooow, Great Saving