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$80 Voucher for 4 Meal Kits ($30 off 1st, $20 off 2nd and 3rd, $10 off 4th) & Free Shipping @ Dinnerly


This is my first post, and please let me know if any formatting issues.

Found this voucher in the mailbox, $30 off 1st, $20 off 2nd and 3rd, $10 off 4th. Plus free delivery.
I can't find any expiry date on the flyer.

How to redeem your $80 voucher:
1. Scan the QR code or go to dinnerly.com.au
2. Enter the code at checkout
3. Choose from 20 recipes weekly.

Here's my order summary, $30+$9.99 shipping =$39.99 off for the first order.

Plan: 3 Meals per week
Plan type: Two person
First delivery: Tuesday August 24
Delivery slot: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Order amount: $43.50
Shipping: $9.99
Coupon: -$39.99*
Total: $13.50
* A $30.00 and free shipping has been applied to your first order. The remaining value of your voucher has been applied to your next orders.

Please note by clicking "Place order & choose meals" you are accepting our Terms and Conditions . You are entering into a flexible subscription for weekly Meal Kit deliveries that can be paused or cancelled 6 days prior to the next chosen delivery date for NSW, VIC, WA and ACT and 7 days prior for SA, NT, QLD and TAS.

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    I've been cycling through meal delivery companies for a while now, and I've found that Dinnerly is the absolute worst of the bunch in my area

    Just the total lack of care from customer service and from the packers makes it more frustrating than it should be. Constant missing or tiny portions of ingredients, rotten or mouldy produce, and awful cuts of chicken that are 80% fat. Customer service is useless, they'll apologize and offer $5 off your next box, but they never improve. They are great at offering discounts to come back though, and honestly I can see why.

    The discount meal delivery model makes sense, but they just can't seem to make it work. I can't turn a sweet potato the size of a golf ball into chips, or make a meal's worth of chicken when I had to throw half of it away.

    Especially when Everyplate is almost the same price and has almost none of those issues, I just can't see why anyone would choose them

    • Any discount code to try every plate?

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    Everyplate is discount Hello Fresh and Dinnerly is discount Marley Spoon.

  • is this code approved by shopback?

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